February 5, 2011

Toy Fair 2011 – S-Workz

S-Workz S350 BK1 pro spec buggy

S-Workz, a new company who we have covered in the past is displaying their all new S350 BK1 1/8th scale buggy and it looks very nice. Looking fully optional, the pro spec buggy is a mixture of carbon and red anodised aluminium, with the shock towers made from 7075 aluminium. The chassis is also anodised and features a 10 degree rear kick up and with a front bumper with integrated front chassis protector. The engine is mounted at a 6 degree angle for bringing the weight closer to the centre line and the lower suspension brackets are all aluminium with the exception of rear most bracket.

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January 11, 2011

S-Workz S350 BK-1 Pro kit – Update

S-Workz S350 BK-1 Pro kit - Update

Having brought you details and CAD images of the new S-Workz S350 BK1 Pro kit buggy, the company have released this first photo of the car. We have also been told that the car will be shown in full for the first time at next month’s toy fair in Nuremberg.

Source: S-Workz [sworkz.com]

December 1, 2010

S-Workz S350 BK-1 Pro kit

S-Workz S350 BK-1 Pro kit

Having released tentative information on their new S350 Bk1 buggy, S-Workz have now given us the full lowdown on their new chassis. This Pro Kit comes fully loaded with S-Workz Factory Team optional parts that add strength and performance. The design team put a lot of effort into the weight distribution of the S350 BK1 and this contributes a greatly to the car performance and general car setup. Equipped with Big Bore Shocks and oil filled differentials, the S350 delivers good traction and great balance on any off road tracks, while the pivot ball steering system gives the driver a good feel while driving the S350 BK1. The Standard set up is a very easy and good start for any drivers. A fairly standard car configuration the only real stand out feature is the dust protection system on all 4 wheels.

View more CAD images here

November 26, 2010

S-Workz S350 BK-1 buggy

S-Workz S350 BK-1 buggy

New Taiwanese company S-Workz have released the first CAD images of their new 1/8th off road buggy, the S350 BK-1. The company have released no further information on the new buggy, but we can expect to get more details and images in the near future.

View another CAD image here