September 5, 2015

Alex Hagberg & Olly Jefferies – Exclusive Interview

…our 1/12th platform, and in the last few years a lot of my personal feedback has been directly implemented in the production versions of these cars. Olly: I work closely with Martin Hudy and Alex. Martin designs, while myself, Alex and US team race, test, and give feedback on parts. Usually we discuss ideas we have tested or feel we need to try, then Martin goes to the drawing board and comes back with a prototype to test. Xray is very efficient in producing new products, which is great for development and being able to test new parts quickly. Red…

September 18, 2014

Exclusive – Making the Xray T4’15

…a discussion with Francesco if there was anything we had forgotten in the 2015 update. He brought forward his recent problem of a tweaked chassis after a crash, where the tweak came from the motor mount. I could hardly believe this as I had never personally experienced this but just for any case I stopped the production the motor mount bulkhead! Francesco demonstrated by putting his car on the scales, and oddly tightened the motor mount – the result was a weight balance change. After some brainstorming about how we could make a tweak-free motor mount, I shared this issue…

June 19, 2014

Zen Racing touring car chassis tweak tool

New from Zen Racing comes this chassis tweak took for 1/10th touring cars. The set includes a carbon fibre board with rubber feet and a carbon fibre rod and it is very easy to use. Simply undo the top deck screws on the touring car, place the car on the flat plate and use the graphite tube to push the car down on the shock towers to flatten out the chassis. The tube has rubber end caps to protect the graphite while the board is made from a high quality carbon composite material ideal for the purpose. Source: Zen Racing…

March 9, 2014

VBC Racing LightningF Formula kit

…Super smooth and slop free VBC Racing center pivot – Side links made of a special VBC Racing blend to give maximum durability and a slop-free fit – 3mm tweak plate for durability – Side springs can be mounted in 2 different positions, in board on the pod for when you need the car to be more aggressive or outboard on the top of the side link for smoother corner entry and exit – Laterally mounted aluminium 7075 dampening tubes for smoothness * Front/rear diffusers, wheels, tires and car body are not included in this kit Source: VBC Racing []…

May 16, 2013

ROAR paved on-road nats – report

…the lead with Hebert a short distance behind. Closely following Burch Lemieux made a mistake which would tweak his bumper to the point of where he had to pulled it off. This gave Burch a fair size lead over Hebert, bad luck was around the corner for Burch as he got collected in the board with some back markers and a body tuck coming out of it would end his chance of A1 along with Lemieux. Hebert would then keep it steady to take the win in A1. A2 began as a replay of A1, Lemieux in pursuit of Burch…

July 16, 2011

Speedmerchant Xray XII conversion kit

…while the revised shock geometry offers more rear traction. The new chassis can accept the battery in 3 different positions, standard position, with over 1/2 inch for/aft adjustment, and offset/inline on either side of the chassis. They have also switched out the progressive springs for their linear tweak springs and moved them in-board, which they found to work much better on the lighter LiPo based cars. Finally they got rid of the single side to side damper for a pair of their proven damper tubes as they found the tubes to be much more consistent for racing. Source: Speedmerchant []…

February 6, 2011

Toy Fair 2011 – Xceed RC

Xceed have a number of new items on display at their stand including these setup systems for both 1/10th and 1/8th scale on road. Your conventional system in how it works, it features new plastic eccentric inserts that can be pre-set to the preferred tire size for more precise measurement and adjustment, while rubber feet prevent the blocks from sliding on your setup board. Coming in green anodised aluminium, it is supplied with the toe in plate and comes packed in a handy carry bag. Xceed also have their new tweak station, a standard affair in green, it will be…

January 25, 2009

In the year XII – Xray XII 1/12th scale

…the tweak screws to allow for an easy adjustment of the hardness of the item. Screwing the grub screws in the front holes makes for a softer feeling T-bar (and an easier to drive car), the rear location holes give a harder T-bar and thus a more responsible ride. As a very unique feature the XII offers a ‘Club Racing’ option for the T-bar assembly. This is in fact a plastic part that is used instead of the front pivot ball making it nearly impossible to build the car with a ‘tweaked’ T-bar because the usually used tweak screws to…

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