January 9, 2021

Destiny RX-10F 2.0 FWD 1/10th scale chassis

Destiny have introduced their new RX-10F 2.0 FWD 1/10th scale chassis. Utilising a new mid motor platform design, the motor mount and centre layshaft are combined in a single bulkhead. Up front there is a new clamp design single bell-crank steering system, with 4 different Ackermann positions, that features two large ball bearing for improved reliability and precision. Integrated into the bumper is the ability to mount up to two pieces of 40g weights to easily help balance out the chassis for different conditions. The new 2.25mm slim main chassis, 2.0mm multi-flex design upper deck and 3.0mm front and rear lower shock towers are all made from high grade USA graphite as are the all new graphite front and rear chassis braces. Other changes include a new single piece floating servo mount. updated high quality hard coated short dampers with POM pistons and 20mm damper springs, new front and rear 7075 aluminium upper bulkhead and linkage mounts, new aluminium rear bulkheads, new aluminium battery brackets and completing the updates, front spring steel double CVD are included as standard for smoother cornering.

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January 7, 2021

Schumacher Mi7 pivot ball suspension conversion

Schumacher have released this new pivot ball suspension conversion for their Mi7 touring car. This comprehensive kit is all that is required to upgrade your Mi7 to the spec their team have been running and achieving great results with. The conversion offers improved suspension geometry, flex characteristics, a large weight saving and easier maintenance. Included in the kit is four wishbones and pivot ball mountings and also new shock brackets for improved geometry. These shock brackets also include a horizontal rear body post mounting option for lower Centre of Gravity. Includes new lower hub mounting arrangement, which is stronger and more accurate.

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January 7, 2021

ZooRacing Wolverine 190mm TC body

Presenting Wolverine, ZooRacing’s newest high-performance touring car body on the market. Featuring lots of new features to improve the handling, making it more dynamic, more contact pressure offers more stability in corners with lots more rotation. The aerodynamic efficiency has been improved again as well. The overall length has been shortened to achieve a lesser inertia and therefore a better rotation around the vertical axis. For more steering in fast corners they’ve redesigned the front and hood and made them steeper. To more easily steer the airflow along the sides over the rear wheel arches to the rear wing, to create more downforce, they have tailored Wolverine’s sides a lot. The rear is designed very even and uniform for a low centre of gravity and to ensure an easy airflow to the wing. For a consistent flow the rear fenders have been altered to minimise turbulences at the rear of the body.

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January 7, 2021

Team Bomber AK12 castor block support

From Team Bomber for their AK12 chassis are these carbon castor block supports. The new part improves the twist stiffness of the block body by just installing it on the genuine caster block mount, which improves the accuracy and response of the handling on high traction surfaces. A very effective item for the setting of handling characteristics for various track conditions and layouts.

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January 7, 2021

Yokomo YD-2SXIII high traction gearbox spacer

From Yokomo, for their drift team is this spacer set that can increase rear traction by raising the gearbox height of the YD-2SXIII. The main plate is made of 2mm thick steel and weighs about 18g, and features Yokomo engraving. Furthermore there is an aluminium plate mounted on the front side of the gearbox and an aluminium shim mounted on the front side of the upper deck. The parts contents are made for the SXIII, but it can also be used for E series and R series chassis by adding spacers. Of course, an increase in weight, increases the feeling of ground contact, but a higher differential position will increase the angle of the universal shaft and the force on the tip of the universal axle presses the tire toward the road surface resulting in more traction.

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January 6, 2021

Yeah Racing Twistex shrouded fans

From Yeah Racing, an upgrade to their Tornado series of cooling fans will be their upcoming series of Twistex shrouded fans. Designed for cooling high performing touring car motors which reach high temperatures, the specially designed shroud directs airflow and helps dissipate heat. It includes stealthy black wires for that pro factory look and the shroud features a groove in the bottom to allow for routing the cable on either sides, for clean installations.

Source: Yeah Racing [yeahracing.com]