April 14, 2020

ZooRacing tease Gorilla FWD body shell

Coming soon from ZooRacing is their all-new Gorilla FWD touring car body shell. “Low, lightweight, realistic looking and fast” is how the German company describes its latest offering that will be fully unveiled in about two weeks time with a first glimpse being available on ZooRacing’s social media pages later today.

Source: ZooRacing [zoo-racing.com]

January 28, 2020

ZooRacing BAYBEE 190mm touring car body shell

ZooRacing have introduced their new BAYBEE touring car body shell for 190mm chassis. The lid is basically an evolution of the ultra-popular DBX with a comparable roof line and design, however the slightly stretched roof reduces aerodynamic drag, resulting in higher corning speeds, something especially stock class racers will be looking for. New for the BAYBEE is also a longer and rounder front end shape for increased corner speeds under power, allowing for precise handling especially in larger corners while reducing tyre scrub at the same time which further helps to maintain high speeds and smooth cornering. All this comes without sacrificing low-speed steering with the BAYBEE offering razor-sharp steering response in technical parts of the track. Compared to the already low-profile appearance of the DBX, the BAYBEE features a once more lowered shoulder line, hood and trunk section allowing to substantially to mount the body lower on the chassis, resulting in a once more lowered overall centre of gravity. Part of the package is also a redesigned High Efficient rear wing that is of a curved design, following the new rear end shape which results in an even more efficient air flow between body shell and wing. Other aerodynamic features include redesigned side skirts for optimised airflow and further improved stability while reinforcement ribbing on the trunk ensure best possible rigidity even under heavy loads as they occur in today’s modified class racing. Last but not least comes the realistic front end design that not only makes for a cool new look but the sculptured hood design is also meant to improve airflow and overall stability and durability of the body shell.

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June 24, 2019

ZooRacing Zoodiac 190mm GT body shell

The Zoodiac GT body shell for 190mm touring cars is ZooRacing’s latest high performance 1/10th scale on-road body shell and the brand’s first go on the popular GT market. The goal was to create a stylish yet efficient body with advanced aerodynamics while still offering a somewhat scale look to ensure the body meets all current GT/USGT class rules. The lid features a low-slung silhouette to which sports sculptured fender sections that give plenty of room even for larger GT class tyres while the low-profile front hood section optimises the airflow around the fenders and towards the huge windscreen. The latter is designed to offer a slight cab forward design for best possible airflow towards the rear trunk section and rear wing. Going towards the rear of the body, the newly designed side pods not only add to the overall structure of the shell, they also add visual impact and help to balance the overall downforce by offering a slight upwards sweep. The somewhat simple rear trunk lid design helps with undisturbed airflow towards the rear wing, that was designed to meet all GT class rules. The wing is moulded with two cut lines, a standard 10mm section and a taller “outlaw” marking for increased downforce.

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June 13, 2019

RC Race Prep ZooRacing anti-tuck arms & wing mounts

UK based brand RC Race Prep have announced the release of their new anti-tuck arms and adjustable wing mounts for the ZooRacing range of touring car body shells. Starting with the anti-tuck arms, the aim of this design is to decrease the chance of a body tuck within a run. A body tuck just at the wrong moment has the potential to ruin the entire event for the driver and team. The way the arm has been designed is to disperse the energy from the impact and not damage the shell. The parts weigh in at just 2.2g each and when designing the arm, RC Race Prep chose to use the production methods weakness to the designs advantage. The screw hole at the base of the flex arm can be fixed to the bodyshell to further support the rear of the shell. Upon impact, the layers around the hole will delaminate dispersing some of the energy from the impact. This means that on impact the contact patch on the wheel is effected as little as possible. This is a critical performance aid when running with a lightweight shell as the vertical load is applied down the arm to the fixed location point on the arm. The resistance given by the arm is also a key part of the design process. To change the flex characteristics, the designers produced a variety of arms with different arks and thicknesses. The result is an anti-tuck arm whose resistance is great enough to push the body back to its resting vacuum formed position, yet not so great to unload the wheel during impact causing the car to loose traction.

