July 21, 2022

Surpass Hobby Mini 1525 sensored brushless motor

Surpass Hobby have released a new Mini 1525 sensored brushless motor. Available in 3500kv, 4500kv, 5500kv & 6800kv variants, it is suitable for 1/28 to 1/24 scale racing, drifting and climbing. It is compatible with most mini scale ESCs including GL racing, TeamPowers, Atomic and other sensorless and sensored ESC products. The max power of the motor is 80 watts, and the power output efficiency is as high as 92%. It also features a unique sensorless and sensored dual compatible mode startup. The motor comes with an aluminum front-end integrated casing design for stable and reliable high-speed operation.

Source: Surpass [surpass-hobby.com]

June 22, 2022

Surpass Hobby Thunder 540 drift car motors

Surpass Hobby have released their line of Thunder 540 Sensored Brushless motors for drift car. The motor comes with pre mounted quick disconnect and plug-in connectors, which makes it quick and convenient to remove and replace the motor. More efficient internals and special can design mean that the high power output temperatures are reduced by 5% compared to the previous generation. The stator is made of 0.2mm silicon steel sheet, with an efficiency conversion rate of 94% and super oversized front bearing give high load carrying capacity and reduced resistance for a more smooth and durable motor. Available in 3 different colours, black, red and purple.

Source: Surpass [surpass-hobby.com]

June 16, 2022

T-Works rotor replacement tool

T-Works have produced this 540 motor rotor replacement tool for Hobbywing motors. Non magnetic, it fits and is placed between the rotor and the stator to allow you to easily remove or replace the rotor easily and without either part interfering with the other.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

June 13, 2022

Reedy Sonic 540.DR competition BL Drag racing motors

After months of work by their engineering and racing team, Reedy have announced the release of the Sonic 540.DR competition 1:10 brushless drag racing motor. Externally, the 540.DR looks much like its cousin, the 540-M4. But the heart of the motor is where the major changes can be found. A new stator with an updated profile, thicker laminations, and unique material has been crafted specifically for the requirements of drag racing. Ample torque off the line with heavy pull through the pass improve ET and consistency. A balanced, high-strength 13.5mm rotor suspended between precision ball bearings provides powerful performance pass after pass. To fine-tune for varying track conditions and surfaces, a variety of optional rotors are coming soon.

Source: Reedy [associatedelectrics.com]

June 7, 2022

Core RC Star Series brushless motors

Schumacher have introduced the Core RC ‘Star Series’ high performance, yet cost effective, fixed timing brushless motors. Available in 10.5T, 13.5T and 17.5 variants, they are ideal for spec classes and are the new control motor for BRCA F1 Stock Cars. The motors incorporate a slick looking design with simplicity in mind, providing great performance time after time. Supplied with a 160mm flat sensor lead they are rebuildable and use a strong 12.5mm rotor and high performance bearings.

View more images of the motor here

May 4, 2022

T-Works V10 G4 titanium motor screws

For the Hobbywing V10 G4, T-Works have produced these titanium motor screws. Replacing the standard steel screws that come with the motor, these new 64 titanium screws are lightweight and very strong and give that factory look to your motor.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

May 2, 2022

Reedy SC500X ESC & Sport 550 15T 3-slot motor

Tested and proven, Reedy’s SC500X is a simple to use, economical, and powerful ESC for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Excellent forward, brake and reverse feel, a wide range of adjustability, and robust hardware make the SC500X suitable for a variety of 1:10 on-road and off-road applications. This powerful, yet durable combination comes standard in Team Associated’s Apex 2 Hoonitruck truck but is suitable for a variety of vehicles where an economically priced brushed system is preferred. It now is available as a combo with the Sport 550 15T 3-Slot motor.

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April 29, 2022

Reedy SC1500-BL ESC & 680-SL4 2100kV motor combo

The all-new Reedy SC1500-BL brushless ESC is water-resistant for maximum durability. Its robust design installs in most 1:8 buggies, truggies, monster trucks and short course trucks. When paired with a Reedy 680-SL4 brushless motor, a potent combination of power and efficiency is created, resulting in quick acceleration, high top speeds, generous run times, and more fun. This powerful, wheelie-inducing ESC/motor combination comes standard in Team Associated’s MT8 monster truck, but is suitable for a variety of vehicles where ultimate power output is desired.

View the 680-SL4 brushless motor here