March 27, 2019

Rebellion-RC IF11 WTC wing-to-chassis mount

New for the Infinity IF11 formula pan cars is the WTC wing-to-chassis mount from RC-Carbonstore’s Rebellion-RC brand. The carbon fibre and aluminium assembly will ensure increased rear end grip, better handling, improved stability on bumpy tracks and more predictable cornering. The mount moves the rear wing mount from the power pod to the centre chassis area, reducing unsprung weight. The design ensures only 20g of added weight and it offers three mounting positions for the side tubes. The system is also usable with the popular Xray gear differential.

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March 21, 2019

Rebellion-RC IF11 Option parts

New from Rebellion RC comes several option parts for Infinity IF11 formula chassis. The new parts include harder front swing arms with several offsets (+2/+3/+4/+5/+6/+8/+10mm total width), with the offset engraved into the parts, the extra stiffness providing additional stability. A new rear wing mount design allows the wing to be fitted in front of the holder for more steering while retaining rear end stability. A chassis with 4 silicone-dots under the battery helps improve flex-characteristics and anti-slide effect to the battery, with a battery backstop for fine adjusting the battery position completing the releases. All parts are available in 12 different colours of carbon.

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March 18, 2019

Rebellion-RC WTC Mount for X1

More from RC-Carbonstore’s Rebellion-RC brand for the Xray X1 formula chassis is this WTC Mount. This new upgrade allows the user to mount the rear wing in front of the holder, giving the possibility to set the wing much further forward which in turn leads to more front traction while retaining rear stability. The mount also gives you the option to fix the rear wing directly to the chassis, which leads to much more rear grip and better handling due to the reduction in vibrations from the wing transferred to the rear pod.

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February 8, 2019

Rebellion-RC X1 multi wheelbase rear pod kit

Coming from RC-Carbonstore’s Rebellion-RC brand is a new multi wheelbase rear pod set for the Xray X1 formula kits. The set allows to enlarge the wheelbase by 2.5mm or 5.0mm, shifting the car’s weight bias further towards the front which can lead to improved steering characteristics. In addition the lever-moment of the centre shock gets longer, leading to softer damping and better absorption of curbs and bumps. Several side tube positions allow to fine-tune the cornering characteristics and the set, machined from high-quality carbon fibre also includes longer WTC mount side plates. The rear pod kit comes for the 2015 to 2019 variants of the X1 and it is available in a total of twelve carbon weave colours.

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February 7, 2019

Rebellion-RC T4 low profile conversion kit

Coming from RC-Carbonstore’s Rebellion-RC brand is a low profile conversion kit for the Xray T4 touring car. The set allows for a somewhat radical shock conversion that places the dampers 5mm lower compared to the standard setting for an overall lower centre of gravity. In addition the updated geometry optimises overall damping for higher corner speeds, less traction rolling in high-grip conditions and a more linear shock action. The set, that fits the 2017 to 2019 variants of the T4, contains all needed parts, including shock towers, lower arm extensions and machined original T4 arms. As usual with Rebellion-RC’s carbon fibre optionals, the set is available in twelve different carbon fibre weave colours and all parts, as well as the machined arms, are also available separately for spares or repair.

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February 6, 2019

Rebellion-RC X1 optional arm mount plates

RC-Carbonstore have introduced new Rebellion-RC arm mount plates for the Xray X1 formula car. Designed especially for the multi-wheelbase chassis the optional plates provide more precise steering and more overall front side bite also when used with the original chassis. As usual the precision-machined and available in a variety of colours. Included with the plates comes an orange anodised alloy post to couple the steering bellcrank and the upper arm mount plates.

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December 20, 2018

Rebellion-RC X1 V2 multi-wheelbase chassis

Coming from RC-Carbonstore’s Rebellion-RC brand is a new V2 carbon fibre multi-wheelbase chassis for the Xray X1 series of formula cars. The chassis allows for four different wheelbase settings with standard 0mm, and additional +3.3mm, +6.6mm, and +9.9mm options available. In the 0mm original wheelbase setting the front wing sits an additional 5mm towards the front, meaning the +9mm setup has the wing 4.9mm closer to the front wheels. This allows for a much wider setup window in terms of weight distribution with the +9.9mm setup offering the same corner speed as the original wheelbase with improved overall stability as the team found out during the recent round of the Mibosport Cup. Included in the set are also the sidelink mounts, the upper deck brace as well as the body mount. The chassis is usable for the 2015 to 2019 variants of the X1 and it is available in more than ten different colour weaves. The V2 variant, a running change to the original design offers a wider front end section around the rear A-arm mounting area for even greater durability.

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December 13, 2018

Rebellion-RC X1 gear differential alloy cover

New from RC-Carbonstore’s Rebellion-RC brand is an aluminium cover for Xray’s pan car gear differential. The precision-machined part will improve the case sealing while adding stability for the right hand outdrive due to adding a ball race and an O-ring. The cover is usable for all variants of the diff, including X1, X10 and X12 pan cars and it is available in natural silver colour and also black anodised.

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