August 26, 2011

S-Workz SST tool series

S-Workz SST tool series

S-Workz have introduced their new SST tool series. Featuring high quality hardened tips and a lightweight ergonomic handle for ease of use, they come in a wide range of sizes. Hex wrenches come in 1.5mm to 2.5mm, with the 2.0mm & 2.5mm also available in ball versions. There is also a flat head screwdriver, a 4.0mm & 6.0mm Philips driver, a 5.5mm & 7.0mm socket driver as well as a spring/caster clip hook tool.

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August 22, 2011

S-Workz Racing trolley bag

S-Workz Racing trolley

S-Workz have introduced the first in their new line of S-Line RC Professional accessories with the release of the racing trolley bag. Featuring 3 corrugated plastic drawers, the size is perfect for 1/8th scale buggy and smaller. The back comes in red with S-Workz branding and features a telescopic handle with 2 ball race rubber wheels for easy transport.

View another image of the bag here

July 12, 2011

S-Workz TB-1 & EFRA 2089 pipes

S-Workz TB-1 & EFRA 2089 pipes

S-Workz have developed two new pipe system for use with their engines and other 3 port motors. The TB-1 series is designed for high performance and low cost and features a patented exhaust stinger system. Sold with 3 different interchangeable stingers, the original 8mm version is silver, the red version is 7.5mm and the blue is 7mm. S-Workz also have their EFRA 2089 pipe, which is hand made in Japan and gives lots of torque.

View the 2089 pipe here

June 13, 2011

S-Workz BB80 offroad starter box

S-Workz BB80 offroad starter box

S-Workz have released their new BB80 offroad starter box. Featuring a strong, lightweight construction it can be powered by 1-4pc 6-cell 7.2v batteries or a 12V 7A lead acid pack. The starter wheel is driven a single high torque 775 motor, which is run through a drive reduction gearbox, and the box itself is supplied with easily adjustable mounting brackets to allow you to align a wide range of buggies and truggies.

View more images of the box here

April 1, 2011

S-Power S3 & S7 .21 buggy engines

S-Power S3 & S7 .21 buggy engines

S-Power, the new series of engines from S-Workz have announced two new 3 port engines, the S3 and S7, which claim to give great power delivery and lower fuel consumption than those currently on the market. The top of the line S3 features a DLC coated balanced crankshaft, comes with high quality ceramics ball bearings and features an easy to tune 3 needle carburetor.

View internal engine images here

February 5, 2011

Toy Fair 2011 – S-Workz

S-Workz S350 BK1 pro spec buggy

S-Workz, a new company who we have covered in the past is displaying their all new S350 BK1 1/8th scale buggy and it looks very nice. Looking fully optional, the pro spec buggy is a mixture of carbon and red anodised aluminium, with the shock towers made from 7075 aluminium. The chassis is also anodised and features a 10 degree rear kick up and with a front bumper with integrated front chassis protector. The engine is mounted at a 6 degree angle for bringing the weight closer to the centre line and the lower suspension brackets are all aluminium with the exception of rear most bracket.

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January 11, 2011

S-Workz S350 BK-1 Pro kit – Update

S-Workz S350 BK-1 Pro kit - Update

Having brought you details and CAD images of the new S-Workz S350 BK1 Pro kit buggy, the company have released this first photo of the car. We have also been told that the car will be shown in full for the first time at next month’s toy fair in Nuremberg.

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