October 20, 2020

2020 AMSCI EP Italian National – Report

This past weekend the 2020 AMSCI EP Italian National were held at the Ca De Mandorli track in Bologna. In the modified class Gabriele Berselli (Xray) took the TQ and would go on to take the win in front of team mate Alessio Menicucci (Xray) in 2nd and Nicola Marrone (Infinity) in 3rd position. In the 13,5 stock class Nico Catelani (Xray) was also able to TQ and win in front of Orlando Fenili (Mugen), with Roberto Fabiano (Xray) in third place. In the Formula 1 class Alessandro Manciocchi (Xray) also would top qualifying before going on to win ahead of Bryan Ferrara and Claudio Cristofori.

View the other podiums here

October 20, 2020

Factory Pro RC T4’20 MR conversion

New from Factory Pro RC, is their MR conversion kit for the Xray T4 2020. The main aim of the conversion is to change the position of the motor, moving it further to the rear, to give the car better traction and improved acceleration. The ‘Scythe’ style upper deck wraps around one side of the central spur gear making it very easy to remove and features a front & rear hole to mount a post to adjust the chassis flex. The kit includes the chassis, top deck, two new belts and lower belt tensioner for the rear belt.

View more images of the conversion here

October 19, 2020

Team Bomber AK12 motor mount back plate

Team Bomber have introduced this new carbon motor mount back plate for their AK12 pan car chassis. The new part increases flexibility around the motor mount compared to the standard plate and in addition to the improved side traction on throttle, high-speed cornering is also increased. It is possible to further tweak the flex settings through the selective use of the mounting screws. View the back plate here

October 19, 2020

Alex Thurston is 2020 British National Champion

The fifth and final round of the 2020 British 1/8th onroad Nationals were held last weekend at the Cotswold MCC track. From early practice Alex Thurston (Capricorn) was setting the pace, and a new outright lap record, but a massive crash in the first qualifier destroyed his car and he would miss most of the rest of the qualifying, only getting out for Q4. Tim Wood (Shepherd) would take the top spot in qualifying in front of Kyle Branson (Capricorn) in 2nd, with Thurston, winner of the 4 rounds of the series to date, in 3rd, with Mark Green (Serpent) and David Spashett completing the top 5. At the end of the 30 minute A-final, Alex Thurston would claim victory ahead of his team mate Kyle Branson, with Mark Green in 3rd. The win gives Alex the perfect score for this year’s Nationals and gives him the 2020 title.

Image: Alex Thurston

October 19, 2020

Arrowmax gear differential for pancar

Arrowmax’s all new gear differential set is designed as a direct replacement set to the original ball-differential and requires no additional parts or adjustments. The gear differential is super smooth and is maintenance-free which gives great consistency over a long period of time. It makes the car easier to drive and is suitable for all track conditions. The steel hollow shaft is 6.35mm and is made for the majority of the 1/10 F1 cars and 1/12 pan cars on the market. Available in 2 versions, for each scale of car.

View the different gear diffs here

October 19, 2020

BMT 016 GT main chassis plate

BMT have introduced a new main chassis plate for their 016 GT Nitro GT kit. The new chassis reduces the car’s wheelbase by 2mm for better cornering, especially on tight tracks. As with the original, this optional plate is also made from 5mm thick high-quality aluminium.

Source: BMT [bmt-team.com]

October 19, 2020

Rêve D YD-2 front conversion for bell crank

Rêve D have released their long-awaited bell crank conversion set for the Yokomo YD-2. The lightweight aluminium upper arms has two integrated ball bearings for the suspension pin offering awesome rigidity and smoothness of movement, while the upper suspension pin features an eccentric design with ø4mm shafts for both high rigidity and ease of maintenance. In addition to the upper arm and upper suspension pin, the set includes a carbon shock tower and an aluminium upper arm mount and a set of adjustment spacers are also included.

Source: Rêve D [teamreved.com]

October 17, 2020

IGT8 Nitro GT 2021

Following on from their teaser announcement two weeks ago, IGT8 have finally introduced their Nitro GT 2021 chassis. An all new platform some of its key features include a straight line transmission, ultra-low mounted tilted engine and open diff, with safety cover providing easy access to the differential. The multi-flex chassis system and centred braces with built in flex option give lots of setting options while the ultra-low radio tray with laydown servos keep the centre of gravity low.

View more images of the Nitro GT 2021 here