October 10, 2018

ZooRacing ZooZilla 190mm touring car body shell

RC-KleinKram from Germany have announced their new ZooRacing performance body shell brand ZooRacing. The first body to hit stores is the ZooZilla 190mm touring car body shell. Developed to produce medium overall downforce with lots of steering and great rear end stability the all-round body is the ideal choice for both carpet and outdoor tracks. The shell sports a couple of aero features such as a steep front end for on-the-point steering precision while the recessed roof section channels the airflow towards the rear wing for exceptional rear end stability at both low and high speeds. Angled vortex generators, placed strategically above the rear window, are a first-ever for an electric touring car body, and they help to smooth the airflow over the rear window, trunk and rear wing for greatly improved aerodynamic efficiency, lower drag and more predictable rear downforce.

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