April 19, 2022

Hobbywing XeRun V10 G4 motor

Hobbywing have announced their latest motor release, the XeRun V10 G4. Built for the ultra competitive Stock racing category, the V10 G4 has been tested and developed together with World and European champions. This new generation has been greatly optimised with the stator being redesigned for higher efficiency and is equipped with ultra high grade custom magnetic ring rotor for maximum torque and increasing the output power by 5%. The internal resistance has also been reduced by about 4% resulting in a more efficient and cooler temperature of the motor. The motor adopts a full exposed stator core and is directly exposed to the air for excellent heat dissipation. The outer diameter is maximised to increase the stator heat dissipation area by 25.6% compared to the V10 G3R motor. The motor is equipped with a high-precision endbell plate that uses high quality structural components to greatly improve the consistency and structural stability of the power output at all times. The V10 G4 adpots a modular structural design which is convenient for maintenance which prolongs the service life of the motor.

View more images of the XeRun V10 G4 here

February 7, 2022

Yokomo Zero 3 brushless motor

Yokomo have updated their popular Zero line of motors with the introduction of the heavily updated Zero 3. With five different turns ranging from 8.5T to 21.5T, the lineup is suitable for any category. The motor case, which has undergone some major changes, is no longer a single piece with the new design improving heat dissipation and reducing weight to the same level as race motors. Motor timing can be adjusted up to 60 degrees to match the power feeling settings on the ESC side for a variety of output characteristics. Not only is it a sensor type motor with excellent response, but it also has a dual sensor specification that allows the sensor cable connector to be installed in two places, making it a smart addition to any machine.

View more images of the Zero 3 here

January 28, 2022

R1 Wurks Volta line of motors

R1 Wurks have announced their all new Volta line of motors. The Volta motors lines up right next to their proven V21-S with 13.5, 17.5, 21.5 and 25.5 turn options. This motor produces a ton of punch, mid range and top end and its sleek can design is made for maximum cooling characteristics which helps with this motors efficiency during the longer runs. When testing these Volta Motors with team drivers, they were jumping triples that nobody else could consistently with minimal fade during the run. These motors come with the all new Volta long rotor for maximum torque/overall performance out of the box, no need for any upgrades.

Source: R1 Wurks [r1wurks.com]

January 10, 2022

PowerStar Sport 10.5T BK sensored brushless motor

From PowerStar comes this Sport 10.5T BK sensored brushless motor. A fairly standard package, the can has been machined from billet T6 aluminium. Internally, it uses high purity copper windings for maximum conductivity, high power solder tabs and has a replaceable rotor. It sports a dual sensor port, adjustable timing and is compatible with any sensored or sensorless speed controllers.

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December 21, 2021

Surpass Hobby 390 Rocket RC Supersonic BL motor

Surpass Hobby has launched a new 390 Rocket RC Supersonic sensored BL motor for 1/12 and 1/14 offroad, monster trucks & crawlers. Available in four different turns, 8.5T, 10.5T, 13.5T and 17.5T they feature a sealed, dustproof and waterproof design. The case is made from high-strength 7075 aluminium for efficient heat dissipation while internally they have used US made copper wire winding to create extremely low internal resistance. The 390 motor of rocket RC can be disassembled and reassembled to facilitate cleaning and maintenance and effectively prolong its service life.

View another angle of the 390 motor here

November 24, 2021

Surpass Hobby Rocket Supersonic power combo set

Surpass Hobby have introduced their new Rocket Supersonic power combo set. Featuring the new Rocket Supersonic motor which has a built-in temperature sensor and external sensor port, which combined with the Supersonic ESC creates a stronger protection against the motor overheating. In order to create a high-efficiency motor, the Surpass team repeatedly tested the design and settled on the use of an independent special mould for the Surpass stator using 0.2mm imported silicon steel sheet and the use of a super large diameter rotor (ø18.7mm) for extreme power. In addition, a professional manually wound vortex creates an extremely low internal resistance.

View info on the new Supersonic ESC here

October 14, 2021

Surpass Rocket RC Supersonic 380 BL motor

Surpass Hobby have released their new Rocket RC supersonic 380 sensored brushless motor. Compatible with all brands ESC, it is a standard 380 size motor and is great for upgrading 1/12 and 1/14 cars such as those from LC Racing and is available in 8.5T, 10.5T, 13.5T & 17.5T versions. The unique can design allows better heat dissipation and is made of high-strength 7075 imported aluminium alloy material with the motor only weighing ~96g. The internal resistance of the American copper wire winding is very low, while the powerful magnets and high grade rotor material provides plenty of power. The Japanese made NSK bearing complete the package making for a very smooth operation.

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October 5, 2021

Ruddog Products 23T 3-Slot Cup motor

Ruddog Products’ new 23 turn 3-Slot Cup motor is an ideal low-budget choice for endurance or club racing. The Cup motor is a perfect match for the ESCs included in entry-level on-road and off-road kits, and a ball bearing in the front end bell increases the efficiency and lifetime. A perfect motor for your first racing experience.

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