June 15, 2022

Introducing Nova Engines

Introducing Nova Engines, founded by former top Italian onroad racer Stefano Colombini. As the name suggests there is a connection with the well known Novarossi brand which closed down last year. The new project counts among its founders and collaborators, the best technicians that were previously involved in Novarossi. The new company is strongly focused on the goal of guaranteeing an obsessive quality in the product. with a strong and continuous drive towards innovation and research. They said, ‘The quality and passion of our organization represent in this sense an element of strong continuity with the best years of Novarossi. With the insertion of new technical staff, the help of new design software and the latest generation machinery we are able to satisfy and guarantee the demands of a constantly evolving market togethere with a Customer Assistance service that is now more than ever necessary for our market.’ As they get up to speed their first product are glow plugs, with pipes and manifolds hitting the market in about 2 weeks with engines starting to become available by August. More details on those products as we get them.

View their new glowplugs & packaging here

June 14, 2022

Ielasi Tuned GP5GTR22 engine

Ielasi Tuned are pleased to announce the new GP5GTR22 engine which is making its official debut this week at the GT European Championship in Lostallo. This engine has been improved in performance, as fuel consumption has always been comfortably above 7 minutes with the old GP5GTR. Now you can expect more acceleration and more speed on the straight line meaning that this engine raises the level even more in this category that is increasingly gaining ground and is in full evolution. This upgrade also includes the new, 15 gram lighter cooling head which will optimise the handling of your car.

Source: Ielasi Tuned [ielasituned.com]

June 14, 2022

XTR X5 nitro offroad engine

XTR have introduced their new X5 nitro offroad engine. Supplied with all the technical tuning options as standard, such as DLC treated crankshaft and rear ceramic bearing, this engine has been designed to improve throttle response and fuel economy. It supplied with a 7.5mm verturi giving you the power you need for all grip conditions from very low to extremely high.

View more details & images of the X5 here

June 10, 2022

Maxima RC Racing fuel line-up

Maxima RC Racing fuel is now being manufactured in Europe by one of the leading manufacturer that ensures high racing performance and specifically formulated for longer engine life with Maxima’s lubrication technology. The line-up of fuels includes three different mixtures for different applications. Maxima Plasma is specifically designed for the Ultimate On-Road application, Tempo is particularly designed for Touring application such as 1:8th GT and 1:10th touring car, while Pandora is for offroad applications.

Source: Maxima [maxima-europe.com]

June 9, 2022

iRacing O.S. rear engine cover

iRacing have introduced this new rear engine cover, with mixture recovery system for OS .21 engines. Thanks to the 2 holes on the upper side of the cover, which go under the piston and the central hole to which they are connected, it is able to improve the internal fluid dynamics, improving performance and consumption. Suitable for iRacing and O.S. .21 engines.

View the other side of the rear cover here

June 9, 2022

RC-Project revised clutch shoes & springs

RC-Project have released their completely revised clutch shoe, ensuring longer life, less maintenance and greater reliability. The new shoes have 35% more contact surface area, which ensures longer life and less bell wear while the pin hole has been reamed to centesimal tolerance and all edges have been CNC chamfered and not tumbled like the previous version. The shoes was produced from a different material and then hard anodised and branded. The 0.5mm washer was eliminated and integrated into the shoes for greater reliability and to reduce friction between flywheel and shoes. The new spring design allows for quick and easy assembly and have been manufactured from a different material that is very heat resistant to prevent possible breakage or load changes during use. The shoes and springs will fit flywheels from Mugen, Sworkz, HB, Xray, Alpha, Agama, Carrara Z9 and Mayako and will work on all bells with diameters Ø26, Ø26.3, Ø26.4 and Ø26.5.

View the new springs here

June 1, 2022

Reds Racing 723 Scuderia Pro engine

Reds Racing have announced their new 723 Scuderia Pro Engine. This is a .23cc engine and is specifically designed for use in 1/8th truggy. In some applications, a truggy requires more power and the 723 Scuderia is designed for that. Based on their popular 721 Scuderia Pro, the 723 Scuderia piston and sleeve are specifically designed for use in truggy and are optimised for this application. The engine features a high performance 3 needle carburettor which allows better and easier tuning in all conditions. Furthermore, thanks to its mid range needle, this carburettor guarantees more linear power delivery and greater power. The new engine also comes with DLC Coated crankshaft and backplate for improved engine durability. The crankshaft can last approximately 3 times more than a conventional steel crankshaft thanks to the extreme hardness of the diamond coating. Even the conrod life is lengthened by about 50%.

Source: Reds Racing [reds-racing.com]