December 15, 2021

Ruddog RC215AC Dual Channel LiPo AC/DC Charger

The Ruddog RC215AC is a versatile, easy to use AC/DC charger for radio control enthusiasts looking for high performance in a small package. The proven RC215 charger has been combined with an internal power supply and its features were tweaked to provide even more power. As with the DC model, the two-channel charger can be used to charge various battery types, including up to 6S LiPos. Each channel now offers up to 350 W, and the balancer current has gone up to 1000 mA. The USB-C port output was increased to 3.25A. When accommodating the additional space required by the power supply, the design was revised to make the display easier to read on the pit table.

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December 1, 2021

Donathen RC charge leads with QS8 connector

Donathen RC now have a line of charge leads featuring the QS8 connector. The QS8 connector is the choice for many drag race champions and features Anti-Spark technology, and can handle extremely high amp draw and voltage requirements. The connector can handle 110 amp continuous and 300 amp peak, features 8mm gold plated connector for extremely low resistance and has a stealthy black colour with red lettering.

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March 11, 2021

Hitec RDX2 Pro dual port AC/DC charger

Hitec’s popular RDX charger line continues to expand with the introduction of the RDX2 Pro, a dual port AC/DC charger providing a whopping 260 watts of power. The RDX2 Pro features independent, 130-watt circuits, allowing you to charge two packs simultaneously. Its user-friendly jog dial easily scrolls through menus, making programming a breeze. Capable of charging 2S packs at rates up to 14A, and 4S packs up to 9A, the RDX2 Pro’s high charge rates provide more power in less time for your 1/8th and 1/10th-scale buggy and truggy needs.

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December 11, 2020

XactRC IRx charge leads

XactRC’s new IRx charge lead is a 2-foot long 2S charge lead that is a must for those looking for low IR’s when charging. Using the highest quality bullets & plugs and high strand tinned copper wire that has the best performance over time compared to a bare copper wire that will degrade, it features a very flexible silicone tubing over the wire, black XH balance plug and a waterproof shrink wrapped balance plug for increased strength when plugging into your battery. It has been finished off with a black nylon mesh for each wire and centre of the lead which is finished off with their printed XactRC logo to hold it together. A great product to help you get the edge out of your batteries and will last to rigorous charging cycles. Available in two versions, one with 5mm & 4mm bullet connectors and one with 5mm bullets & XT60 plug.

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December 9, 2020

Muchmore 2-cell balanced charging lead with volt meter

Muchmore have released this 2-cell balanced charging lead with built-in volt meter. Featuring 4mm & 5mm multi bullet plugs, their 4 point contacts provide ultra low resistance and the 10awg wire is suitable for high amperage charging. With the meter, battery voltage can be checked in real time and when not charging you can also check the current battery voltage. Available in left or right configuration.

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December 3, 2020

Muchmore Cell Master Specter charger & discharge bank

More new items from Muchmore who have released their new Cell Master Specter charger and optional discharge bank. The charger features a 4.3″ IPS touch display with a new menu structure designed to be easy to use for all skill levels with the display showing the battery condition very accurately with clear colour and fast response. A real time battery IR view allows you to check your battery condition quickly and easily with the battery resistance monitoring feature. It’s designed for LiPo and LiHV cells and includes an optimal cycle mode to maintain your batteries and guarantee the most power. The Specter cycle mode for stock racers supports 3 cycling functions which lowers the internal resistance to create more performance. This unit now supports 40A charging and, with the optional discharge bank, 40A discharging up to 350W. The discharge bank adds the additional 20A to the discharge performance of the charger, which by itself is 20A. Featuring a full aluminium case, it aids in dispersing the internal heat build up to improve efficiency and user protection. It also sports a status LED which makes it easy to check the current working status of the unit.

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November 30, 2020

Core RC NAC-40 entry level charger

Introducing the new NAC-40 charger from Core RC. Getting into the radio controlled hobby can be complex, and the world of battery charging is no exception. The NAC-40 is an AC and DC charger suitable for NiMH and NiCad batteries. Designed with great simplicity in mind, it has the option of using DC 11-18v input via a 12v battery or separate power supply, or AC mains input 100-240v. On the output side there is a fully wired and ready to go Tamiya connector for 4-7 cell packs, or the option for receiver packs via a Futaba plug in the front. 3 simple fast charge currents can be deployed using the front switch, 1.5A, 3A or 5A. The charger detects the peak voltage of the battery and automatically cut off the charging. It also has a safety timer to cut off all charging after 90 minutes. Supplied with UK 240V AC lead and DC lead with crocodile clips.

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August 6, 2020

Ruddog RC215 500W dual channel LiPo DC charger

The Ruddog RC215 500W Dual Channel LiPo Battery DC Charger is a compact and powerful device that allows to charge up to two battery packs simultaneously with up to 15A of charge current. When used in the combined ASYNC mode, a maximum of 25A of charge current is possible. The DC charger can be used with 1S to 6S LiHV/LiPo, 1 to 16 cell NiMH or 1S to 10S batteries and it works with 7VDC to 28VDC input. A powerful discharge function allows for up to 3A of discharge current or 15A when used in the Recycle mode. A 320×240 pixel 2.4 inch LC display allows to monitor the charger’s and batteries’ vital signs with the compact 98x69x35mm dimensions making it easy to store and transport the charger for weekly racing or travelling abroad.

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