February 23, 2017

ASM .21 nitro on-road engine

Nuclear R/C Japan have released a first image of the ASM brand .21 competition nitro on-road engine. ASM will have two 3.5cc engines available at the beginning with more to come in the future such as an engine break-in service and more. All information and more images of the engines will become available in time for the release.

Source: Nuclear R/C [nuclear.ne.jp]

February 23, 2017

ProTek RC Euro LS-5 .21 5-port off-road engine

Available now is ProTek RC’s new Euro LS-5 3.5cc 5-port competition nitro off-road engine. Developed by top AMain and Novarossi pro drivers the engine will provide optimal power, run time and ease of tune. The power plant comes with a composite carburettor that resists heat and holds a consistent idle while the crankshaft and 5-port sleeve have been paired to provide linear power that produces a level of drivability that shreds lap times—throttle response is consistent throughout the entire RPM range. The setup of the long stroke engine allows for nine and a half to ten minutes of run time and to comes including a C6TGC turbo-style glow plug.

View the features, specifications and another image here

February 21, 2017

Reds Racing R5 Racer 4.0 nitro off-road engine

Reds Racing have introduced the all-new R5 Racer V4.0 nitro off-road engine. The R5R features a new 5-port sleeve and crankshaft timing for improved fuel efficiency and drivability and the sport-level engine also utilises the HCX horizontal carburettor, a tuned, silicone-filled crankshaft, a high-sealing front bearing and a chrome-steel rear ball race. The power plant comes hand-tuned by M. Rossi, it is hand- and compression-checked and suitable for both buggy and truggy racing alike.

View another image here

February 21, 2017

F.T. Line Atomic .21 nitro on-road engine

XRD have introduced the F.T. Line Atomic .21 nitro on-road engine. The 3.5cc power plant features a completely redesigned sleeve and updated crankcase ports. The new cooling head is machined to sit lower on the crankcase for a low centre of gravity effect and the carburettor is equipped with reshaped needles for improved mixture flow. As with every F.T. Line engine, the unit comes hand-checked with an individual certificate of authenticity.

Source: F.T. Line [ftlineteam.com]

February 17, 2017

LRP ZR.28 Spec.4 Pullstart nitro off-road engine

LRP’s ZR.28 Spec.4 Pullstart nitro off-road engine is the company’s latest off-road big bore power plant. The 4.57cc engine features several improvements and refinements such as the CoolDownMax engine cooling head for optimised heat dissipation even in heavy duty bashing applications, it comes with the XTEC PowerCarb 3 15S-2 carburettor for easier and more reliable mixture adjustments and the 5+1 port engine is brought to life using a heavy duty pullstart assembly. On top of this the .28 engine offers increased torque and improved response, making it ideal for light buggies and heavy trucks alike.

View the specifications here

February 17, 2017

Tekno RC Blok 21aM & 21aP nitro buggy engines

Tekno RC have introduced their all-new Block nitro off-road engines. The BLOK 21aM was designed with optimal fuel mileage in mind for 1/8th buggies, while the 21aP is all about power and is well suited for any 1/8th application but especially the heavier truggies. Both engines are made in Japan and they feature the same long stroke piston and sleeve design, DLC coated crankshaft, three needle carburettor and efficient cooling head with the 21aM including 6mm and 6.5mm venturis while the 21aP comes with 6.5mm and 7.0mm carburettor inserts. Pre-release engines without manual and box are available now, and the properly packaged power plants including box, manual and stickers will become available around mid-March.

View the specifications and more images here

February 15, 2017

Ielasi Tuned Nitro.21 9WCE & Nitro.12 WCE engines

Ielasi Tuned have introduced two new engines, the Nitro.21 9WCE 9-port on-road and the Nitro.12 WCE 2.1cc touring car engine. Both are based on Novarossi power plants, they feature WIB ceramic and steel bearings, hand-tuned ultra light pistons, hand-tuned sleeves and crankshafts and they are assembled by Daniele Ielasi himself to ensure the best possible quality and performance. As usual all engines are built using modified and selected parts, allowing the customers to get their hands on the same engines as the factory team drivers.

View the .12 engine here