May 6, 2007

Alessio Mazzeo wins 1/10th scale European B championships

…drove a great final expeccially Alessio who had pool potition and won the final!!! 1. Mazzeo Alessio (I) – 170L 00:45:11.269 Serpent 720 2. Dankel Eric (D) – 169L 00:45:05.809 Mugen MTX-4 3. Ania Rocco (I) – 169L 00:45:12.872 G4S 4. Brown Stephen (GB) – 169L 00:45:15.812 Kyosho V-One RRR evo 5. Beat Walti (CH) – 166L 00:45:07.171 X Ray NT 1 6. Krause Ralf (D) – 165L 00:45:14.191 Serpent 7. Schär Traugott (CH) – 163L 00:45:10.418 X Ray NT 1 8. Slater Chris (GB) – 162L 00:45:00.171 Kyosho V-One RRR evo 9. Gilliland Mark (GB) – 154L 00:44:28.227 X…

May 5, 2007

Direct qualifiers – Interview

We have even more interviews from the EC ‘B’ event in Belgium, this time from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed qualifiers Jerome Renaux, Walti Beat and Eric Dankel. We have already interviewed the pole position sitter Alessio Mazzeo, so now its time to talk to his main competitors for the crown. Click here to read the full interviews… Drivers info: Renaux Jerome Belgium 24 years 15 years racing experience Sponsor: Wartelle modelisme What do you like about RC-Racing? The speed, the mechanic. I like to work on the setup, you can feel every setting change. Just fantastic What is…

May 5, 2007

1/10th European B Championships – Day 6

We again received a report from Youri Mestdag, who is present at this year European ‘B’ Championships in Roeselare, from the Saturday of the event, which saw the finalists finalised and the lower finals run. Today after the last qualifing we saw Belgian driver Jerome Renaux pop up into the main final with 20 laps in 05:12.053. He became second fastest behind Alessio Mazzeo who also made his best run for this event and both drivers will be joined by Eric Dankel amd Walti Beat in tomorrows main final. View the final running order and photos here… Let’s have a…

May 5, 2007

Alessio Mazzeo takes Euro ‘B’ pole position

…to take the position, demoting Dankel and Beat to 3rd and 4th and knocking Daan Jacobs out of the top 4 into 5th. The lower finals now take place today with the main finals being run tomorrow. Click here for the final top 20 qualifiers… Top 20 after qualifying is complete: 1. Mazzeo Alessio (I) 20L 00:05:06.678 2. Renaux Jerome (B) 20L 00:05:12.053 3. Dankel Eric (D) 20L 00:05:12.911 4. Beat Walti (CH) 20L 00:05:13.239 5. Jacobs Daan (NL) 20L 00:05:13.423 6. Walker-Catchpole Adam (GB) 20L 00:05:13.854 7. Brown Stephen (GB) 20L 00:05:13.865 8. Tomaschko Daniel (A) 20L 00:05:14.392 9….

May 4, 2007

1/10th European B Championships – Day 5

…qualifying report here… Today we started with the first qualifying rounds for this European championship. A little bit cloudy today, but no rain for now. Lets see how the drivers have been doing today. Round 1 The Swiss driver, Walti Beat, started with a very good run this morning and takes the first place after the first round. The Dutchman, Daan Jacobs, has taken second place after his first run. Followed by Gareth Bell in third place. Let’s have a look at the times of the top 10 after round 1 : 1. Walti Beat CH 20 5:14.277 2. Jacobs…

May 4, 2007

1/10th European B Championships – Day 4

…3rd going to Kyosho racer Mark Kriesig. But if we were to look only at individual lap times from the information we can access it would put Erik Dankel from Germany on top with a 15.255 followed by Jerome Renaux (15.267), Alessio Mazzeo (15.294), Walti Beat (15.426) and Stephen Brown (15.433). Qualifying proper starts today (Friday) with 3 rounds, with the final round being run on Saturday morning and all are xpected to be run under sunny conditions. Click here to see some pictures from today… Check out the final heat order here. Thanks to Ruben again for the pics….

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