May 9, 2019

Robitronic Expert LD 300 300W DC charger

Robitronic from Austria have announced the release of their new Expert LD 300 300W DC charger. With its powerful charge circuitry the device is capable of up to 16A of charge current. A high contrast LCD screen helps to monitor all of the important parameters and menu operation is taken care of by a single multi-function dial. Different charge and discharge features round out the package.

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April 19, 2019

SMJ M17 wireless charger set

SMJ have introduced a wireless charger set for the Sanwa M17 transmitter. The charger was designed to simply place the radio on top of it, allowing to charger its batteries without removing them from the transmitter. The charger bay is also usable for smartphones with wireless charging capabilities. Not includes in the set is the needed AC adapter.

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April 11, 2019

SkyRC T200 AC/DC 12A dual output charger

UK SkyRC distributor Schumacher has introduced the SkyRC T200 AC/DC 12A dual output charger. Housed in a compact tower-design case the device offers dual 100W circuit power for up to 12A of charge current per channel as well as a swift 500mA/cell balance current. the charger is usable with up to 6S LiPo packs, it sports a built-in power supply and the case features a handle for easy transport.

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March 3, 2019

Xtreme Racing X6 carbon fibre charger stand

Xtreme Racing have released their new carbon fibre charger stand for the popular iCharger X6. Constructed from high-quality carbon fibre the stand holds most X6-sized chargers at an angle for better viewing and more airflow around the device. The snap-together stand is designed so that most 90x40mm server-style power supplies will fit below it to take up less room in the pit space. The set includes precision-machined carbon fibre plates and a pair of aluminium spacers with fasteners.

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February 25, 2019

Monaco RC fireproof LiPo bags

Coming from Monaco RC are two new fireproof LiPo bags. First up is the large LiPo Fly Bag, a handy container that allows to conveniently carry up to five standard size LiPo packs. The bag measures 205x55x155mm and it was designed with weekly racing and even travelling in mind. The sturdy design with a double zipper and the fireproof material allows to take the bag on-board of airplanes and due to the large size, it also can be used to transport power banks, camera batteries, electronic cigarettes and more. On track it also makes a spacious charge bag. The LiPo Fly Bag is available with a pre-cut inner foam or as bag only, making it even more versatile. Also new is Monaco RC’s standard LiPo safe bag, a traditional bag that takes up to three standard size LiPo bags. Made from fire-repellant fibre material and coming with a large hook and look strap, the bag is ideal for storage, transportation or charging of most RC-related LiPo batteries.

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February 8, 2019

Muchmore Hybrid X4 DC quattro charger

Coming soon from Muchmore is their all-new Hybrid X4 DC quattro charger. Offering four independent 100W charging outputs the device is ideal for all multi-battery applications such as 1/8th scale on-road and off-road racing. The charges features large back-lit LC display, XT60-style outputs, XH2.5 balancing ports as well as a built-on XT60 DC input port for 10V to 18V power supplies. Temperature-controlled cooling fans ensure silent operation of the compact device that measures only 133.5×105.5x51mm.

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January 30, 2019

HRC Racing Star Charger V4.0 multi-chemistry charger

HRC Distribution have introduced their new HRC Racing Star Charger V4.0. The multi-chemistry AC/DC charger offers 100W of charging power, enough for up to 7A charge current, it features an all-new LiHV mode, 500mAh of balance current for quicker charging, as well as a multi-language menu including English, French and German language. The blue back-lit display and convenient four-button menu operation round out the package.

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December 3, 2018

Hitec X2 Black dual output AC charger

Hitec Japan have introduced their forthcoming X2 Black dual output AC charger. Offering two independent 100W charge outputs for 1S to 6S LiXX batteries the AC-powered charger is decked out with a reverse LCD that offers improved visibility even outdoors while touch buttons allow for easy navigation through the menu options. Built-in fan units and a highly efficient heatsink are keeping the charger cool and the firmware offers features such as Bluetooth smartphone connection, real-time cell monitoring, and scan-to-go function for easy and secure battery charging. The charger measures 127x115x71mm, it weighs in at 561g and is good for up to 15A charge current.

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