December 30, 2022

20-years of Touring Car bodyshell evolution by Jilles Groskamp – Video

World Champion Electric Touring Car ace Jilles Groskamp has wrapped up 2022 with an interesting video showing the evolution of the electric touring car body shell over the last 20-years.   Having gathered together of his old race bodies, which have been in storage in his father Frank’s house, the collection includes many that we here at Red RC have had the pleasure of photographing in the heat of battle.  Most notable of these are his 2009 European winning Protoform Speed 6 and his 2012 World Championship winning Protoform LTC-R.  Interestingly, the factory Infinity driver concludes the video on the topic of how the so called ‘Touring Car bodyshell’ no longer has any resemblance to an actual touring car and adds he hopes the rules will be adapted to try bring them back to resembling the real thing in the future.  Another interesting point is how the bodyshell is now almost half the weight of that of two decades ago.

Watch Jilles recount his 20-years of bodyshells here

March 1, 2022

ZooRacing Anti high-performance TC body

Anti is ZooRacing’s new high-performance touring car body. Developed from the experience with the super successful Wolverine body, but with more overall downforce and a more stable rear in mind. Key areas, like a super low nose, a steeper bonnet and arch-designed side windows were carefully optimised. The main body has a more wedge design to improve the airflow to the rear and creates a lot more downforce. For a more fluent handling, the Anti has a little more stretched cabin as well as a homogeneous airflow behind the roof to reduce drag and turbulences. New inverted fin design on the trunk reduces turbulences and increases static stability at the rear section, which results in a better airflow to the new designed rear wing. The rear wing design is curved accordingly to the body lines and has a step/fin design to improve stability. The result is less flex and more downforce on high speeds.

View more images of the Anti here

November 18, 2021

ZooRacing Drakster 1/12th LMP body shell

ZooRacing has finally entered the highly competitive 1/12th racing class with the Drakster body shell. This LMP body shell received a groundbreaking new design to reach a new level of high performance. Ultra downforce and efficient airflow allow ultra-sharp cornering and direction changes. At the same time the rear is planted on the track. This creates an easy to drive and super fluent handling on all types of tracks. To create this fast body, ZooRacing re-developed all areas from the front to the rear. Starting with a true front splitter, narrow and aerodynamic efficient front wheelhouses and its optimised sleek air outtakes, followed by the advanced cab forward design and the efficient rear spoiler. The body is very low, according to the latest generation of 1:12 pan car designs. The whole surface of the Drakster is smooth and without any sharp corners, that could create unwanted turbulences keeping the body very efficient and stable in any racing situation.

View more details & images here

March 2, 2021

ZooRacing Bwoah 190mm GT LMH bodyshell

ZooRacing have introduced the Bwoah, their first 190mm GT LMH bodyshell. The wheel arches offer enough space to also fit the GT tires with a large diameter, while the super slim cabin plays into the overall wide and flat look of the body. You’ll find two cutting lines for the rear wing, a 10mm high version that’ll apply to the USGT regulations as well as a higher ‘Outlaw’ option for maximum downforce. The whole design of Bwoah uses the lowest possible centre of gravity and generates maximum corner speed with that, especially on tracks with lot of grip. The GT classes with less strong motors have been put into consideration as well with low air resistance helping to create high top speed on the straightaway. The clearance makes allowances for the widespread Tamiya TT-01 and TT-02 models and the design has been adjusted for those, so it even fits cars with high shock towers. Moulded from high-quality 0.7mm polycarbonate for a low weight of only 75g, the body package is rounded out by high-quality wing mounting hardware and a highly detailed sticker sheet including grill, head and tail lights.

View more images of the Bwoah here

January 7, 2021

ZooRacing Wolverine 190mm TC body

Presenting Wolverine, ZooRacing’s newest high-performance touring car body on the market. Featuring lots of new features to improve the handling, making it more dynamic, more contact pressure offers more stability in corners with lots more rotation. The aerodynamic efficiency has been improved again as well. The overall length has been shortened to achieve a lesser inertia and therefore a better rotation around the vertical axis. For more steering in fast corners they’ve redesigned the front and hood and made them steeper. To more easily steer the airflow along the sides over the rear wheel arches to the rear wing, to create more downforce, they have tailored Wolverine’s sides a lot. The rear is designed very even and uniform for a low centre of gravity and to ensure an easy airflow to the wing. For a consistent flow the rear fenders have been altered to minimise turbulences at the rear of the body.

View more details & images here

August 10, 2020

ZooRacing release more ZOOlite body shells

ZooRacing have announced the release of more ZOOlite technology 1/10th on-road high-performance body shells. With the popular BAYBEE touring car body being the first lid that took profit from ZooRacing’s new ZOOlite moulding process, the proactive brand has announced that also the PreoPard, DBX, HellCat, Zoodiac as well as the Gorilla will now also become available in lightweight ZOOlite variants. Compared to ZooRacing’s standard 0.7mm bodies, the ZOOlite shells scrub about 10g of weight without sacrificing strength, ensuring exceptional performance and stability as well as a super low centre of gravity for improved corner speeds all while complying with the minimum weight rules of the ETS and other sanctioned racing events. In addition the bodies offer sightly increased flex, meaning they have less of an influence on overall chassis flex, resulting in a more natural chassis behaviour under load which is a new hot tuning aid of many pro drivers.

View the other body shells here

June 22, 2020

ZooRacing 3-piece 190mm touring car wing set

Available now from ZooRacing is their new 3-piece wing set that includes three different design wings to fine-tune the aerodynamics of most of today’s 1/10th scale 190mm touring car bodies. Included are the wing of the ultra-popular DBX/PreoPard/ZooZilla series, the highly-curved HellCat rear wing as well as the new BayBee rear wing, all moulded from high-quality polycarbonate. Also included are a total of six polycarbonate endplates. Using the set comes in handy especially when running ZooRacing’s ultra lightweight 0.5mm bodies that greatly profit from the tougher and less flexible rear wings as they improve overall downforce without adding too much weight. In addition the different shapes of the wings allow to fine-tune the aerodynamic balance if conditions call for it. The wing set is usable with all 190mm touring cars that use a 100mm wing post spacing, they come un-cut and are supplied in clear high-quality polycarbonate material.

View more images here

April 24, 2020

ZooRacing Gorilla 190mm FWD body shell

Following a first teaser image – that already created quite a stir – ZooRacing now fully unveil their new Gorilla touring car body shell for 190mm front-wheel drive touring cars. The Gorilla is ZooRacing’s latest 1/10th scale on-road body shell and their idea of a high-performance front-wheel drive body shell for this ever growing and very fun class. The goal was to create a stylish yet efficient body with advanced aerodynamics while still offering a somewhat scale look, that takes design cues from a famous Japanese hatchback car, while meeting with current FWD touring car body shell regulations. The Gorilla features a futuristic, compact design with a low roof line, wide wheel arches and a huge front splitter all of which add to very balanced downforce which is further helped by a large rear wing and integrated roof spoiler. The front of the body features a scale-looking grille section while the sculptured hood further adds to the visual appearance. The wheel arches sport moulded-on air guide plates for exceptional stability, not only aerodynamically but they also reinforce the fender sections to ensure long durability. The body is rounded out by sturdy wing mount posts that are part of the rear window.

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