April 28, 2017

LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Square Stroke 3.5cc nitro engine

Coming from LRP is the all-new ZZ.21C Ceramic Square Stroke 3.5cc nitro off-road engine. Follow-up model of the popular ZZ.21C Ceramic Long Stroke, the engine is of a square stroke design for linear throttle feel yet high low end torque and exceptional mileage. The precision-balanced 14mm crankshaft sports a DLC coating for improved durability while a silicone insert optimises mixture flow. Other features include a rear ceramic bearings, a lightweight piston and rod for higher RPM and increased performance while specially shaped carburettor needles make for a smoother throttle response and longer run times. The package is rounded out by a new low-profile cooling head and a set of 6.0mm and 6.5mm venturi inserts.

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April 24, 2017

FX Engines B301 nitro engine – Teaser

FX Engines have announced the soon release of their new B301 nitro engine. No information about the power plant, that is believed to be a 3-port off-road engine, are available yet but all details on specifications and features should surface in time for the release.

Source: FX Engines [fx-engines.com]

April 24, 2017

SPower S7 Evo II Tuned .21 nitro off-road engine

SWorkz Europe have introduced the new SPower S7 Evo II Tuned 3.5cc nitro off-road engine. The 3-port power plant offers improved fuel consumption and thus increased mileage with optimised power delivery. The engine utilises a black-coated crankcase, a balanced a DLC-coated crankshaft, it features a high-quality ceramic main bearing and a 3-needle carburettor. The S3 Evo II is available now.

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April 21, 2017

Reds WR7 Diamond 3.5cc nitro off-road engine

Italian company Reds Racing have introduced their new WR7 Diamond 3.5cc nitro off-road engine. Based off of the popular R7 World Edition engine, the new power plant is of a high-torque design and it features a DLC-coated crankshaft and backplate for reduced internal friction and improved durability while utilising a redesigned crankcase, cooling head and combustion camber insert to further improve performance and durability. Of a high-power 7-port design the power plant features an exhaust port with boosters to improve mileage and to provide a smooth yet powerful power delivery. Part of the engine package are also the renown HCX carburettor with Gen 2 venturi insert, anew lightweight and low centre of gravity cooling head and each engine comes with a hand-tuned, silicone-filled, balanced and tuned crankshaft, a work that is carried out by Reds’ own M. Rossi. The engine is available separately, pre-broken-in by M. Rossi, as Elliott Boots Race Ready edition, including the Reds 2143+S exhaust or as all-out combo package including the 2143+S exhaust and Reds’s own Quattro clutch.

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April 14, 2017

SMJ Kabuto 21XB2 & R21 3.5cc nitro engines

SMJ have introduced the new Kabuto 21XB2 off-road and R21 on-road engines. Starting with the off-road engine, the 21XB2 is available in a Power and Eco variant with he first one being aimed towards racing on high-speed off-road tracks on the the growing 1/8th GT class while the Eco variant is best used on low-grip or bumpy tracks. Both long-stroke engine feature DLC-coated and balanced crankshafts as well as ceramic rear ball bearings. On the carburettor side of things the Power variant is equipped with a 7mm venturi while the Eco engine utilises a smaller 6mm venturi. Both engines come pre-run-in meaning minimal preparation time to get them track-ready.

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April 7, 2017

Triton L4 & L5 Pro Spec V2 Elite off-road engines

Coming from Triton are the new L4 and L5 Pro Spec V2 Elite .21 nitro off-road engines. Both feature a new piston/sleeve design, increasing fuel mileage and providing a more aggressive bottom end power delivery while the carburettor low speed needle and housing design has been changed to provide even easier tuning. On top of this the crankcase has been optimised for power and efficiency by manipulating the internal volume and angles and the crankshaft received a DLC coating for added wear resistance and longevity. Both engines also received a new cooling head that is milled for easier engine mount driver access. As for the characteristics, the L4 offers a smooth bottom end and strong mid range and top end performance, ideal for looser tracks while the L5 delivers huge low end torque, making it best suited on high-bite tracks or when a lot of low RPM torque is needed.

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April 3, 2017

Team Orion CRF .21 Factory RS V3 WC Edition engine

Coming from Team Orion is the new CRF .21 Factory RS V3 WC Edition 3-port nitro off-road engine. Used by David Ronnefalk to win the 2016 IFMAR 1/8th Buggy World Championships, the power plant is of a long stroke design and it comes with a balanced and DLC-coated crankshaft as well as modified crankcase and tuned sleeve for smoother response and improved mid-range power and top speed. In addition the mileage could also be improved. Also part of the package are a high-quality Swiss-made front and Ceramic rear ball bearing and the engine utilises an aluminium 2-needle carburettor for easy mixture adjustment.

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March 30, 2017

Ultimate EFRA 2141 Super Strong off-road exhaust set

Following the introduction of the EFRA 2142 Super Strong off-road exhaust set, Modelix Racing have also announced the release of the Ultimate Racing EFRA 2141 Super Strong exhaust. Made of high-quality aluminium and coming with a polished finish, the pipe was designed especially for the use with the Ultimate Engines M3T and other O.S. based power plants. The pipe provides precise and linear throttle response in the low to mid RPM range as well as an optimised power curve and fuel economy, increasing the runtime by almost a minute depending on the track conditions and grip. Included in the set are the EFRA 2141 pipe, manifold, gaskets as well as mounting springs.

Source: Modelix [modelixracing.com]