November 13, 2019

Sunpadow CS Platin 6000mAh Stock class LiPo pack

Sunpadow have introduced their all-new Competition Stock CS Platin series high-performance LiPo battery packs. Developed especially for stock class racing, the first in the line is a 6000mAh 7.4V battery that is made using newly developed highest-quality cells whose chemistry will reduce the overall weight of the battery while allowing for exceptional performance thanks to a very low internal resistance. At 282g the battery is about four percent lighter than the gold label pack and it measures 139x47x25.1mm.

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November 13, 2019

VBC Racing Lightning10X235 235mm Pro10 kit

VBC Racing have introduced their new Lightning10X235 235mm Pro10 pan car chassis kit. The latest evolution of the popular Lightning10 platform received updates in the front suspension and chassis area while several upgrades ensure improved durability. The front end is equipped with an industry-first fully adjustable 7075-T6 Active Lower Caster system for optimised steering response while the 7075-T6 aluminium main chassis and rear lower pod plate with machined silver edge details increased handling precision. A heat-treated, hardened rear axle shaft ensures true running and exceptional durability even when using high powered modified motors. Other features include the possibility to run bellcrank or direct steering setups, inline or transverse battery positions, wheelbase and track width adjustments as well as a wide range of tube damper, side link and side spring position adjustments to fine-tune the car’s behaviour. The kit is shipping now and should hit stores very soon.

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November 13, 2019

Serpent 989 lightweight aluminium engine mount

Serpent have announced the release of a newly developed optional part for the 989 1/8th scale car. The lightweight engine mounts are machined from high grade aluminium, and are 10.5g lighter than the original kit part. CNC machined heatsinks are added to help draw heat away from the engine, resulting in cooler running temperatures while a black surface coating ensures surface protection and good looks.

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November 12, 2019

Exotek 30mm & 40mm Fan Blaster alloy shrouds

Exotek have introduced their new Fan Blaster aluminium fan shrouds for 30mm and 40mm fan units. Both shrouds were developed for the use with Exotek’s existing ring-shaped fans mounts and they blast the fan’s air directly onto the motor for maximum cooling effect while also acting as a finned heat sink that adds additional ambient cooling. Importantly, the shroud positions the fan about 12mm away from the motor can to help prevent the motor magnets from impeding the fan motor and the shrouds lightweight alloy construction insures factory good looks and extra durable quality. The 30mm shroud was designed for the use with Exotek’s #1718 fan mount while the 40mm variant uses Exotek’s #1756, #1914 or #1718 mounts.

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November 12, 2019

Xray Xmas Race – Announcement

The Xray Xmas Race will be held at the Hudy Racing Arena in Trencin, Slovakia on the 28th of December. The event kicks off with free practice on the 27th, allowing drivers to dial in their Christmas presents and 2020 rides with the race being held according to the XRS Slovakia set of rules, however the event does not count towards the championship but instead being a stand-alone race open to everyone. Classes run include 1/10th and 1/12th scale electric on-road as well as 1/10th electric off-road and more information can be found here.

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November 12, 2019

2019 VRC-Pro Modified class Worlds – Announcement

VRC Racing have announced the 2019 VRC-Pro Modified class World Championships will be held this coming December. During three weeks of action-packed virtual RC racing this year’s worlds will see Nitro and Electric, On-road and Off-road racing as well as everything in between with Rally-X and also Nitro and Electric NASCAR Truck oval racing.

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November 12, 2019

Roche P12 Evo SWB alloy chassis & LH steering knuckles

Coming from Roche are new optional parts for the P12 Evo 1/12th scale pan car in the form of a short wheelbase aluminium chassis as well as hard composite low height steering knuckles. The SWB alloy chassis is cut from 2.0mm material and it comes hard-coated for wear and looks. Using the chassis will improve the car’s performance on tight and twitchy tracks and included in the set comes a carbon fibre front bumper mount. Also new are the low height steering knuckles moulded from a hard composite material. The reduced height of the steering knuckles will allow for a wider range of outer upper arm positions while the hard material improves steering response in high-bite and high-temperature conditions.

View the steering knuckles here

November 12, 2019

Davis-Perry & Cornell win at RCRA EP National titles

The 2019 Australian Electric On-road Championships were held in Littlehampton, South Australia over the weekend. In 13.5T Touring it was Damon Davis-Perry with the overall TQ and also the win after the A-mains as Rhys Marshall and Jayden Edmunds came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. The 21.5T Touring class had Steven Cornell walking away with the TQ and win as Brett Romanis and Steven Coro completed the top 3 podium result.

View the Touring 21.5T podium here