December 4, 2006

Bid for Mike Blackstock’s Motor and Cells

Mike Blackstock's Motor and Cells

Trinity are offering the actual cells and motor from Mike Blackstock’s car that turned the fastest lap during the entire US Indoor Champs week. The current bid is at $100 and the auction ends on the 6th of December so if you want them, you better get your bid in soon. The motors and cells also come with the new Trinity long sleeve tee that we featured a while back.

That’s right, you can have Mike Blackstocks motor and battery that he turned the fastest lap the whole week at the US Indoor Championships in Cleveland. Mike used a Trinity N40 motor and in the last round of 4 cell modified qualifying ran a fastest lap of 10.5 which was .2’s of a second faster than any other lap turned at the race.

You can view the Auction page here.

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November 22, 2006

Peak Vantage 07 electric motor

Peak Vantage 07

Our partner site has news about the new Peak Vantage 07 motor and according to their report, this is the same motor that powered David Spashett to his World Championship this year.

Main New Features
– Prepared for 5-Cells
– New housing
– New rotor with special soldering technique
– New 3.8mm brushes
– Plug connection to the speed controller

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November 6, 2006

Orcan Extreme motor cooler

Orcan Extreme motor cooler

New from Orcan is this ‘extreme motor cooler’. Now anything with ‘extreme’ in the name, no matter how uninteresting the actual product is, is bound to draw ones attention and this one did just that (plus it looks cool in the picture). Apparently once fitted into your electric car, in little or no time it manages to not just cool your motor, but bring it down to ‘Winter in Finland’ levels of coolness and keep it there. I dont need to explain why thats a good thing. Available now for EUR 89.

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October 23, 2006

TCS brings water cooling to Electric RC cars

TCS Water Cooling

English company TCS Cooling has developed this rather innovative water cooling system for electric rc cars. Using a small pump and front mounted radiator, pipes feed constantly cooled “non-conductive liquid” around the face of the electric motor keeping the temperature down, increasing performance and reducing damage.

The new Multi Patented TCS has been meticulously developed over the last 12 months to address the “Heat problem” and promises new levels of performance and reliability which can be fitted to your existing car.

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