June 25, 2018

Xpress Execute XQ1 steering Ackermann plates

Coming from Xpress and made for the Execute XQ1 and XQ1S touring car are new optional steering Ackermann plates. Machined from high-quality carbon fibre the plates are available in the three different options stock, 1 dot and 2 dot with the latter two reducing the steering Ackermann effect to adjust the steering feeling to different traction levels. The 1 and 2 dot plates come as a complete set and they are best used in high-grip conditions as they provide improved stability on turn-in and during cornering. In addition the standard geometry arms are available in a special option version that provides improved overall rigidity for a sharper steering response. The Ackermann plates require the use of 2mm bumpsteer spacers in order to recreate the standard steering geometry.

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June 21, 2018

Yeah Racing Execute XQ1S carbon fibre upgrades

Yeah Racing have introduced a line of carbon fibre upgrade parts for the Xpress Execute XQ1S touring car. Available now are a 2.25mm carbon fibre chassis, a 2.0mm topdeck, 3mm floating servo mount upper plate, 3mm front and rear shock towers as well as a 2.25mm bumper plate. All parts are direct replacements for the standard fibreglass items and they were designed to improve overall rigidity and precision when running in medium to high-bite racing conditions or when seeking an overall lower weight.

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June 5, 2018

Xpress XQ1S anti-roll bar set

Coming from Xpress and made for their Execute XQ1S club-level touring car is a complete anti-roll bar kit. The set includes all available swaybar wires and also suitable mounting hardware to make it a drop fit on both the front and rear axle of the car. Using the anti-roll bars helps in a variety of conditions, from low to high grip, as they reduce body roll and thus take away some steering while also improving traction at the same time.

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May 3, 2018

Xpress Xpresso K1 & M1 alloy fan mount

Xpress have introduced a new aluminium fan mount for the Xpresso K1 and M1 kits. The item is machined from high-quality aluminium and comes black anodised for looks and wear. The mount attaches to the motor mount brace and takes an optional 30mm fan unit that helps to cool the motor when using low turn machines or when running in high ambient temperatures.

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April 27, 2018

Xpress Execute XQ1 camber link stiffener set

Coming from Xpress and made for the Execute XQ1 touring car is a camber link stiffener set. By changing the front upper links to a triangular system, the C-hub is stiffened which provides a more predictable handling especially on high grip tracks. The set is a direct fit and includes all necessary hardware.

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April 26, 2018

Xpress XQ1 XOC On-power Control System

Xpress have introduced their new XOC Xpress On-power Control System for the XQ1 touring car. The set allows to quickly change between static and dynamic rear toe-in by removing the connecting links and installing included spacers underneath the rear alloy hubs. Included in the set are also hard compound rear arms, carbon fibre knuckle arms as well as alloy and steel hardware.

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April 20, 2018

Xpress Execute XQ1 carbon upper bumper plate

Xpress have introduced a carbon fibre bumper support plate for the Execute XQ1 and the forthcoming XQ1S touring car. The part is machined from high-quality cabin fibre and it is a direct replacement for the standard moulded composite item. Included beside the upper plate are also suitable bushings and mounting hardware.

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April 18, 2018

Xpress 4.5mm & 4.25mm aluminium hex adapters

Xpress have introduced their new 4.5mm and 4.25mm offset aluminium wheel hex adapters for the Execute XQ1 touring car. The 12mm adapters are machined from aluminium, they come black anodised for looks and laser-etched for easy identification. The different offsets help to fine-tune the front and rear track width and the adapters, that come as pairs, are usable on Xpress’ own XQ1 and also other brand’s kits such as the Xray T4.

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