May 13, 2022

Maclan Racing DRK 10000mAh drag race battery

Fresh from Maclan Racing is this DRK 10000mAh 2S6P 200C graphene extreme drag race battery. This battery is developed specifically for No Prep Drag Racing with highest grade cells that offer higher power output for less voltage drop. It provides the best voltage retention over the whole race. Supplied with 8AWG output wires and a QS8 connector.

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March 14, 2022

Maclan Racing Graphene V4 Competition batteries

The Maclan Racing Graphene V4 Competition battery makes us of their latest 2022 chemistry. They are continuously evolving the batteries with the latest technology to improve capacity/weight ratio along with lower IR for better discharge performance. The new line up offers 1S, 2S, and 4S configurations with both shorty and stick sizes for different applications. There are also standard, LCG, and ULCG thickness options that offer better CG performance to the chassis and will provide more competitive performance for extreme racers.

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January 4, 2022

Maclan Racing DRK 160+ TSR Edition ESC

Maclan Racing have introduced the DRK 160+ TSR Edition, the only speed control designed and built by drag racers for drag racers. Featuring a proprietary all-new 7-Stage launch power control software (Version T19.01), all new 70 degrees over boost turbo timing for more power and factory pre-soldered 10AWG wires. There is also an upgraded control board that offers a more durable control circuit and there is also a new high capacity DRK super capacitor and improved data logging with higher resolution and crop function.

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August 12, 2021

Maclan M32e Pro 200 ESC & MR8.4 series motor

Maclan Racing have introduced their new M32e Pro 200 Competition 1/8th ESC and all-new MR8.4 series motor for 1/8th competition applications. The M32e Pro 200 is purpose-built for the 1/8th scale eBuggy and eTruggy applications with upgraded internal components ensuring the operating temperature is lower than its predecessor. With silicon coating on the circuit boards, the M32e also offers better durability for the 1/8th scale competition environment. It utilises a full aluminium case that ensures maximum thermal dissipation and extreme durability and the 30mm HV turbo ESC fan provides that extra insurance to cool down the ESC in extreme ambient conditions. The super-switch-mode BEC is designed to handle true HV for all types of servos from 6V to 8.4V.

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February 5, 2021

Maclan Racing motor bearing tool

Maclan Racing introduce their new motor bearing tool with carrying case. This bearing tool is compatible with all Maclan Racing brushless motors and most other RC brushless motors on the market. Its precise design allows for the easy removal and installation of bearings on RC Brushless motors and the included compact plastic carrying case protects the tool and allows for easy storage in a pit box or travelling.

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January 8, 2021

Alex Zanchettin joins Maclan Racing team

Maclan Racing have announced the signing of Italian TLR driver Alex Zanchettin to their team. The former World Finalist and Italian national Champion, who recently signed with 6Mik, said of the deal, ‘(I’m) proud to enter on Maclan team for the next years!! Can’t wait to show you guys the amazing performances at the track as soon as possible!!!’

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December 28, 2020

Maclan Racing M32t series ESC

Maclan Racing have announced their all new M32t series competition ESC for on road and off road applications. Available in 2 variants, Pro 160 and Pico 100. It is based on the extremely successful 32-bit MCU platform with many significant upgrades including an upgraded CPU with twice the memory capacity. Sporting a smaller footprint (2mm shorter in length) and lighter weight (3g in weight) than its predecessor, it use a new USB Type-C connector, refined algorithm and profiles, new 150% throttle punch and 2-stage dynamic brake PWM function and 10 Hz high definition data logging.

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November 6, 2020

Maclan Racing DRK Drag motor

Maclan Racing’s new DRK Drag motor is based on their successful V2 platform with various updates to improve overall performance specifically for drag racing. It is a pure drag race motor optimised to work with the DRK 160 ESC. All motors are 100% hand built in the USA and feature an all new 13mm DRK Ultra High Torque Rotor. Available in 4.5T and 3.5T they feature a precise aligned sensor gap for super accurate reading and is assembled using all aluminium screws.

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