July 3, 2020

Muchmore Hybrid Duo charger carrying bag

Made specifically for the Hybrid Duo charger is Muchmore’s new carrying bag. The soft case bag is made of grey fabric and it not only allows for safe and convenient carrying of the charger, it also has room for a LiPo safety bag and an extra pocket for the manual. The zipped bag is decorated with a red, black and white Muchmore logo and sports a sturdy handle for convenient carrying.

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July 3, 2020

SMJ wireless charger set Ver.2

Coming from SMJ is their new Ver.2 wireless charger set for the use with the Sanwa M17 radio system. The charger allows to wirelessly charge the M17 transmitter, making for less hassle and a cleaner pit space. Beside charging transmitters, the device is also usable with wireless charging compatible smartphones, tablets and so on. The charger is available in white or black colour and it comes without the necessary USB AC adapter.

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June 24, 2020

SkyRC T100 dual channel balance charger

SkyRC’s T100 is a twin-channel charger with two independent circuits that can charge batteries of varying chemistries simultaneously. Its sleek design allows easy front-loading plug-in convenience of the balancing and XT60 ports but it is not only compact in size but also powerful in output with a maximum of 100W of charging power and 5A charging current. With the new AGM and cold charge modes, the user is free to charge their PB and AGM batteries on cold days also. Other features include a blue back-lit display, and four-button menu operation.

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June 23, 2020

Reedy 1416-C2L Dual AC/DC competition balance charger

Associated Electrics have introduced the new Reedy 1416-C2L Dual AC/DC competition balance charger. The device features a high-performance microprocessor, specialised operating software, and many advanced features make it the perfect charging solution for new hobbyists, casual enthusiasts, or hardcore racers. Simultaneous charging of two batteries at up to 14A is possible thanks to a powerful integrated power supply. Storage of up to 10 different charge profiles per channel allows for easy access to your most commonly used settings. End Voltage Control gives racers an added option to regulate power output and calibrate voltage, while 1S Balance Mode results in accurate voltage readings when charging 1S batteries. Safety has not been overlooked with the 1416-C2L thanks to its lithium-specific charging scheme that requires balance charging in modes appropriate for lithium batteries. Nitro racers haven’t been overlooked thanks to a specific mode designed for single-cell NiMH igniter batteries. In addition to its long list of powerful features, the 1416-C2L features an attractive exterior with a compact footprint and front-facing outputs to maximise pit space.

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June 9, 2020

MonacoRC wireless charger

Coming from MonacoRC is their new wireless charger for the Sanwa M17 radio system. The device utilises a compact case that is made of a soft, pleasant to the touch rubber with the shape and colours depicting the MonacoRC logo. Included with the charger comes an adapter that is attached to the radio’s USB port and that allows to easily charge the transmitter wireless, making for less hassle and a trick looking pit setup. In addition to refilling the radio, the USB-powered charger is also usable with other devices, such as mobile phones.

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May 14, 2020

Rêve D X2 V Compact AC 2-port charger

Coming soon from Rêve D is their new X2 V Compact 2-port multi-chemistry charger. The AC charger features 50W of charge power per channel, enough for up to 5A of charge current, it is of a pit-space-friendly tower design, it sports a blue back-lit display and integrated balancers for secure and convenient charging of Lithium batteries. The compact device is the product of Rêve D’s collaboration with Hitec Multiplex Japan and will hit stores soon.

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April 29, 2020

RC Discharger iCharger Duo stand

RC Discharger have introduced their new charger stand for Junsi iCharger 406Duo, 308Duo, 4010Duo or two X6/X8 chargers. The design allows to house the charger(s) on top of the power supply, meaning less pit space is taken and the whole setup is a lot more tidy. In addition the compact charger stand offers small dimensions, making it ideal for travelling. The stand houses power supplies of up to 218mm x 89mm x 38mm and it is available from now on. Please note that the charger and power supply are not included.

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April 23, 2020

Spektrum S1100 AC Smart charger

Horizon Hobby have introduced the new Spektrum S1100 AC Smart charger that quickly replenishes batteries with its 100W power output. It also provides balancing and peak detection capabilities, and includes thermal, reverse polarity, short circuit, over current, and low input voltage protections. The charger’s large, 2.4-inch color LCD display makes it easy to read charging parameters and Smart battery data from any angle. An upgraded touch wheel user interface simplifies menu navigation. When using the S1100 AC Smart charger to charge a Spektrum Smart battery, the battery’s type, cell count, charge current rate, and capacity are all set automatically. The charging process is simple: Just plug in the Smart battery. The correct charging parameters are sent from the battery’s microchip memory through the IC3 connector’s data wire to the charger. The S1100 AC Smart charger begins correct, safe charging automatically following the battery’s built-in parameters. Because the charger is backwards-compatible with older EC3 connectors, owners can charge non-Smart batteries like you usually would. The Spektrum S1100 AC Smart charger firmware is updatable by connecting the charger to a PC through the USB port. Measuring a compact 122x118x63mm, the unit is easily portable and fits even on crowded workbenches.

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