June 14, 2019

JConcepts RM2 Bronze ball bearing oil

JConcepts have introduced their new Bronze medium thickness lubricant for bearings and other applications. After considerable testing, the RM2 Bronze oil is the stand-out lubricant in the pits of 2-time IFMAR World Champion, Ryan Maifield. When it comes to a simple touch up to oil bearings, CVA’s or any surface that needs a little friction reduction, apply a liberal amount of the oil to coat the area for a fresh life. A simple bottle and packaging make for easy access and quick transport to and from the races.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

June 14, 2019

H-Speed introduce new shock & differential fluids

Coming from Hupo Hönigl’s own H-Speed brand are new high-quality shock and differential fluids. Supplied in leak-free 75ml bottles the competition-grade oils are available as 200cSt to 800cSt shock and 1,000cSt to 50,000cSt differential fluids, allowing to fine-tune the suspension and drivetrain of most cars, buggies and trucks out there.

View the diff oils here

June 14, 2019

RC Atomic BZ3 1/28th scale 4WD touring car kit

RC Atomic have announced the soon release of their new BZ3 1/28th scale 4WD touring car kit. The vehicle features new front arms and knuckles for increased straight line stability while allowing for zero to twelve degree of caster. The single crank steering arm incorporates a servo saver and new rear suspension hangers ensure a perfectly aligned geometry. The new rear UTS Upper T-arm System increases rear suspension rigidity, thus improving stability of the rear wheel traction. Other new features include an ultra low centre of gravity chassis design, new ball diffs, ball cups, bulkheads, shock towers and a low centre of gravity motor mount. With the new design the diffs sit about 1.5mm lower with the motor and servo also being lowered compared to the previous model. The rear suspension can be built as camber link system for low to medium grip carpet, as upper T-arm system for RCP or EVA tracks and also as ARS active rear-toe system for expert users. The kit will hit stores very soon.

Source: RC Atomic [rcatomic.com]

June 14, 2019

Vortex Racing Ultimate ultra light-weight screw kits

Coming from Vortex Racing are three Ultimate ultra light-weight screw kits for the ARC R11 2019, Destiny RX-10SR and Xray T4’19 touring cars. The kits contain of high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium screw for the upper parts of the chassis as well as titanium fasteners for the bottom area, ensuring an exceptional weight reduction and stability compared to the standard steel screws. Also included are double secured aluminium M4 wheel nuts as well as aluminium M3 lock nuts if required by the vehicle. Both the ARC and Destiny-related kits include black-anodised aluminium hardware while the Xray-specific set includes orange anodised alloy screws. All three screw sets come in reusable boxes that can be used for storing small parts, electronics or spares. Manuals with detailed information on the screw sets can be found of Vortex Racing’s social media page here.

View another image here

June 14, 2019

Destiny RX-10 new design suspension arms

Destiny have announced the release of new design suspension arms for RX-10 series of touring cars. Offering improved traction and reliability the full-face arms are available in two different length and using different lower shock mounting positions which allows to fine-tune the suspension geometry. Available are the original geometry Type A arms (front 53mm/32.5mm, rear 54mm/38.5mm) as well as the new geometry Type B (front 53mm/31.5mm, rear 54mm/39.5mm), and new length Type C (52mm/31.5mm, rear 55/39.5mm) and Type D (52mm/30.5mm, rear 55mm/40.5mm) arm sets.

Source: Destiny [destinyracing.jp]

June 13, 2019

Samuel Zayas wins at BRCC N.E.O.S 2019 Rd6

Round 6 of this year’s BRCC N.E.O.S series was held at the Barceloneta track in Puerto Rico. Raymond Soto (IGT8) took the overall TQ in the Nitro GT class, however the win in the A—main went to Samuel Zayas from Fernando Mendez in 2nd and Godfrey Franco, with the three making for an IGT8 podium sweep.

Source: IGT8 [igt8.com]

June 13, 2019

Reds Racing 8000mAh & 6500mAh 4S LiPo packs

Reds Racing have announced the release of their all-new 14.8V 4S hardcase LiPo battery packs. Available as 8000mAh 100C and 6500mAh 75C variants, both are made of high-quality cells and they come in a protective hardcase pre-wired with industry-standard balancer ports and T-type connectors. The 4S packs are ideal for competition 1/8th scale on-road and off-road usage with 1/10th and 1/12th scale 2S and 1S packs following at a later date.

View the 6500mAh battery here

June 13, 2019

Wallace Motorsports signs Bobby Flack

Wallace Motorsports has announced the return of Bobby Flack to the RC racing world. Bobby brings years of experience to the table, and after a slight hiatus he has decided to make a return to the sport joining the Wallace Motorsports On-road nitro family. Bobby will be helping with R&D on the current WRC NTX.3 chassis through out the states using Ielasi Tuned engines, Hot Race Tires, and Power HD servos to operate his rides. Bobby says:

Well, I am very excited to say the least. I am so thankful for this opportunity from Wallace Motorsports. I really have to thank Diatta for making this happen. It’s been a few years but I cannot wait to get to the track. This is the complete package here. The NTX.3 is very high quality, I am very impressed. With Ielasi engines and Hot Race tires it’s going to be a fun year! So far I will be attending the remaining Midwest Series races, The Great Lakes Challenge and the ROAR Nationals in Toledo. Time to get to work. See you at the track!

Source: Wallace Motorsports [wallacemotorsports.net]