June 23, 2017

F.T. Line Atomic .21 Fantini-tuned nitro on-road engine

F.T. Line’s Atomic .21 nitro on-road engine is now also available in a hand-tuned version. The work was carried out by famous engine turner Max Fantini with the power plant having received a hand-tuned, crankshaft, crankcase and also a tuned piston and sleeve, all resulting in increased power and optimised mileage. The Max Fantini-tuned engine is available now.

Source: F.T. Line [ftlineteam.com]

June 22, 2017

VP-Pro Tekno nitro engine air filter

VP-Pro have introduced a new air filter foam specially designed for the Tekno RC nitro vehicles. Made from a high-tech foam the air filter will ensure maximised airflow while offering exceptional protection even against the smallest of dust particles. The 2-stage filter element is a direct fit on Tekno RC’s air filter.

Source: VP-Pro [vp-racing.com]

June 15, 2017

Ielasi Tuned GT9 & GT5 nitro engines

Ielasi Tuned have introduced their all-new Nitro GT9 and updated Rally GT5 nitro GT and Rally Game engines. Starting with the GT9, the power plant is based on the Nitro.21-9WCE and it features a new cooling head, a new crankcase and tuned 14.5mm crankshaft for optimised performance. It was designed for the use with 16 percent to 25 percent nitro fuel and it comes with an aluminium venturi insert set. As for the GT5, the engine comes with a redesigned cooling head, 14mm turbo-tuned crankshaft and a ceramic rear ball bearing. The Novarossi-based engines come pre-run-in and are made from selected and modified parts, ensuring best possible performance.

View the GT5 engine here

June 14, 2017

SMJ Kabuto tuned buggy & on-road exhaust sets

Speedmaster Japan have introduced two new exhaust sets for 1/8th off-road and on-road applications in the form of the SMJ Kabuto tuned silencer sets. Starting with the off-road specific exhaust, the silencer is based on the T2060 SC pipe and it was designed to match perfectly with the Kabuto XB2 engine. It is usable for buggy and truggy racing and comes including manifold, gaskets and mounting springs. Also new is an on-road specific set based off of the T2080 SC exhaust. It will match the Kabuto R21 engine and just like the off-road set contains a suitable manifold, gaskets and springs. Both sets are EFRA homologated and they will hit stores soon.

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June 1, 2017

Reds Racing introduce new exhaust manifolds

Italian company Reds Racing have introduced new exhaust manifolds for .21 rear exhaust outlet engines. The new design connects the manifold to the engine with a much better fit. The end result improves the strength and durability of the spring retainers. The new design also provides improved cooling in the exhaust area to guarantee longer life for the gasket, equalling lower maintenance costs. The manifold is available in three sizes; the medium variant is recommended for short tracks where more bottom torque is required, but top speed will be lower. The second is the short manifold that is recommended for medium or standard-size  tracks. It is a good compromise between torque and top speed. Last but not least comes the XS extra short variant that is recommended for tracks with long main straights and to achieve the highest top speed but lower bottom torque.

Source: Reds Racing [reds-racing.com]

May 24, 2017

RC Concept MC3X & MC5X nitro off-road engines

RC Concept have introduced their new 3-port MC3X and 5-port MC5X nitro off-road engines. Both power plants utilise the new 2017 X-Line carburettor with a double bottom-end adjustment and DLC-coated crankshafts. The carburettor will improve idling, give a smooth power band as well as increased top end power while the DLC-coated crankshaft will last up to 3-times longer with also increased conrod life. Other features include high-quality ceramic rear bearings, Swiss-made front bearings as well as updated cooling heads.

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May 23, 2017

Ielasi Tuned 7T Hummer 3.5cc nitro off-road engine

Ielasi Tuned have introduced their new ITD 7T Hummer 3.5cc nitro off-road engine. The power plant features a new cooling head, ceramic rear and high-quality steel front bearings as well as a Factory Tuned 14.5mm crankshaft to further improve power output and drivability. The pre-run in engines come with a 9mm composite carburettor and a 6mm venturi insert, and each one is modified by hand and built from selected and matched parts to ensure factory team performance right out of the box. The engine will become available by end of May.

Source: Ielasi Tuned [ielasituned.com]

May 23, 2017

Novarossi R4-17 nitro engine conrod

Coming from Novarossi and made for the company’s 1/8th on-road engines is the new R4-17 conrod. The part was developed for Novarossi’s high-performance engine line such as the Mito35WC and using a new material greatly improves overall durability with the conrod life being nearly doubled compared to the standard R4 while maintaining a low weight and high performance.

Source: Novarossi [novarossi.it]