November 13, 2018

Xpress XQ1S & XM1S alloy layshaft bulkhead

Xpress have introduced their new aluminium layshaft bulkhead for the Execute XQ1S and XM1S on-road kits. The part replaces the standard items for alloy pieces to increase rigidity when opting to run higher power motors. The alloy bulkheads will ensure the layshaft stays straight under hard acceleration and braking. The set includes two red anodised alloy bulkheads that are a direct replacement.

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November 5, 2018

Xpress multi-functional parts tray

Xpress have introduced their new multi-functional parts tray. Constructed from black and red anodised aluminium as well as high-quality carbon fibre the tray offers four pockets for small parts as well as two larger openings to hold differentials during building, setup and maintenance.  Also included are 2mm, 4mm and 5mm sections to hold banana-style connectors during soldering.

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October 30, 2018

Xpress Execute XM1S vertical top deck conversion

Coming soon from Xpress is a vertical top deck conversion for the Execute XM1S M-class touring car. The conversion does away with the standard top deck for a construction that allows to adjust lateral flex by adding or removing posts but at the same time the design greatly reduced the car or becoming tweaked in the event of a crash, for more predictable handling in all conditions. In addition the set includes a front belt tensioner that prevents the belt from skipping. The set will hit stores soon.

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October 3, 2018

Xpress Execute XQ1 vertical top deck set

Coming from Xpress and made foe the Execute XQ1 and XQ1S kits is a vertical top deck set. The multi-piece top deck was designed to replace the standard top deck with a construction that will increase both forward traction and side bite in low to medium grip track conditions. Several flex features allow to adjust lateral grip by adding or removing centre stiffeners while the design also allows to connect the top deck with the motor mount stiffener post. The set includes all needed parts to perform the conversion.

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October 2, 2018

Xpress XM1S carbon fibre option parts

Xpress have released new carbon fibre option parts for their XM1S M-class 4WD touring car. Available are a 2.25mm bottom chassis plate, a 2.0mm upper deck, as well as 3.0mm front and rear shock towers. All are machined from high-quality graphite material and they are made as a direct replacement for the standard FRP parts. Using the carbon items will greatly improve rigidity and precision as they reduce overall flex in the chassis and suspension area, resulting in more consistent handling especially in high-bite track conditions.

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September 28, 2018

Xpress Execute XM1 graphite front tower w/body posts

Made for Xpress’ new Execute XM1 M-sized 1/10th on-road kit is an optional carbon fibre front shock tower with body post holder that allows to use body shells with short front overhang. Machined from 3.0mm carbon fibre the shock stay offers mounting positions for the included body posts that are necessary for bodies such as a Mini Cooper as the standard, bumper-mounted posts extent too far from the chassis. The set includes the front shock tower and a pair of body posts.

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September 28, 2018

Yeah Racing XM1S titanium turnbuckle set

Coming from Yeah Racing and made for the Xpress XM1S M-class on-road car is a titanium turnbuckle set. The links are made from quality 64 grade titanium and designed to replace the standard steel turnbuckle to offer a lower weight and add visual impact. The set includes seven turnbuckles for the camber, steering and servo links.

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September 24, 2018

Xpress Execute XQ1/XM1 anti-tweak battery mount

Designed for the Execute XQ1 and XM1 cars is Xpress’ new anti-tweak battery mount. The multi-piece carbon fibre and alloy construction does away with the need to use reinforced tape in favour of either two carbon fibre hold downs or hook and loop straps. The results are faster battery swaps, improved reliability and also nearly zero tweak issues compared to using tape. The system is usable for all Execute series cars.

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