January 13, 2007

Jilles Groskamp heads free practice at DHI Cup

Jilles Groskamp

The 2007 DHI Cup is now underway and with the track surface gaining grip, and the competitors learning the lines, we can now start to get a feel for who is fast at this event. Jilles Groskamp heads up the timing sheets, however the fastest laptime belongs to Marc Reinard on a 14.32 with Jilles on a 14.41. Alexander Hagberg is showing that he wants in on the action, ending the practice day in 2nd place ahead of World Champion Andy Moore, with Associated racer Juho Levanen in 4th. Practice is just that however and the real competition starts tomorrow and those racers who were holding back today will show their real hand. We will update you again after qualifying.

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January 12, 2007

2007 DHI Cup begins today

2007 DHI Cup

So its time for the DHI Cup once again, held every year in Denmark it is the first major European race of year and attracts the major name racers from around the world. This year is no exception with the likes of all dominant US racer Paul LeMieux, Jilles Groskamp, former World Champion Marc Rheinard as well as current World Champion Andy Moore and of course lets not forget GP Carpet World Cup winner Teemu Leino.

The event will be covered by RC Zone with live results here, and some daily reports here. We will provide summaries of the days racing as we get it. Today, Friday, consists of 2 practice sessions for each racer and then it is straight into qualifying tomorrow and what makes this event more exciting is that it will be the first major event contested under the new EFRA ruling of 5 cells with minimum weight of 1350grams.

January 12, 2007

Giuseppe de Liguori wins the Trofeo del Granducato

Trofeo del Granducato

Last weekend saw the 12th running of the “Trofeo del Granducato” in Italy and saw 79 drivers in attendance. Qualifying saw Xray racer Guido Barbera take the TQ ahead of Costanzo and Marletta, but in the finals Barbera’s luck ran out and could only manage 7th position at the end. The event was won by Giuseppe de Liguori who won 2 of the finals to take the overall win with Costanza taking 2nd position ahead of 3rd placed Marco Gennari.

You can read the full report from the event here.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

January 11, 2007

Team Associated TC5 Update

Asssociated TC5

The Team Associated TC5 prototype electric car has been around for a while now and has been performing quite well, and is still being developed, but it seems that the car is a step closer to being released with the latest images of the car showing the use of some production ready parts. RC Zone has some images taken at last weekends Novak US Touring car championships that show Rick Hohwarts car in detail as well as some more info on the car itself.

The major parts that carry over from previous cars are the shock bodies, VCS2, Springs, Ballcups, Tierods, Diff Hardware, Ballstuds, Body Posts. Another detail is that the new car will feature screws with 2mm metric threads. The bearings will also be all metric spec. The aluminium parts will also be anodised blue like on other Associated Factory Team cars.

Read the full report and view more pictures here.

Source: RC Zone [rczone.net]

January 10, 2007

Wayne Mah wins Rd2 of Canada West Indoor Champs

Canada West Indoor Champs

Xray have a report on their site on round 2 of the Western Canadian Indoor Championships held in Edmonton. The race was very well attended and Xray dominated the event in both numbers and in outright performance, winning all classes and taking up most of the runner up spots too. In modified class it was Wayne Mah that led home a top 4 finish for Xray whilst in Stock and 19T it was Rod Littau and Dwayne Flodell respectively that took home the class wins.

The new T2-007 debut its agility and quickness in its first test in the hands of the Canadian top guns earned the TQ position immediately, only to be challenged by other 007 drivers throughout the weekend.

You can read the full report here.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

January 9, 2007

RC Atomic VDS II GTP 1/24th scale body

RC Atomic new Mini-Z GTP body

Atomic RC have released pictures of the design they have made for their upcoming 1/24th scale VDS II GTP body. As you can see from the picture the new body has a much more aggressive look than the original and also sports a lot of aerodynamic tweaks, making this a body something to look forward to, when released.

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January 8, 2007

Novak US Touring Car Champs – Final A Main results

Novak US Touring Car Champs

Now we know that Paul LeMieux dominated the proceedings at the Novak Touring Car Championships but only after the full triple main results were posted do we know who followed Paul home. In the modified class it was a close call for 2nd and 3rd with both Mike Dumas and Billy Easton sharing equal points but Mike getting the decision for the 2nd spot thanks to what appears to be the faster time, while in the 19T class it was Barry Baker who finished 2nd with Josh Cyrul ending in 3rd place.

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January 8, 2007

Worksop club Grand Opening race

Neil Cragg Worksop

Last weekend saw the reopening of the famous Worsksop circuit in the UK. This indoor track caters for off road and on road using the same track but with obvious alterations for the different classes. In attendance, and in top form in the 2wd buggy class, was current World Champion Neil Cragg who dominated both qualifying and the race, whilst in the 4wd buggy class it was Adam Skelding who, despite a terrible start, went on the win the event. In the touring car class another World Champion, Andy Moore, was also in attendance along with top racers Olly Jefferies and Ben Cosgrove, the latter running in the new EFRA 5 cell configuration, and who managed to be very competitive until a broke pinion took him out at the start of the finals.

You can read the full report on the event here.

Source: Mirage Racing [mirageracing.com]