June 28, 2022

SWorkz anti-clockwise steering knuckle pivot ball

The latest SWorkz anti-clockwise steering knuckle pivot ball fits all S35, S350 & Apollo 1/8 buggies and truggies. It is easy to install and avoids the left side pivot ball from coming undone after a hard impact, crash or on long runs. It is a one-piece steel part with zero risk of breakage and is 2grams lighter than the standard part. It also comes in clockwise winds for the right side arms.

Source: MW RC Cars [mwrccars.at]

June 23, 2022

Avid titanium lower shock pin screws

Avid’s new titanium lower shock pin screws are designed to remove the concern of forgetting your shock pin set screw and having your arm dangling before the race is over. This pin screw set offers 2 left and 2 right-handed threaded pin screws with a 5.5mm socket head so you only need to grab one wrench when taking your shocks off. As if that wasn’t enough already, we also included the Avid innovated centre-drilled hole for easy docking of your callipers while measuring your shock lengths. Pin screws are sold as set and are available now for HB, Mugen, and Xray, with the AE cars coming very soon!

Source: Avid [avidrc.com]

June 23, 2022

Exotek EB410 HD alloy front steering spindle set

From Exotek come this new heavy duty alloy front steering spindle set for the EB410.2 and ET410.2. Extra durable for high powered applications and polished and anodised in Tekno team colours as well as being machined a second time to insure precise bearing fit. Sold as a pair, they are compatible with EB410.2, ET410.2, EB410 and ET410.

View the spindles here

June 22, 2022

Infinity 0.75mm aluminium spacers

Creation Model have added to their line up of Infinity aluminium spacers with the addition of these 0.75mm thickness versions. This in between size allows for more precise setups with the silver colour used to easily distinguish them from 0.5mm and 1.0mm thickness spacers which are black and red respectively. Sold in a pack of 10 pieces.

View the spacer set here

June 22, 2022

Rêve D aluminium adjustable servo horn

This lightweight and super rigid split servo horn from Rêve D can adjust the distance from the centre of the servo horn to the rod end ball steplessly from 19mm to 23mm with just one screw. It is possible to instantly adjust the lever ratio according to the servo speed and counter timing. There are two types of spline fitting, 25T (for servos such as Futaba and Rêve D) and 23T (for servos such as Sanwa and KO) so that you can choose according to the servo manufacturer you are using. A secure clamp method is used for mounting the horn and can be firmly fixed.

View the different servo horn sets here

June 21, 2022

T-Works MX8 titanium A-arm screws

T-Works have produced this pair of long titanium A-arm screws for the Mayako MX8. Machined from high quality Ti64 grade titanium, the part is very strong and lightweight compared with the stock steel part.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

June 20, 2022

Exotek Racing B6 HD front bumper set

Add protection to your Associated B6.3, B6.2, B6.1 drag cars with Exotek Racing’s heavy duty alloy, carbon fibre and foam bumper set. Allows for optional mounting of SkyRC GNSS gps modules safely protected inside of the foam bumper and can be simply removed via 1 screw from the carbon hold in brace. You may use this bumper set with our without the gps module. Details include a heavy duty alloy and carbon fiber mounting base that secures the extra wide high density foam bumper. The same high impact foam used in touring car racing. Inside the foam bumper are 2 alloy posts for extra secure foam bumper mounting. The carbon plate has 3 hole positions for mounting the foam forward or back to fit in certain bodies. This design also allows you to experiment with adding nylon body posts onto the bumper or perhaps a lexan body lip (splitter) on the under side of the bumper (body posts or splitter not included). Designed to work with most street eliminator bodies. You may opt to add extra foam layers to the front of the bumper for longer nosed bodies like the Malibu etc.

View the complete set here

June 17, 2022

1up Racing Pro Duty black nitride coated turnbuckles

Compliment your race machine with a set of genuine 1up Racing Pro Duty turnbuckles. 1up have selected the best possible grade 5 6AL4V raw titanium so they can use less of it for an ultra lightweight and sleek design. A Pro Duty 3.5mm turnbuckle is 24% lighter than an AE kit 3mm turnbuckle and 51% lighter than a TLR kit 3.5mm turnbuckle. Each Pro Duty turnbuckle is hand polished before receiving it’s Black Nitride coating, the end result is two stunning finishes in one. Available in sets for all the major 1//10th buggy models.

View another set here