May 13, 2022

Xray X4F front wheel touring car

Following some teasers, Xray have released the complete details on their next generation X4F front wheel touring car. It utilises the X4 platform, with advanced upper/lower arm suspension mounted to a new mid-motor chassis layout for improved balance and handling. Like the X4 it uses the unique CFF upper and lower suspension arms for outstanding handling & durability with all suspension components mounted directly to the CFF arms without any additional brackets, inserts or bushings for accuracy and reliability. This car is not just a update, its a completely new platform.

View the complete presentation here.

May 13, 2022

Maclan Racing DRK 10000mAh drag race battery

Fresh from Maclan Racing is this DRK 10000mAh 2S6P 200C graphene extreme drag race battery. This battery is developed specifically for No Prep Drag Racing with highest grade cells that offer higher power output for less voltage drop. It provides the best voltage retention over the whole race. Supplied with 8AWG output wires and a QS8 connector.

Source: Maclan Racing []

May 13, 2022

LC Racing low profile shock conversion kit

LC Racing have released this low profile shock conversion kit new product for our 1/10 4WD Rally platform the PTG-2 and 2R. This extensive set, which includes new shock towers, new front and rear shocks as well as new body post system, essentially lowers the height of the shock towers to accommodate various low profile bodies.

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May 10, 2022

Infinity IF14-2 & IF14-2FWD hard suspension parts

For the Infinity IF14-2 and IF14-2FWD, Creation Model have produced this optional hard and super hard suspension parts. First up is a complete set of lower suspension arms, which come in hard and graphite/hard and are available in a complete set for one car, making it more economical than purchasing each item individually. There is also a set of steering block and rear uprights, again in both stiffnesses and also available in a complete set for one car. The harder suspension parts are a great way to further tune your car and are particulalry useful in high temperature conditions.

View the other new items here

May 10, 2022

Hudy Tire Gripper asphalt 50ml

This new Tire Gripper from Hudy is an excellent tire additive, especially recommended for asphalt. Developed and tested by top on-road drivers to achieve maximum traction while keeping the car stable and easy to drive. Supplied in a small and handy 50ml bottle with foam applicator, it has been developed for both rubber and foam tires for asphalt.

Source: Hudy []

May 9, 2022

O.S. Speed R21 Euro II engine

O.S. Speed have introduced their updated R21 Euro 1/8th onroad engine with the release of the Euro II. Based on their successful Euro motor released three years ago, the engine sports a host of updates starting with the new crankshaft. To obtain more power the balance of the crankshaft was updated and now sports 3 tungsten counter weights, giving an improvement in the mid range. Another effect of this change is the return to idle has been improved. The liner now has an additional cooling hole on the exhaust side and the crankcase has been updated to cater for this. The last change is only cosmetic as the cooling head now has some updated laser graphics. Available as stand alone engine or as a combo with the TR01 exhaust and MR02 manifold for long straights in Europe.

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May 6, 2022

Xtreme Aerodynamics 1/8th onroad rear wing

Following a few iterations on simulation environments and track days for further assessment the new Xtreme Aerodynamics rear wing for 1/8th scale onroad will be soon available on the market. The new wing sees an improved frontal section to provide more downforce with less height, improving driveability and efficiency. Also the edge design has been slightly changed to improve flow on the outside section. Furthermore, different material tests have been carried out to find the best compromise of thickness/stiffness. The new wing can easily replace previous versions as the mounting holes have the same distance apart.

Source: Xtreme Aerodynamics []