November 20, 2012

Motonica P81 RS3 1/8th chassis

Motonica have announced the release of their new P81 version RS3. The main new improvements include the new chassis plate, new rear shock absorber body and front shock absorbers shafts and a new servo saver Ackerman plate. The new chassis aims to increase grip and add more steering while the new shock absorbers body is longer, resulting in more traction and more steering of the car, while the new Ackerman helps offer smoother driving and more steering.

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April 20, 2012

Capricorn 1/8th reverse clutches & shock pistons

Capricorn introduce the reverse clutch design for 1/8th scale on-road chassis of Motonica, Serpent, Mugen and Shepherd. The sets include all needed parts for the conversion including a treated aluminium clutch bell. The clutch is also available as 1/10 scale compatible item for the Capricorn Lab C01 and C02. Also new are the 5 and 8 hole shock pistons for the use with 2000cst to 3000cst oil.

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February 27, 2012

Dario Balestri joins Motonica

Motonica recently added a load of talented drivers to their 2012 team line-up and now announce another great return in its team. Dario Balestri, World and Euro finalist, re-signed again with the Italian manufacturer. Dario will drive P81 RS 2 in the Italian championship and Euro A this year. Dario has the following to say:

I am very happy to be back racing with Motonica. With them I had the best satisfactions and I did my best races. Motonica is for me like the family where I’ve grown up for 4 years so this year I am more determined then ever to get the best results possible.

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February 25, 2012

Victor Gonzales joins Motonica

Motonica is pleased to welcome the 2011 Spanish national champion Victor Gonzales to their team. He will run the P81 RS2 in his 2012 campaign of the 1/8 scale nitro on-road Spanish champs and is joined by recently announced team mate Oscar Cabezas.

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February 24, 2012

Oscar Cabezas joins Motonica

Motonica announce that Oscar Cabezas is joining their team for the 2012 season. He will attend this year’s Spanish national championship as well as the Euro A with the P81 RS2 1/8 scale nitro on-road chassis. This is what Oscar has to say about the deal:

I am very happy to join Maurizio Ficcadenti once more as a driver in the Motonica team. I hope to get good results in this year’s Europe and Spain Championships.

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February 11, 2012

Robin D’Hondt re-signs for Motonica

Motonica have re-signed World & European Championship Finalist and 2009 Dutch and German Champion Robin D’Hondt to their factory team. Robin, who will be driving P81 RS2 in the Dutch National Championship and the Portugal Euro Championship this year, had this to say:

I am very happy to be joining Motonica for another 2 years. I have been very satisfied by the way the team works and the cooperation that I have with them and I would like to thank Maurizio Ficcadenti for this great opportunity.

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February 1, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 – Motonica

Italian firm Motonica have the prototype of their all new Celero X1 telemetry system on display. This unit, which mounts on to the radio plate of your car, weighs approximately 40 grams and features a temperature gauge, accelerometers and GPS unit and allow you to track the engine temperature, speed and lap times through bluetooth. The information is transmitted live to your iPhone, which uses a specially designed app, using bluetooth. The system is some time away from being completed but offers some interesting possibilities for drivers during test sessions.

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January 12, 2012

Motonica P8C 2 Extreme Classic chassis

Motonica P8C 2 Extreme Classic chassis

The follow up to the Motonica P8C, 2009 UISP Italian Champion, the P8C 2 Extreme is designed for the highest level of competition. Updates include a new ‘Multi Frame’ chassis with PHS bending control system and a new ‘Hi-Torque’ front suspension plate with 4 adjustment points. A new suspension plate rotating on spherical supports instead of elastomer discs gives the benefit of having more precise movements.  Other improvements include new fixing clamps for the body mount that soften the hopping of the car in the curves and new stronger versions of the front and rear hub mounts. Finally the 20T and 48T kevlar pulleys are now included in the kit.

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