May 11, 2018

Reds Racing Power & Efficiency Pack engine/pipe sets

Reds Racing from Italy have introduced their new Power Pack and Efficiency Pack engine and exhaust combo packages for 1/8th off-road vehicles. Both come in a Mario Rossi signed box and the Power Pack includes the WRX Corsa Lunga engine together the all-new 2104 X-One Smooth pipe while the Efficiency Pack includes the WR5 or WR5 High Efficiency engine as well as the 2104 X-One Smooth pipe. Also part of the packages are three venturi inserts.

View the Efficiency Pack here

May 7, 2018

Reds Racing EFRA 2143 X-One exhaust

Coming from Reds Racing’s new X-One series of off-road exhausts is the latest EFRA 2143 Smooth pipe. Developed for the use with Reds Racing’s WR7 engine, the exhaust will improve runtime while also offering increased torque and precise throttle response on the low to mid RPM range. All that is combines with a smooth and linear power supply up to the high RPM range. The 1-piece pipe and manifold assembly will improve overall reliability and performance and the exhaust system is available now.

Source: Reds Racing [] | Image: RMV []

May 2, 2018

O.S. Max 12TG Ver.III JMRCA combo pack

O.S. Engines have introduced a new engine and exhaust pack in the form of the JMRCA 1/10th Nitro Touring Sports class legal Max 12TG Ver.III combo set. The engine package uses the proven Max 12TG Ver.III power plant while the included exhaust system consists of the JMRCA-legal T-1080SC muffler and M1007SC manifold.

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April 13, 2018

Flash Point EFRA 2146 exhaust system

Coming from Flash Point R/C is a new tuned exhaust system for O.S. based off-road engines. The EFRA 2146 pipe features a durable chrome finish and a sturdy, forward-facing welded pressure nipple and the complete exhaust system includes the EFRA 2146 pipe, FP50 manifold, exhaust gasket, and springs.

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April 9, 2018

Reds Racing M7 WCX Corsa Lunga .21 on-road engine

Available now is Reds Racing’s M7 WCX Corsa Lunga 3.5cc nitro on-road engine. The new power plant is a seven special ports extreme power engine that sports a brand new cooling head which features an updated design for improved airflow to increase the cooling and ensure a low centre of gravity. The crankcase, the new head and the combustion chamber have been redesigned to improve cooling consistently and the new cooling system, besides improving cooling and reliability, also improves engine performance and fuel efficiency. The engine comes with a DLC-coated crankshaft and backplate for improved engine durability and the on-road carburettor has been redesigned to get greater idle stability, more precise tuning and improved power delivery.

Source: Reds Racing []

April 9, 2018

T-Works aluminium exhaust locks

Coming from T-Works is a set of aluminium exhaust locks for most .21 and .12 exhaust pipes. The machined aluminium parts are designed to sandwich the pipe end in addition to the standard muffler grub screw, making for additional security and peace of mind in long mains or when running on rutted tracks. The machined aluminium items come black anodised for wear, in sets of two and including four grub screws.

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April 3, 2018

SWorkz LPF-7 nitro off-road engine

SWorkz have announced the soon release of their new limited edition LPF-7 nitro off-road engine. The power plant utilises the proven S7 Evo II setup – that uses the O.S. Spec II engine as a base – however the LPF-7 is equipped with a specially developed and red anodised low-profile cooling head that offers a larger cooling surface than the standard LPF head for optimised heat management. Only 66 engines will be made and they are set for a mid-April release date.

Source: MW RC Cars []

March 26, 2018

Beta 34mm 4-shoe aluminium clutch system

Nemo Racing have introduced the new Beta 34mm 4-shoe aluminium clutch system. The design and materials utilised in this new clutch make for a very durable assembly whilst also offering the exceptional traction levels and low fuel consumption on all surfaces. The clutch uses a more convention spring design for ease of assembly and reliability, but the spring is a through shoe design, meaning less filing of clutch shoes and more racing. The clutch shoes are made of 7075 aluminium, meaning it has the best balance between durability, traction and drivability. The 34mm flywheel also uses 7075 aluminium allowing for a lightweight and strong design, with steel flywheel pins offering the best durability and strength. The 4-shoe clutch is simple to assemble and adjust, with the two different thickness spring coming in the package, both of which colour coded for easy recognition. The clutch comes supplied with a clutch nut and collet.

Source: Nemo Racing []