June 12, 2018

VCD introduce new 1/12th alloy chassis

Vantomme Carbon Designs have introduced their new aluminium chassis for the CRC XTi WC and SpeedMerchand Rev8 and Rev8.5 1/12th scale pan cars. The chassis is available in a standard and floating link variant with the two being usable for the CRC car while the floating link main plate can also be used on the SpeedMerchant Rev8 and 8.5. The chassis are a couple of millimetres shorter than the original part and wider in the front compared to the stock CRC main plate, while offering three servo and three transverse battery positions. VCD also offers specifically designed rear lower pod plates both cars that are usable with either version of the chassis.

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April 25, 2018

Speedmerchant World GT5-R 1/10th pan car kit

Coming soon from Speedmerchant is their new World GT5-R 200mm rubber tyre World GT pan car kit. Based off of the GT4-R and borrowing heavily from the RoadKill 10 Carpet, the vehicle makes use of Speedmerchant’s proven front end design while the chassis is of a new “bottle” shape that gets narrower in the battery area while angled side links replace the previously straight-mounted items. The result is an easier to drive car that has more steering and corner speed while reaching edginess and traction roll.

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March 2, 2018

Speedmerchant New School reactive frontend kit

Coming from Speedmerchant is the New School reactive frontend kit tailored to high traction black carpet racing. The kit comes with the new 3-D-printed suspension blocks that the team have been testing for the past season with great results. The revised suspension geometry shines on the high traction black carpet found throughout the U.S. and the kits include everything needed to replace the upper arms on Speedmerchant’s regular New School suspension. This way, drivers have both complete set-ups, and can swap out the solid to the new reactive upper arms in no time at all. The conversion works on both 12th and World GT-R cars as the overall feel is a little less touchy, easier to drive on centre, less tippy, and more steering in the middle/out of a turn. The team guys still prefer to run the stock New School suspension on their RoadKills, because of its more aggressive nature and the way it attacks a corner. The standard New School is also a little better on the less tacky grey Ozite floor.

Source: Speedmerchant [teamspeedmerchant.com]

December 4, 2017

SpeedMerchant RoadKill Carpet 1/10th 235mm kit

Coming from SpeedMerchant is the RoadKill Carpet Competition 1/10th 235mm Pro10 pan car kit. The car was specially designed for carpet racing and it features the original link and spring Speed-Tune racing suspension, the exclusive SpeedMerchant New School front suspension and it is constructed from aero space grade carbon fibre components. Other features include stainless steel hardware throughout, it comes with black anodised aluminium steering blocks, titanium front axles, as well as a Team IRS large D-ring Pro axle and differential set.

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November 13, 2017

Speedmerchant Rev 8.5 1/12th scale pan car kit

Following a first teaser Speedmerchant have released the features list of their new Rev 8.5 1/12th pan car kit. The carbon fibre chassis allows to run three different battery positions including inline, a front or rear transverse positions and all carbon parts are made of aerospace-grade fibre material. The construction furthermore allows to adjust the roll centre and “rear steer” to fine-tune the car to different track conditions. Other features include the original link and spring Speed-Tune racing suspension, exclusive Speedmerchant laser-inscribed damper tubes and a Team IRS large black anodised D-ring Pro axle and differential set. The car also utilises low CG black-anodised laser-inscribed aluminium pod plates, the HPS2 hard-coated Super shock, the exclusive Speedmerchant New School front suspension and black anodised laser-inscribed front suspension mounts and steering blocks. The kit is rounded out by titanium front axles, servo mounts with hardware, Speedmerchant logo side links and Speedmerchant centre pivot socket. Speedmerchant will also have a conversion kit for the Rev.8 available that contains the complete tweak/top plate/damper tube/battery holder assemblies to update the older spec Rev.8 kits.

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November 3, 2017

Speedmerchant Rev 8.5 1/12th pan car kit – Coming soon

Speedmerchant have released a first teaser image of their forthcoming Rev 8.5 1/12th scale pan car kit. The car was developed with the goal on making it easier and smoother to drive on the high-grip black carpet, while still offering exceptional performance on gray/European-style floor. No official details on specifications and features have been released yet but we bring you all updates as they become available.

Source: Speedmerchant [teamspeedmerchant.com]

March 23, 2017

SpeedMerchant Swift 235 side dams & wing set

SpeedMerchant have new side dams and wing sets for Protoform’s Swift 235 Pro10 bodyshell available. Coming as carbon fibre or clear polycarbonate variant, the aerodynamic helpers will give the car much more rear grip than the stock pieces. The side dams are used for both indoor carpet racing as well as outdoors on asphalt. They make the car more predictable by helping it track straighter and hold its line better in high speed corners. Suited mainly for high speed asphalt racing, the rear wing is contoured to the back of the body so all of the air travelling over the shell is forced directly on to and over the rear wing for maximum down force. The 30 thousandths carbon fibre also has the benefit of making the rear of the Swift body more ridged and less likely to distort under the air pressure of high speed modified asphalt racing.

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June 2, 2016

McFactory Type L 1/12th scale conversion kits

McFactory Type L 1/12th scale conversion kits

McFactory have introduced their all new Type L 1/12th scale conversion kits. The “L” is in honour of National Champion Donny Lia, who was instrumental in the development of this new car. The kits were designed for the new high-bite black CRC carpet and feature inverted sidelink mounts to allow for a narrower chassis that in turn makes for more undisturbed chassis roll on the high-grip carpet without dragging while also moving weight closer to the centre of the car. Also included are raised front carbon bumpers that remove nose weight and solve the dragging issues everyone has on the new carpet. Finally a recessed tape slot in the centre does away with the battery tape getting cut or caught. The Type “L” conversion will be made for the CRC, Team Associated, Serpent, TOP, SpeedMerchant, Roche, and Xray cars with the later will also come with the rear pod moved 2mm towards the diff and a new top plate. Another cool option is the ORCA shock mount with the speedo screwing into the chassis and an upper heatsink carbon fibre brace acting as shock mount. Non Orca kits will utilise the standard shock mounts from whatever chassis is converted.

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