June 24, 2007

3Racing One-piece QC Engine Mount for NT1 and V-One RRR

3Racing One-piece QC Engine Mount

3racing have introduced this quick change engine mount system for both the Kyosho V One RRR and XRay NT1 200mm chassis’. Available as two seperate designs, for each of the 2 cars, the mechanism and benefits are the same and that is, firstly, that it allows your engine to be removed easily and quickly from your car. The 2nd and main benefit is when you go to put your engine back, you dont need to worry about gear mesh and alignment issues due to the systems 2 piece design combined with the use of aligning pins mean that you only ever have to align your motor in your car once.

Source: 3 Racing [3racing.com.hk]

May 9, 2007

3Racing options for Losi Micro-T

3Racing options for Losi Micro-T

Owners of the Team Losi Micro-T, are spoilt for choice today following, firstly, the release of lots of new optionals from Atomic RC and now even more option parts to choose from, this time from Hong Kong based 3Racing. All the 3Racing parts have been machined and then blue anodised and include a new aluminum front lower wishbone, new front and rear shock towers, a really cool looking motor guard, an even sweeter looking gear dust cover as well as new front bulkhead, with additional mounting holes to adjust toe, and a new front C-hub system.

Source: 3Racing [3racing.com.hk]

April 13, 2007

3 Racing Rear Wheel Adapter For Tamiya F103GT

3 Racing Rear Wheel Adapter

3 Racing have released the latest version of their +2mm offset rear wheel adapter for the Tamiya F103GT which allows the car to corner better, and works with all touring car rims. By adding a hole on the adapter, you can easily insert a spanner inside and adjust the tightness of the ball differential without removing any parts, simply turn the wheel clockwise to tighten or anti-clockwise to loosen the ball differential.

Source: 3 Racing [3racing.com.hk]

January 14, 2007

3 Racing aluminium pinions for Mugen & Kyosho

3 Racing aluminium pinions for Mugen & Kyosho

Makers of all things bling, 3 Racing have released these new hardened aluminum pinion gears for the Mugen MTX4 and the Kyosho V-one series. Available in all the expected teeth numbers for both 1st and 2nd gears, the Mugen versions are grey whilst the Kyosho versions come in blue. Not much else to know except they are available now.

Source: 3 Racing [3racing.com.hk]

November 3, 2006

3 Racing release Carrying Bag

3 Racing carry bag

Very similar to the bag of Team Magic, this new black and blue bag from optional parts makers 3 Racing seems to be a very nice product. Transporting your stuff to the track is made easy with the supplied wheels and a pull handle and all your racing parts will be safely contained within the 2 large and 2 small inner carrying boxes.

You can see more images and features here.