May 31, 2022

T-Works ORCA titanium motor screws

For modern ORCA motors, T-Works have produced this titanium motor screw set. Replacing the standard steel screws that come with the motor, these new 64 titanium screws are lightweight and very strong and give that factory look to your motor. This set includes three long motor case and three short end cap screws

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June 22, 2021

Orca ONPC non-polarity capacitor

Orca have released their new ONPC non-polarity capacitor. Suitable for use in all categories, and all 1S & 2S ESC types from stock class to modified class, Orca’s ONPC is one of the smallest and lightest capacitors on the market now and balances size and performance together with high quality. With a size of 20.5mm x 16mm x 6.9mm and weighing just 7.4grams even with its aluminium case, it has a max voltage of 16V and a capacity of 1700uF.

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December 31, 2020

Marc Rheinard makes switch to ORCA

ORCA have announced the signing of 5-time IFMAR World Champion Marc Rheinard to their team. Marc will be joining other elite drivers like Jilles Groskamp, Naoto Matsukura and Akio Sobue to mention a few. Making the switch from long time sponsors Muchmore, Marc will be using the full series of ORCA products to power all his rides for 2021 and beyond and ORCA hopes they will be able to power him to many more wins. Rheinard has the following to say:

I would like to thank the whole ORCA Team to take me on board for 2021 and more! I’m motivated and ready to win many more races! When I tried the ORCA electronics, I was really happy about the feeling on the track, especially the brakes! Thanks again and we will meet at the track soon!

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October 20, 2020

ORCA Level board system

New from ORCA is their ‘Level board’ product, a system to ensure that your setup board is perfectly level. Your setup board is flat but if the surface it sits on isn’t your settings can be off. This set includes four adjustable legs that attach to each corner of the board using a steel set screw and using the included water level each leg can be individually adjusted to get the perfect level. The legs have an adjustment range of 10mm, while the clamp can be mounted on a setup board of up to 13mm thick. Supplied in their own foam lined case for easy and safe transport.

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October 15, 2020

ORCA BP1001 Blinky Pro stock ESC

The new ORCA Blinky Pro was developed with blinky stock class racing in mind and features all the necessary options to adjust the ESC to your liking, while remaining in blinky mode at all times. As expected it it doesn’t offer any boost or turbo timing options, but does have many useful adjustments such as braking, punch and general feel to help you get everything dialled in just right. The 100A current limit can handle motors down to 10.5T and a nice option is the ability to run with an RPM limit of 17,500rpm.

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August 17, 2020

Alexandre Duchet joins ORCA team

ORCA have announced the signing of French driver Alexandre Duchet to their team. The 2016/2017 ETS stock champion and 2017 EFRA European stock champion will use the full line-up of speedos, motors and batteries in his Xray rides. He had the following to say about the deal, “I’m very happy to sign with ORCA, the performance of the new combo and the new range of LiPo batteries are really good and so is the feeling. I hope that with this material I will have very good results and I thank the ORCA team for trusting me for the years to come.”

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February 18, 2020

ORCA sign Naoto Matsukura

ORCA have announced the signing of multi-time IFMAR World Champion, Naoto Matsukura to their team. Naoto joins his World caliber team members Akio Sobue and Jilles Groskamp and he will be powering his Infinity rides using ORCA electronics for the 2020 season starting at this week’s 2020 TITC race in Bangkok, Thailand.

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September 11, 2019

ORCA OE101 Slim stock racing brushless ESC

ORCA have announced the release of their new OE101 Slim stock racing brushless speed controller. Measuring 30.45×30.35×10.35mm and weighing in at 20.8g the controller is both compact and lightweight, making it ideal for all weight fanatics or when using the speedo in crowded chassis layouts. The controller is 2S LiPo compatible, it has a 10.5T motor limit and it is highly adjustable – including a new “Party Mode” – using ORCA’s optional programming box. Included with the controller comes a 25mm and a 30mm cooling fan, all black power wires, a small capacitor unit as well as an extension wire.

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