February 24, 2020

Juan Carlos Canas teams up with Maclan Racing

Maclan Racing have announced the signing of European 1/8th off-road frontrunner, Juan Carlos Canas to their factory team. The SWorkz factory driver will be using Maclan Racing electronics for his 2020 E-Buggy racing program that started at last weekend’s Spanish 1/8th E-Buggy nationals. Juan Carlos set a first mark by taking the TQ and wins in A1 and A2 for the overall victory and the best possible way to start with his new sponsor.

Source: Maclan Racing [maclan-racing.com]

January 27, 2020

Maclan Racing sign Robert Batlle

Maclan Racing have announced the signing of former IFMAR 1/8th Nitro Buggy World Champion, Robert Batlle to their factory racing team. Robert will be using Maclan electronics for his 2020 race program that will include all major European electric 1/8th scale events.

Source: Maclan Racing [maclan-racing.com]

January 14, 2020

Maclan Racing MMax 8 1/8th 200A competition ESC

Maclan Racing have introduced their new MMax 8 brushless speed controller for 1/8th scale applications. Developed from the ground up in cooperation with IFMAR World Champion, Jared Tebo, the ESC is of a heavy duty design, ensuring its hardware components meet the demands of high end competition racing while the software side of things enables the racer to take fully control of a multitude of parameters, ensuring the controller can be adjusted to all driving styles and track conditions. The MMax 8 utilises an all-aluminium case that ensures maximum heat dissipation and extreme durability. The 40mm HV turbo ESC fan provides that extra insurance to cool down the ESC in extreme ambient conditions. The super-switch-mode BEC is designed to handle true HV for all types of servos from 6V to 8.4V while the 32-bit micro processor allows for data processing at blistering speeds for improved throttle and brake control.

View lists of the features and specifications here

January 13, 2020

Maclan Racing MR8.3 1/8th scale brushless motor

Coming from Maclan Racing is their new MR8.3 electric brushless motor for 1/8th scale applications. The MR8.3 is 4.5mm shorter and up to 25g lighter than its predecessor with an all-new stator and rotor design offering a more linear and smoother power band along with higher efficiency for an overall lower power consumption. The motor also features an additional sensor port for easier wiring and it comes in the two kV options of 1900kV and 2100kV. For the best overall performance Maclan Racing recommends to use the motor with the soon to be releasing MMax 8 speed controller, however they are usable with all other sensored 1/8th scale brushless speed controllers too.

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December 10, 2019

Maclan Racing 2020 Graphene V3 LiPo batteries

Coming from Maclan Racing are their new 2020 Graphene V3 LiPo batteries. The series offers different dimension profiles for both on and off-road with new ULCG case design packs of 19.5mm height for competitive on-road racing and an all-new 20mm height shorty for off-road competitions. All packs offer improved cell formulas with better weight/capacity ratio over the previous versions and available will be standard packs of 8500mAh (25.1mm/318g), 6800mAh (22.5mm/270g) and 5500mAh (19.5mm/230g). As for the shorty packs, these come as 6100mAh (25.1mm/225g), 4500mAh (20mm/165g) and 4000mAh (18.5mm/155g) variants. All are built using high-performance LiHV cells for a lower internal resistance, further improved overall performance and even greater durability.

View the standard and shorty battery packs in comparison here

April 8, 2019

Yannic Prümper teams up with Maclan Racing

Maclan Racing have announced the signing of German electric on-road frontrunner, Yannic Prümper to their team. The former Worlds A-finalist and multiple ETS race winner joined Maclan Racing’s factory team over last weekend’s Spanish ETS round and he will be using the company’s power systems in his upcoming campaign. The Infinity driver has the following to say about the deal:

First I would like to thank Willie Chung and Max Sonnleitner to be part of the Maclan company. Already at the first test, I really felt that the Maclan Power System suits perfectly to me. I‘m looking forward to present the system in the future on national and international races.

Source: Maclan Racing [maclan-racing.com]

January 17, 2019

Maclan Racing Graphene V2 LiHV battery packs

Maclan Racing have introduced their new Race Formula Graphene V2 LiPo battery packs in the latest 2019 chemistry. Maclan took their 2018 design and pushed performance to the next level with lower internal resistance, stronger run-time voltages, and more usable capacity. The 7.6V LiHV batteries are built using 5mm connectors, they are 10C chargeable and are available in all popular configurations, including standard stock and shorty, for both on-road and off-road applications.

View the other new battery packs here

December 31, 2018

Jared Tebo signs with Maclan Racing

Maclan Racing have announced the signing of multiple ROAR and IFMAR title winner, Jared Tebo. The former long-time Team Orion driver undergoes pretty drastic sponsorship moves for the new season with the Maclan Racing deal being the first to becoming announced. Jared brings with him years of sustained success racing at the highest levels of RC, winning multiple ROAR and IFMAR titles in 1/10 scale competition. Maclan Racing has been developing products and establishing a strong regional presence over the past few years, and with the signing of Jared Tebo, is looking forward to showcasing their products at a national level. With several high profile races on the schedule this year including the Reedy Race of Champions, ROAR National Championship and IFMAR 1/10 World Championships, Maclan Racing is looking forward to powering Jared’s success in 2019 and beyond. Jared will be using the Maclan Racing MMAX Pro ESC, MRR V2M motor, LiHV Graphene battery, MR8.2 motor, and the forthcoming MMAX8 ESC in his 1/10 and 1/8 vehicles. Here what Jared has to say:

I’m extremely excited and happy to announce that I will be joining the Maclan Team for 2019 and 2020. I would like to thank Willie Chung for this great opportunity and Brandon Dyche for the great support already. Electronics are very important; the feel has to be correct, as that’s what connects your throttle finger to the track. I was really surprised by the performance during testing, the knowledge of the electronics and the determination Maclan has to produce top level products. I know that will translate into extra confidence in my driving and great results together. I will be using Maclan Motors, ESC’s and Batteries in both my 1/10 vehicles and 1/8 EP vehicles. I can’t wait to get 2019 going, my first major race with Maclan electronics will be the 2019 Reedy Off-Road Race of Champions. See you guys at the track!

Source: Maclan Racing [maclan-racing.com]