April 7, 2020

Yuki Model Q8 Plus Smart 200W AC/DC charger

Yuki Model from Germany have announced the soon release of their new Q8 Plus Smart 200W AC/DC charger. The compact device measures 116x117x42mm and it weighs in at a lightweight 370g. It features a built-in power supply and its powerful power circuit allows for up to 14A of charge current for 1S to 6S LiXX battery packs. The colour LC display makes monitoring the battery’s vitals signs easy and a simple scroll wheel ensures swift and convenient programming. The charger will become available by end of April.

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February 7, 2020

Hitec RDX2 mini AC balance charger

Coming soon from Hitec is their new RDX2 mini AC balance charger. The device is a two-channel charger, featuring independent circuits which allow the user to charge two batteries simultaneously, regardless of chemistry or capacity. With a powerful, combined 100 watt charging output and 5A current, the RDX2 Mini offers the punch needed to charge 2 to 4-cell packs at an affordable price. The convenient front-loading design has the balancing and XT60 ports readily accessible for ease of operation at the workshop or raceway. Additional features include AGM and Cold Charge Modes to safely and easily charge conventional lead-based and absorbed glass mat batteries in cold conditions.

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February 5, 2020

Absima Cube 2.0 AC multi-chemistry charger

Absima from Germany have introduced their forthcoming new Cube 2.0 AC multi-chemistry charger. Of a simple design the compact device allows to charge 2S and 3S LiXX as well as one to eight-cell NiXX batteries, making it ideal especially for nitro racers who can conveniently fill modern transmitter as well as receiver batteries without having to carry around full-blown competition chargers. The display-less charger is less prone to be damaged due to dust and dirt with charge current selection being carried out by a simple sliding switch. An integrated 2S to 3S LiPo balancer makes for secure charging of Lithium batteries while the auto-detect NiXX program allows to charge old school NiMH battery packs. The charger comes including connection wires and it will hit stores in March.

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February 3, 2020

Ultimate Pro-8X multi-chemistry AC/DC charger

Modelix Racing have introduced the new Ultimate Pro-8X AC/DC multi-chemistry charger. The compact device measures 180x145x57mm and its 80W charge circuitry allows for charge currents of up to 10A. It is usable with up to 6S LiPo packs but also supports NiMH and lead-acid batteries. An orange back-lit display allows for easy monitoring of the battery’s vital signs and an internal balancer ensures maximum safety when charging or discharging LiPo battery packs. The charger is usable with 12VCD or 230VAC input and it is available from now on.

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December 9, 2019

Yokomo YZ-114 Plus AC/DC charger

Coming soon from Yokomo is their new YZ-114 Plus AC/DC charger. With its 100W charge circuitry the device is good for charge currents of up to 12A while being compact in size, taking only a small amount of pit space. The charger offers several charge modes including balance, fast and storage charging, it incorporates a 5V/2.1A USB output and is future-ready thanks to an LiHV charge mode for the latest generation of LiPo cells. Monitoring the battery’s vital signs is made easy thanks to the back-lit display.

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November 6, 2019

Klinik RC wireless transmitter charging system

Klinik RC have introduced their are wireless transmitter charging system for Futaba, KO Propo and Sanwa transmitters. Designed to work with the most common transmitters on the market, Klinik RC have started with a blank slate and spent several months developing the correct charging pad, receiver coil and micro chip processors for safe, reliable and true balance charging. The designers engineered the charging coil to the smallest sizes possible. Measuring less than 1mm thick over most of the surface ensures it will fit very easily inside any battery compartment. The radio can easily stay topped off during any race day simply by placing on the pad between heats. Installation takes only a few minutes on average with no tools required. All that is needed is an available USB charge port, featured on most chargers and power supplies today, and a balance plug when using a 2S LiPo system. The charging system will work with all common transmitter batteries on the market regardless of capacity, all that is required is a battery with a standard JST-XH balance plug.

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October 29, 2019

CS-Electronic Space X3 Competition Duo charger

Coming from CS-Electronic is their new Space X3 Competition dual output AC/DC multi-chemistry charger with wireless charging ability. The compact device features a powerful 600W power supply for up to 16A of charge current and 300W of charging power per channel. Integrated and calibrated 2S to 6S XH balancers ensure swift and secure balance charging of LiXX batteries and using CS-Electronic’s optional regenerative 200W discharger the device is capable of discharge currents of up to 15A. Other features include integrated servo and motor testers, a 5V/2.1A USB port and the ability to power wireless charging capable smartphones etc. by simply placing them on top of the charger.

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October 11, 2019

ISDT 608AC smart charger

Coming from ISDT is their all-new 608AC smart charger that is usable with both AC or DC input power. The modular design of the device allows to use it with an external 12VDC power source such as the new, modular AC power supply that conveniently attaches to the charger’s case, doing away with unnecessary wiring. The charger features a built-in 2S to 6S LiPo balancer, a back-lit display, and it supports ISDT’s BattGo one-click smart battery technology that allows for automatic battery detection when using compatible battery packs. Menu operation is carried out using a single shuttle roll twist and push knob and the charger is capable of up to 200W of charing power when used in DC mode.

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