August 7, 2019

Factory Pro RC 117T & 169T low-friction belts

Factory Pro RC have introduced their new low-friction 117T and 169T drive belts. The 117T variant is usable for mid-motor cars such as the ARC R11 Mid, the Awesomatix A800X MMCX, the Rebellion-RC mid-motor conversions or the Zero Tribe Mid conversion kits while the 169T variant is specific to the standard ARC R11 touring car. The white belts greatly reduce natural drivetrain drag for improved efficiency, acceleration and top speed especially in stock racing classes.

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July 19, 2019

Rebellion-RC mid motor conversion kits – Coming soon

Rebellion-RC have released more teaser images of their forthcoming mid motor conversion kits for the Xray T4, Yokomo BD9 and BD8 as well as the Team Associated TC7.2. The kits centre around the patent pending sliding motor mount design that allows gear mesh adjustment through the chassis bottom, with the narrow design of the whole assembly ensuring the overall motor and battery width remains the same as in the standard cars, creating a very centralised weight distribution and less unwanted chassis roll compared to current mid motor conversions. In addition the design makes for an ultra low centre of gravity while allowing integrated flex settings. The sliding design also ensures a very wide gear mesh adjustment range, fitting up to 48T pinion and 114T main gears, making the conversion ideal for both stock and modified racing alike. Other features include a highest quality PA12 material 3-D-printed diff pulley that is precision CNC-milled for a perfect finish, a precision-machined stainless steel main shaft as well as the possibility to combine all three aluminium colour options of black, orange and natural with Rebellion-RC’s full range of carbon fibre twill colours. Not to be forgotten is a floating motor fan mount that attaches to the motor mount and that ensures lower motor temperatures while not disturbing natural chassis flex. Included with the kits, that are completely made in Austria, also come high-quality Bando Kevlar belts as well as all needed screws and bearings. The conversions are available for pre-order now and they will become available by August 1st.

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June 24, 2019

Rebellion-RC release new mid-motor conversion teasers

Rebellion-RC have released more information on their forthcoming mid-motor conversion kits for cars such as the Xray T4, Yokomo BD9 and BD8 as well as the Team Associated TC7.2. According to Rebellion-RC the kits, project name “Holy Grail”, will do away with the shortcomings of current mid-motor conversions, such as wider overall electronics layouts – especially offset battery positions – or raised drivetrains compared to rear motor cars; all of which having negative effects on the overall performance and thus detracting the positive influences of the mid-motor design. First prototype tests have shown very promising results with Rebellion-RC’s Xray and Team Associated testbeds all being quicker than their standard counterparts. The conversion kits will retain the battery position, electronics layout/chassis width of the standard cars, they will include a patented design motor mount and are usable with up to 48T pinion gears and 114T main gears, making them usable for both Stock and Modified classes. The first kits for Xray, Yokomo and Team Associated cars will become available by the end of July with conversion kits for all of the other current electric touring cars coming quickly after.

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June 5, 2019

Rebellion-RC X1’19 multi-wheelbase chassis kit

Coming from RC-Carbonstore’s Rebellion-RC brand is a new version of their Xray X1’19 multi-wheelbase chassis kit. The chassis offers 0, +3.3, +6.6 and +9.9mm wheelbase options with the additional body post mount also being 9.9mm further forward. The chassis features reinforcements around the wheelbase adjustment holes for greater durability as well as Rebellion-RC’s signature silicone dots in the battery compartment for tweak-free battery mounting. The new version of the chassis kit includes the upper optional swing arm mounts whose design allows to additionally brace the single steering bellcrank for improved steering precision and upped overall durability. The 2.5mm chassis is available in a multitude of weave colours including red/orange, gold, silver and many more.

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May 15, 2019

Rebellion-RC SF4 aluminium centre pivot plate

Coming from RC-Carbonstore’s Rebellion-RC brand is an aluminium centre pivot plate for the Serpent SF4 formula pan car. Machined from high-quality aluminium for a low weight and exceptional durability the black anodised plate is a direct replacement for the standard part that can crack or break in heavy hits. The black anodised surface makes for cool factory looks while offering added surface protection.

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May 14, 2019

Rebellion-RC SF4 carbon fibre optionals

RC-Carbonstore have introduced their new Rebellion-RC carbon fibre and aluminium optionals for the Serpent SF4 formula car. First up is the symmetrical main chassis plate that ensures equal left-to-right flex characteristics. Also new is an upper deck with the MST multi sidetone position feature that allows to shift the side tubes forth and back to fine-tune their damping action. Next up are carbon fibre side plates with 2mm higher cutouts and spacer plates for raised side bearing positions – again an option to fine-tune the car’s geometry. Also new is a wing holder option for an up to 20mm forward-shifted wing position, optimising the car’s aerodynamics and weight bias. Last but not least come front swing arms in -7.5mm (SF3 standard), -5mm, -2.5mm, 0mm (SF4 standard) and +2.5mm offset to adjust the front track width as well as the Xray gear diff conversion whose redesigned Wing-to-Chassis mount makes way for the wide gear diff assembly. As usual with Rebellion-RC all carbon fibre parts are available in a large variety of carbon fibre weave colours in order to personalise your ride.

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May 2, 2019

Rebellion-RC Roche F1 Evo carbon fibre optionals

RC-Carbonstore have introduced new Rebellion-RC carbon fibre optionals for the Roche F1 Evo formula pan car kit. First up is an updated main chassis plate that offers milled holes for the battery front stop as well as seven pockets for Rebellion-RC’s signature rubber battery cushions. The latter ensure near tweak-free battery placement for a more natural chassis flex. The chassis is available in several wheelbase options. Other new parts include the rear brace with multiple side tube options to allow to fine-tune roll characteristics, as well as upper and lower front arms in various track width variants, an upper deck stiffener, rear pod plates and many more. The items are available separately or as a complete chassis conversion kit. Also available is the popular WTC wing-to-chassis mount that attaches the rear wing to the main chassis plate. The parts come in your choice of twelve different carbon fibre weaves and colours.

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April 8, 2019

Rebellion-RC X1 offset lower front arms

Coming from RC-Carbonstore’s Rebellion-RC brand are new lower Xray X1 front arms in a variety of off-sets. The redesigned arms have the unused wide track width holes removed with an optimised shape ensuring higher stability. The arms are available in +0, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6, +8, and+10mm specification with the actual setting engraved for easy identification. As with all Rebellion-RC parts the arms feature chamfered 0.2 x 45 degrees edges on the lower side and they are available in twelve different carbon weave colours.

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