February 27, 2020

H2 Racing Development Advance 20M shock towers

H2 Racing Development have announced the soon release of their updated front and rear shock towers for the 3Racing Sakura Advance 20M touring car. The updated design makes the carbon fiber shock stays more durable while lowering the overall centre of gravity and offering a little bit more twist in the centre area. In addition the rear tower features mounting holes for rear body supports. The shock towers are also usable with the Advance 2K18 Evo and they should become available shortly.

Source: H2 Racing Development [h2-rd.com]

February 5, 2020

Exotek FGX rear aluminium hub set

New from Exotek and made for the 3Racing FGX formula car are precision-machined and laser-engraved 7075 aluminium rear hubs. The raised hub design improves the roll centre, that is +1mm higher with the Exotek hubs, and creates better CVD clearance from the lower arm. The hubs come anodised black and silver chamfered to match the factory looks and they fit the FGX Evo and original FGX.

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November 23, 2019

Coelho & Quek are SIGP Champions

Bruno Coelho has taken the overall win in the Modified class at the 2019 SIGP in Xiamen, China. The Xray driver took his 2nd win in A2 to complete the perfect weekend and claim the SIGP title and with it the 20,000 RMB prize money. Never really challenged in the deciding second A-main, it was Akio Sobue who took the runner up spot ahead of Dominic Quek and Meen Vejrak, but in A3 it was the Thai driver that took the win, as Coelho started from the back of the grid, with Akio finishing in 2nd, the result meaning that Vejrak would finish 2nd overall with Sobue completing the podium. Asked about the deciding A2, Coelho said it was a very similar race to A1 with the time spent waiting on the grid the only reason for concern forcing the World Champion to be quite cautious on the opening lap. Once up to speed he could pull a gap to Sobue and once control the race.

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October 16, 2019

3Racing Advance 20M mid-motor touring car kit

3Racing have introduced their new Advance 20M mid-motor electric touring car kit. Building on the previous Advance competition on-road kit the 20M features a mid-motor design for improved balance and overall quicker lap times while the new 20mm bulkhead spacing optimised the natural chassis flex compared to the previous 23mm spacing. Other features include updated suspension mount, again to optimise chassis flex and new 20T centre pulleys that allow the use of virtually every main gear brand. New 5mm lower ultra low centre of gravity shock towers round out the package. The kit will hit stores by mid-November.

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October 14, 2019

Exotek FGX Shimizu tyre adapter rings

Coming from Exotek are their new Shimizu tyre adapter rings for the 3Racing FGX foam tyre wheel sets. The all CNC-machined delrin adaptor rings allow mounting of Shimizu F104 and Tamiya TCS F104 tyres onto the FGX foam wheels. The must have for carpet and cool weather racing allows the use of softer high grip compounds on the FGX. The rings are simply glued into place on the wheels and thereafter allows perfectly true mounting of the Shimizu F104 tyres onto the wheels. The adaptor set includes four rings, usable on the front of the rear rims with two sets being needed to outfit a complete set of wheels.

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September 9, 2019

Exotek EFX2 HD front bulkhead

Coming from Exotek is a 1-piece heavy duty aluminium front bulkhead for the Exotek EFX2 chassis conversion kit. The new design greatly increases the durability of the front of the car by removing the brittle plastic arm mounts and at 12g actually weighs less than the stock components. A simplified single-piece bulkhead design makes for tweak free geometry after race contact and with easier maintenance and assembly when in the pits. The all 7075 aluminium construction comes with a black polished finish and silver chamfered edges for a clean factory racing look.

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July 17, 2019

Exotek FGX Evo EFX2 carbon chassis conversion

Exotek have announced the release of their new and improved 2nd generation performance pro chassis conversion for the 3Racing FGX Evo. The set completely updates the FGX Evo into a track worthy competitor by changing out the electronics layout for optimal weight bias and more importantly drops significant weight from the base car. It gives owners that competitive edge by combining the independent suspension of the FGX with an extra lightweight yet more durable chassis package. Key features include a nearly 100g weight cut versus the stock components, a 10mm shortened wheelbase for increased corner speeds and more on power grip as well as an adjustable forward or back LiPi cradle system with lateral battery mounting accepts standard shorty batteries. It allows adjusting weight bias on the fly as track conditions require. Also included are a heavy duty top plate system that provides better durability and lower centre of gravity over the stock plate. A new F104 style chassis mounted wing allows mounting of more durable and lighter F104/Xray wings. The alloy front IFS mounting plate ensures secure IFS suspension operation and a machined front damper set with a “soft” spring set has much softer yet plush damping compared to the stock units. This greatly improves steering response and the ability to soak up bumps.

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January 29, 2019

3Racing Sakura M4 4WD M-class touring car kit

3Racing have released first images and information of their forthcoming new Sakura M4 4WD M-class touring car kit. Based on the popular Sakura 4WD chassis series the M4 was specially designed for the ever popular M-chassis class, offering an adjustable 210mm to 225mm wheelbase, durable lower arms, Sakura Advance 2k18 steering components, front and rear anti-roll bars as well as fibre glass chassis components. Other features include sturdy front and rear shock towers, a front spool, and an adjustable battery compartment for standard or shorty-type battery packs. The kit will hit stores very soon.

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