April 30, 2024

3Racing Sakura D6S 1:10 Drift Chassis

Hong Kong manufacturer 3Racing has released details of its latest entry level 1:10 Drift Chassis, the Sakura D6S.  The all new kit features the ability to run 3 different motor positions in addition to three different types of transmission giving a wide range of distribution and driving characteristic options.  New parts include a slim front bulkhead with castor adjustment between 2-8 degrees.  The kit also gets as belt drive system with a 2.71 ratio that gives the most linear acceleration for medium sized tracks.  To improve the D6 steering angle, they have introduced a newly designed KPI knuckle.  Other developments in the kit are new 6 x 1.3 pistons to give huge improvements in the shock effectiveness.

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November 15, 2023

3Racing Cero Sport 55 GA kit

In its latest 1:10 Touring Car kit release, Hong Kong’s 3Racing introduces its Cero 55 GA Version.  The main feature of GA edition of the entry level 55 is the use of matt carbon graphite compared to fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) used in the standard model.  The 55 GA gets a matt carbon graphite main chassis, upper deck, rear body post plate and servo mount.

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November 1, 2023

3Racing Cero FWD Sport 1:10 Touring Car

3Racing has released a new entry level 1:10 FWD Touring Car chassis, the Cero FWD Sport.  Featuring pivot mounted suspension, the car shares suspension geometry and key components with the popular Cero Ultra.  Suspension knuckles are common across all Cero models, reducing required spare parts, as well as allowing upgrade to aluminium.  The Lower suspension arms are molded in composite GA, featuring integrated pivot ball mounts.  Fully adjustable ARS rear suspension, infinitely adjustable to adapt to changing track conditions. It has a quick change spur gear mount and the motor mount provides a wide range of adjustability to cater for all blinky motor applications.  The Sport gets comes with a honeycomb TPU front bumper included as standard and the front lower bumper and body mount assembly has been redesigned for increased durability.  A one piece bulkhead cover maintains alignment and rigidity.  Horizontal rear body mount system, lowers centre of gravity and reduces body roll and risk of body tucks.

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October 23, 2023

3Racing Cero Ultra 2.0

3Racing has released a new version of their competition level 1:10 Electric Touring car platform, the Cero Ultra 2.0 which they are recommending for asphalt use.  In the second generation of Cero Ultra, the main improvement is to use a shorter and narrower chassis to improve cornering efficiency. The belt length is now a shorter S3M345 x 2 to achieve a shorter chassis and more direct acceleration output. The front and rear lower wishbones have been carefully improved to more room for the anti-roll bar movement and a shorter wheelbase. The lay-down front and rear absorbers mounting make the body roll more efficient, the main chassis has a new weight distribution position and a shorty battery socket, and the diameter of the lower wishbones rolling shims has been increased to improve the durability of the chassis plate, a caster has been added to the rear upright to increase the speed of all corners, and the steering system has changed to M4 X 7 bearings To improve accuracy, the upper deck was shortened to accommodate the twist of the chassis.

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August 21, 2023

3Racing Cero Sport 55

Hong Kong’s 3Racing has released an updated version of their entry level Cero Sport 1:10 Electric Touring car platform, the Cero Sport 55.  The key update on the kit is the repositioning of the motor mount to the centre of the car meaning the same size belt is used front and rear.  As a result of the new position the cat get a new motor mount and top deck.  Also improved on the  it in the centre of the Cero Sport 55 is an improved composite resin used in the manufacturing of the steering knuckles, which are common to all four corners of the car, and the bulkheads giving greater stiffness and durability.

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June 8, 2023

3Racing Cero M Chassis Prototype

Hong Kong’s 3Racing has published photos of the first build prototype of their upcoming new 1:10 M Chassis kit.  The new 210mm wheelbase M Chassis gets its design brief from their Cero Touring Car and still features some 3D printed parts in the build.  With no release date given for the new M-Chassis, which is set to be also offered in a FWD kit, they did hint that the final kit release is still some time way.

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September 18, 2020

MiBorg Sakura D5S rear RCV driveshafts

Coming from MiBorg and made for the 3Racing Sakura D5S drift chassis are these new rear RCV driveshafts. Utilising the design of full-scale cars the driveshafts use steel balls instead of cross pins to drive the wheel axle, which results in less vibration even at high steering angles. This leads to a more predictable handling, higher corner speeds and less tyre wear. In addition the wheel axles allow the use of standard thickness bearings while lighter, pin-less wheel hex adapters reduce overall weight.

Source: MiBorg [miborg-rc.com]

August 3, 2020

H2 Racing Development Advance S64 carbon chassis

Coming in late August is H2 Racing Development’s new carbon fibre chassis and top deck for the 3Racing Advance S64 touring car. The main chassis will come machined from high-quality 2.5mm Torayca carbon fibre and it offers some additional features compared to the standard FRP chassis, such as a mounting position for an optional twist control block, as well as mounting holes for an ARS suspension, weight block as well as shorty battery holders. The servo mount position was moved a bit backwards for an optimised weight bias as was the lower bulkheads which means the chassis is only usable in combination with H2RD’s upper deck but not the original part.

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