November 2, 2019

Xpress GT Competition pre-glued wheel sets

Xpress have introduced their new GT Competition pre-glued wheel sets featuring 36X or 40X tyres and white multi-spoke rims. The wheels use standard 12mm wheel hexes and 0mm offset, making them suitable for nearly all 1/10th on-road touring car chassis with the multi-spoke rim design enhancing the overall looks especially in GT and FWD classes while the 36X and 40X rubber tyres ensure exceptional traction, making the pre-glued wheels a good hand-out or control tyre.

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November 1, 2019

Xpress introduce new XQ1 suspension parts

Coming from Xpress are new suspension parts for their XQ1 series of touring cars. Originally introduced with the FT1 FWD kit, these parts will also fit the XQ1 4WD series with the beefed-up lower arms offering higher corner speeds and durability. Also available are redesigned C-hubs and rear uprights with the C-hubs offering improved steering response and the rear uprights increasing overall traction. To make the parts work they need to be combined with 3.0mm outer suspension shafts.

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October 18, 2019

Xpress Execute FT1 1/10 FWD touring car kit

Following a couple of teasers on social media Xpress have finally fully unveiled their all-new Execute FT1 1/10th scale competition FWD touring car kit. The car utilises a carbon fibre double deck chassis design, front and rear carbon fibre shock towers and a belt-driven drivetrain as it has become a standard recently. A XQ1-type gear differential ensures exceptional forward traction while double joint driveshafts make for smooth cornering even at high steering throw angles. Adjustable upper deck stiffeners allow to fine-tune the chassis’ torsional flex and various battery positions help to adapt the weight balance to a variety of track conditions and driving styles. Other features include a front bumper with integrated 30mm motor fan mount, front and rear swaybars as well as as quick change brass balance system integrated into the bulkheads.

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September 26, 2019

Xpress Execute FT1 FWD touring car kit – Coming soon

Xpress have issued a teaser image of their production-ready Execute FT1 FWD touring car kit that is scheduled for release in mid-October. The car utilises parts found on the proved XQ1 4WD touring car, such as low-profile shock absorbers, a floating steering servo mount and others, however it also sports new design features such as a front bumper with an integrated cooling fan mount as well as bumper-located front body mounts that ensure easy and reliable body mounting even when running bodies with a lower hood section. Full details will become available in time for the release.

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September 13, 2019

Xpress GripXero D1 heavy duty steel pulley shafts

Xpress have announced the release of their new heavy duty steel pulley shaft set for the GripXero D1 drift car. The reinforced shafts are an ideal upgrade when using high powered motors or whilst drifting on carpet where there is high stress on the drivetrain. The set includes two pulley shafts and a red anodised alloy bushing.

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September 5, 2019

Xpress XQ1 mid pulley conversion kit

Coming soon from Xpress and made for their XQ1 range of 4WD touring cars is the Mid Pulley chassis conversion kit. With the centred layshaft pulley and spur gear the motor will be shifted towards the centre of the car, a design that became en vogue recently as it promises increased mid corner rotation, improved overall chassis balance and more equal front and rear end drive compared to the standard “rear motor” setup. The set includes new upper and lower chassis parts, a new motor mount and several other parts to convert the standard XQ1 as well as the lower spec XQ1S. The conversion kit will hit stores world-wide very soon.

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August 7, 2019

Xpress Execute FT1 FWD touring car – Coming soon

The growing front-wheel drive touring car scene is gaining more traction so to speak with Xpress being the latest company to announce the soon release of a FWD touring car kit. The Execute FT1 is currently under development with prototype cars being raced around Asia to finalise the car’s design. For now, and given the blurred-out teaser image, the vehicle seems to utilise the classic front motor design and we bring you more updates on the project as they become available.

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July 5, 2019

Xpress Competition V2 M-class wheel sets

Xpress have announced the release of their new Competition V2 pre-glued wheel sets for M-class mini touring cars. Utilising an updated and reinforced rim the wheels offer greater stability during cornering as well as better impact resistance. The wheel sets are available in 24X, 30X, 36X and 40X rubber compounds with the tyres being mounted on zero offset 12mm hex wheels.

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