June 9, 2007

Petr Klatovský is Top Qualifier for EC ‘B’

Petr Klatovský is Top Qualifier for EC 'B'

This week sees the European ‘B’ Championships held for 1/8th buggy at the German MSC Sand track, 1 hour west of Nuernberg. The track that the competitors have been introduced to, is one that is situtated on a natural slope and so offers many challenges for the racers present including plenty of uphill and downhill sections. Today saw 4 rounds of qualifying to determine the grid spots for Sundays finals and it was Czech Xray racer Petr Klatovský that claimed the top qualifier spot with some fast and consistent running today. In 2nd place it is German Carson racer Stefan Scheuenpflug while 3rd spot went to another Czech Xray driver Martin Bayer. The finals are being run tomorrow and we will hope to bring you the results at the end of the day, when we see who is crowned the new European ‘B’ Champion.

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June 9, 2007

Rico Kröber wins German East Rd6

Rico Kröber wins German East 200mm Rd6

Last weekend at the AMC Mühlau, the 6th round of the Eastern Germany 1/10th 200mm regional championships was run, with only 17 racers in attendance. In qualifying, which was spread over 2 days, Rico Kröber took the pole position for Kyosho, with Mugen racer Benjamin Schumann in 2nd, while 3rd went to another Kyosho, that of Mike Wiegand. In the finals the running order for the top of the field stayed the same as in qualifying which meant that Kröber took the win from Schumann in 2nd, a lap back, and Wiegand in 3rd a further 2 laps back.

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June 8, 2007

Daily News Round-up

Red RC - Daily Round-up

A summary of other news pieces from around the internet today in our Red RC Round-up:

> Kyosho France have lots of new Kyosho parts – Link [kyoshofrance.com]
> Team Orion have their own report from last weekends Tectrotec race – Link [teamorion.com]
> GiBon-Goo Wins the 1/10th class at the Serpent Race in Korea – Link [teamxray.com]
> Kimihiko Yano release their own carrying box – Link [kimihiko-yano.net]
> Werks Racing release their TL28B7 truggy engine – Link [neo-buggy.net]

June 8, 2007

Team Tectro SP2 23T Stock motor

Team Tectro 23T Stock motor

Stock touring may be a young class in Japan but is growing and the manufacturers are taking note. Following on from this weeks release of stock motors by Kyosho and Team Orion, comes this new 23T motor from Team Tectro. Meeting all class regulations as laid out by the JMRCA, this motor can easily handle the high power delivered by todays cells and thanks to a special coating the rotor can now withstand really high temperatures making it very durable. Available in 3 different versions.

Source: Powers International [powers-international.com]

June 8, 2007

Team Associated CA and Reedy Cells

Team Associated CA

Team Associated have announced the release of this Factory Team-CA, which is a newly developed premium blend formula CA that is specifically formulated for mounting tires to wheels. The .7 oz. bottle features a clog-free applicator tip and tube that makes gluing tires quicker and easier than ever before. New from Reedy  is this 1700 Ni-MH 7.2V Stick Pack Battery Pack that is pre assembled, comes complete with a Tamiya style connector, high temperature silicone lead wire and is the perfect choice for budget-minded entry level 1:10 racers who don’t require a higher-priced matched pack.

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June 8, 2007

Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 RTR – Details

Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 RTR

Kyosho have released the full details of their new RTR version of the popular Lazer ZX-5 4wd buggy that we showed you back in February.

Kyosho – For nearly 20 years, the Kyosho Lazer has been part of the racing landscape. As the successor to the Kyosho Optima, which is largely credited with making 4WD electric racing popular, the Lazer is always at the cutting edge of technology and competes at the highest levels including the World Championship. Much of the same advanced technology that makes the Lazer such a formidable force on the world stage is now available in a ready to run package. The new Lazer ZX-5 ReadySet not only breaks new ground as a 1/10 4WD ready to run, it also shares the DNA of a racing champion.

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June 8, 2007

Serpent Powerstart Starter box

Serpent Powerstart Starter box

Serpent have introduced the latest version of the Powerstart starter box, the follow up to their original pioneering compact starter box. Suitable for both conventional and in line engines, this new box features dual motors for great starting power and is perfect for all types of car, both circuit and buggy. The box’s adjustable positioning mounts mean you can make any car easily fit. Coming pre assembled, this new starter box features a composite casing and sports a small removable parts box, for spare plugs and clips, and a clip on the rear of the box to mount your glow plug starter. The Powerstart is supplied with a carrying case to protect it when being transported to and from the track and the bag also features a separate pocket for storing cables and other associated items. Expect to see it at the start of July.

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June 8, 2007

Xray release Multi-Diff for NT1

Xray release Multi-Diff for NT1

We briefly covered the multi-diff in our NT1 options round-up a few days ago, and at the time i thought it was just the same system as used in the front of the Serpent 720, and basically it is in that it allows you to run a oneway or, with the insertion of a steel pin, a solid front axle. What is unique about the multi-diff though is that is also allows you to run a solid one-way axle as well.

A lightweight machined steel hex-style locking axle can be inserted into both outdrives to lock them together and create a solid one-way, which means both outdrives turn freely together as a one-way (at the same time), thus creating a solid one-way off-power.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]