February 4, 2019

Xpress aluminium motor fan mount

Coming from Xpress is a lightweight motor fan mount for the XQ1 and XM1 series of cars. The CNC-machined and black anodised alloy mount screws directly into the existing rear lead weight mounting hole, sitting just behind the motor. The design prevents the fan unit from rotating on the mount while keeping the natural chassis flex intact and it is usable with the XQ1, XQ1S, XM1 and XM1S kits.

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January 25, 2019

Xpress release new XQ1 & XM1 carbon optionals

Coming from Xpress are new carbon fibre option parts for the XQ1 and XM1 series of cars. First up is a graphite body post stiffener set for the XQ1 series of 1/10th touring cars. The carbon fibre plates will reduce body movement in corners for increased stability while the C-shape of the rear plate also reinforces the body’s trunk area, resulting in improved body support and thus downforce at high speeds. The set includes one front and one rear body post support and it is also available for the XM1 series of 4WD M-class cars. Also new is an optional graphite steering knuckle plate set for the XM1 and XM1S cars. The parts will make for a stiffer steering structure which in turn gives a sharper steering response and feeling. Owners will need to install a 2mm bumpsteer shim to get the same amount of bumpsteer as with the stock steering plate. The plates also feature an extra Ackermann mounting position that will increase the aggressiveness of the steering response, which is perfect for asphalt tracks.

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January 18, 2019

Xpress XM1 series double joint driveshafts

Xpress have introduced a set of double joint driveshafts for the XM1S M-class 4WD touring car. They are a direct fit with the standard 5x10x4mm steering knuckle bearings and will greatly reduce the vibrations generated during cornering, resulting in improved drivetrain efficiency and better steering response.

Source: Xpress [rc-xpress.com]

January 4, 2019

Factory Pro RC XM1 series low-friction belts

Coming from Factory Pro RC and made for the Xpress XM1 and XM1S M-class 4WD touring cars are low-friction drivetrain belts. The white belts are designed to reduce natural drivetrain drag for improved overall efficiency and thus increased acceleration, top speed and run time. The belts are available separately as 144T/432mm front and 57T/171mm rear variant.

Source: Factory Pro RC [facebook.com]

January 3, 2019

Xpress Execute XM1 M-class 4WD touring car

Xpress have introduced their new Execute XM1 M-class 1/10th scale 4WD competition touring car kit. Based off of the XM1S entry/club-level kit, the XM1 features some competition-grade updates such as a carbon fibre double deck chassis for improved handling in high-bite track conditions as well as slotted shock towers for perfect alignment and titanium turnbuckles for a low weight. Other features include single-piece aluminium bulkheads, aluminium suspension mounts, an aluminium front spool, a rear gear differential as well as front and rear anti-roll bars, double joint CV-style front driveshafts and a ball-raced steering rack. The kit is rounded out by big bore aluminium shock absorbers.

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December 28, 2018

Xpress Sonic 190mm touring car body shell

Xpress have introduced their new Sonic 190mm touring car body shell. Sporting an aggressive front end design the body will provide enhances steering characteristics while large front and rear wheel arch sections ensure the body can be shifted forth and back by several millimetres in order to fine-tune the available steering and rear end stability. Produced from high-quality polycarbonate material the lid includes window masks and a decal sheet.

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November 26, 2018

Xpress Execute XM1 M-class touring car – Coming soon

Xpress have released a first image of their forthcoming competition-grade Execute XM1 M-class 4WD touring car. The kit shows many features carried over from the XQ1 touring car such as 1-piece bulkheads, ball-raced anti-roll bars and redesigned double joint driveshafts. Also included are high-end shock absorbers, carbon fibre chassis, top deck, servo mount and shock tower parts as well as an aluminium motor mount and alloy suspension hangers. The kit will hit stores by the end of the year.

Source: Xpress [rc-xpress.com]

November 19, 2018

Xpress Execute XM1 flat spot suspension pins

Xpress have introduced new 3x18mm flat spot suspension pins for the Execute XM1 kit. The shafts, used on the front C-hubs and rear uprights, feature a flat spot that, in combination with the standard grub screw, greatly reduces the chance of the pins coming loose or working their way out during racing action. The pins come in sets of four and they are available now.

Source: Xpress [rc-xpress.com]