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May 21, 2019

ZooRacing Hellcat 190mm touring car body shell

ZooRacing from Germany is busy adding more groundbreaking 190mm touring car body shells to their line-up with the latest creation being the Hellcat. The goal was to create a more efficient body with advanced aerodynamics that allow for aggressive cornering and yet a nailed rear end. This was achieved by using a long front section with splitter that sits 10mm further forward while a round-shaped outer line ensures a smoother transition when changing directions as the air flows smoothly and constantly over the front splitter, fenders and grille. In addition to the splitter the windshield and cabin also sit 10mm further forward with the whole section being shaped like a drop for maximised rear grip and stability thanks to optimised airflow towards the rear wing. Smooth transitions from the hood over the cabin towards the rear lid ensure optimised aerodynamic efficiency and thus less turbulences and drag, which leads to equal front-to-rear balance at both low and high speeds.

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March 8, 2019

Arena RC PreoPard & DBX wing mounts

Made for ZooRacing’s PreoPard and DogsBollox DBX touring car body shells are 3-D-printed wing mounts. The parts fit snuggly into the body’s wing standoffs, replacing the standard nut and reinforcing the section for improved protection in the event of a crash. In addition downforce at high speeds can be improved due to offering a larger contact surface. The honeycomb structure ensures a low weight and high rigidity.

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January 22, 2019

ZooRacing DogsBollox 190mm touring car body shell

ZooRacing have introduced their latest 190mm touring car body shell called the DogsBollox. Developed as an outright low centre of gravity body the lid features a 6mm lower trunk section – including the rear wing – for greater corning speeds, a more agile handling and less weight distribution changes. In addition to the low rear end the body also offers a super low front end which further adds to the aggressive LCG aero package. When run on high to very high-grip surfaces drivers will experience a lot less traction rolling issues even when using the body in the new 85g ETS weight rule configuration. The body is an evolution of the successful PreoPard and thus offers exceptional overall downforce and stability, making it ideal for the higher speeds of the 13.5T Pro Stock and Modified classes. The shell offers several aero features, such as a recessed roof section for less drag, that channels the airflow towards the rear wing for great rear end stability at both low and high speeds while the forward placed cabin and the specially shaped front end produce more steering compared to the ZooZilla as well as greater rotation in corners for greater corner speeds and a more nimble handling.

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November 5, 2018

ZooRacing PreoPard 190mm touring car body shell

Available now from ZooRacing is their all-new PreoPard 190mm electric touring car body shell. The PreoPard body shell is ZooRacing’s second touring car body shell following the ZooZilla body and it was developed to produce high overall downforce with a focus on increased overall steering while maintaining exceptional rear end stability. The specialised body is the ideal choice for tight and twitchy low to medium traction carpet and outdoor tracks and it offers several aero features such as a recessed roof section that channels the airflow towards the rear wing for great rear end stability at both low and high speeds while the forward placed cabin and the specially shaped front end produce more steering compared to the ZooZilla as well as greater rotation in corners for greater corner speeds and a more nimble handling. The body is outfitted with several trick anti-tuck features such as structured side skirts and a clever rear end design including reinforcement ribs on the trunk lid, all of which add to the overall aerodynamics and looks while greatly preventing body tucks without the need for additional reinforcements. Other features include large wheel arches that allow the body to be placed up to 4mm to the front for increased steering reaction or up to 4mm to the back for increased rear stability – making it 8mm in total. The PreoPard 190mm body shell comes moulded from high-quality polycarbonate and it is available in two thicknesses: a lightweight 0.5mm variant that will weigh in at about 55g cut and including wing while the standard thickness 0.7mm variant will come out at about 83g cut and including wing – meaning the latter will easily make the new 90g ETS rule. Part of the package are also the revolutionary 2-step window masks that will ensure window frames of Pro quality. The EFRA homologated body is rounded out by high-quality wing mounting hardware and a detailed sticker sheet including grille, head and tail lights.

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