December 10, 2012

PSM S-Workz S350 shock towers

Similar to those released last week, PSM Racing have produced two new shock towers for the S-Workz S350. Made from high quality 4mm carbon fibre there is one new rear one new front shock tower. Both front and rear towers feature additional mounting holes for the top of the shock absorbers and weigh in at only 16.2 grams and 21.5 grams respectively.

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November 17, 2012

S-ePower Electrical Switch

The S-ePower Electrical Switch is an electronic on/off switch with build-in LiPo battery low-voltage cut off to protect receiver batteries from damage. It features an integrated battery indicator, large power switch and dimensions of 39.2×17.5×9.5mm and weights 11g. The switch is useable in a voltage range of 5V to 10V and is able to handle a peak current of 14A. Designed by Japanese company KO Propo it is a direct for the S-Workz S350 PSP radio tray and also fits many other vehicles.

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October 30, 2012

SWorkz Falcon body shell

S-Workz have announced that their new Falcon body shell is now available. It features a cab forward design that gives greater stability and faster cornering speeds than the original shell and its new design gives your S350 a new totally new feel and aggressive look.

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October 3, 2012

S-Workz S350 Series power steering package

The latest S-Workz S350 Series power steering package is designed not only for better weight balance but also to improve the speed and free movement of the BK1 steering system. The set includes a new radio tray, new front lower arms and also a newly designed steering plate with carbon plates for the steering blocks. Along with the optional Falcone body shell, your BK1 will be going to next level.

View more images of the system here

August 9, 2012

T-Work’s S350 BK1/BE1 aluminium options

T-Work’s introduce these lightweight aluminium option parts for the S-Workz S350 BK1 and BE1 buggy kits. Available are front and rear wheel axles shafts, joint cups, upper shock mounts and several shock mount and anti-roll bar pivot balls. All parts are made from 7075-T6 aluminium and come hard anodised in a dark olive colour.

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July 21, 2012

S-Power S5 .21 Pro engine

The S-Power S5 .21 Pro engine is the latest engine line up from SWorkz produced in Japan. Developed to have the performance of the S-Power S7 but at a lower price, its popular 3 port design delivers both torque and top speed. The S5 also comes standard with a 7.5mm carburetor venturi, a turbo head, black coated crankcase and a balanced crankshaft. Its lightened Blue engine heat sink sports a Dragon logo to mark the year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar.

View the engine internals here

July 11, 2012

S-Workz S350 BE1 conversion kit

S-Workz have been in touch to tell us that their S350 BE1 conversion kit is now available. The set allows you to convert your gas powered BK1 1/8th scale buggy into the brushless BE1 and comes complete with everything you need, minus electronics, such as new chassis, battery mounts, body shell etc.

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July 9, 2012

S-Workz S-ePower Li-Ion receiver pack

S-Workz have released this S-ePower Li-Ion 7.4v receiver pack made in Japan by Sanyo. The Li-Ion is one of the best types of Lithium batteries and is super stable and can take a large amount of charging cycles. At just 68 grams it is a perfect way to reduce weight in your S350 BK1 or other 1/8th scale buggy.

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