July 7, 2017

Radtec DB8 front driveshafts & X1 alloy camber bushings

Radtec have introduced new a set of spring steel double joint front driveshafts for the Yokomo BD8 as well as three sets of aluminium caster bushings for the Xray X1 formula car. Starting with the driveshafts, they are made of high-quality spring steel, come in 41.1mm configuration and with ground wheel axle seats for improved precision. Also included are blue C-blades. As for the X1 camber bushings, the orange anodised aluminium parts are available in 1-dot 1.5°/2.5°, 2-dot 1.0°/3.0° and unmarked 2.0° configuration with the alternative settings being accessible by rotating the inserts. Each set includes two inserts and all parts are available now.

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June 26, 2017

Radtec BD8 0 degree alloy C-hubs & 41.1mm drive shafts

Coming from Radtec and made for the Yokomo BD8 touring car are a 0 degree C-hub set and a pair of 41.1mm steel double joint drive shafts. Starting with the C-hubs, the parts are machined from high-quality aluminium and they are a direct fit on the ARS rear suspension. Due to using alloy over composite material the overall stiffness and stability is greatly improved which results in increased traction and better drivability on high-traction surfaces. The hubs come black anodised and with silver edge details for looks. Also new is a set of 41.1mm front Premium spring steel drive shafts. They are of a double joint design, use lightweight centre couplers and they are a direct replacement for the stock parts.

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May 24, 2017

Radtec kingpin & steering block tool

Coming from Radtec is a new kingpin and steering block tool that allows to perfectly align the kingpin threads in composite steering blocks. The tool utilises a specially designed tip with an M3 thread on the upper end while the plain lower part slides into the steering block’s lower kingpin hole, ensuring the thread is cut at a perfect angle. By rotating the steering block the opposite thread can be cut. On top of having the two holes aligned, which will eliminate unwanted misalignment and friction, the tapping will also ensure easier assembly of the steering knuckle and C-hub area. The tool uses a machined aluminium handle and a titanium-nitride coated tool tip and it will hit stores very soon.

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May 10, 2017

Radtec T4 Premium steel spool outdrives & C-blades

Radtec have introduced their newly designed Premium steel spool outdrives for the Xray T4 line of touring cars. Machined from high-quality spring steel and coming with a heat-treated surface for wear, the outdrives are of a dual design that allows to run the car with our without the included POM C-blades. Using the blades will make for a smoother overall feeling in corners and reduced wear while the direct design makes for a more aggressive feeling in corners on the expense of slightly increased parts wear.

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April 24, 2017

Radtec screw-type weights & damper spacers

Coming from Radtec are new screw-on touring car weights and 3x7mm damper spacers. Starting with the weights, the items are available as 15g, 10g and 5g variant all of which feature an M3 thread for easy installation on touring and pan car chassis as well as in off-road buggies. The 15g weight measures 28.5x16mm, the 10g weight measures 19.5x16mm and the 5g weight measures 10.3x16mm with the compact dimensions and low height allowing to use the brass pieces even in tight surroundings or stacked for an even greater weight gain. The weights are made from high-quality brass material, they come laser-etched for easy identification and in sets of two.

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July 22, 2016

Radtec X1 low-friction suspension ball & kingpin set

Radtec X1 low-friction suspension ball & kingpin set

Radtec have introduced a new set of hard-coated aluminium suspension balls and titanium-coated kingpins for the Xray X1 formula car. The set includes eight aluminium suspension balls that lower the car’s weight while the hard-coating makes for a smooth and durable surface. The titanium-coated stainless steel kingpins add to the assembly by providing a smooth, low-friction surface, further upping overall suspension performance.

Source: Radtec [radtec-rc.com]

July 17, 2016

Radtec T4 & BD7-2016 progressive shock system

Radtec T4 & BD7-2016 progressive shock system

Radtec have introduced the progressive shock system sets for the Xray T4 and Yokomo B7-2016. Making use of a common design the sets include 7075-T6 aluminium inserts for the shock bodies as well as plain pistons made from POM material. The part’s design makes for a progressive damping feeling which can be beneficial especially on outdoor asphalt tracks with specific sets being available for the Xray and Yokomo cars.

Source: Radtec [radtec-rc.com]

April 28, 2016

Radtec T4’16 aluminium main chassis plate

Radtec T4'16 aluminium main chassis plate

Available from May is Radtec’s new aluminium main chassis for the Xray T4’16. Featuring a very common design with herringbone-shaped cut-outs under the battery and electronics compartments the symmetrical chassis is machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and it comes black anodised and with silver edge details. As with all alloy chassis it is intended for the use on high-bite tracks as it offers less torsional flex than a carbon fibre chassis, making the car easier to drive.

Source: Radtec [radtec-rc.com]