December 11, 2006

Mercedes 1/8th scale CLK GT

Mercedes 1/8th scale CLK GT

Apparently the 1/8th scale GT class is still popular in Japan and development continues to find better bodyshells to make a rather badly handling class handle better. The fruits of that development, and the results of a lot of testing, is this rather nice looking Mercedes CLK GT body that is set for release before the end of the year. So if you are into a more authentic form of racing but don’t want to put up with ill handling then this body may be of interest to you.

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December 10, 2006

Meen Vejrak dominates 2006 Reedy Race of Asia

Reedy Race Asia

A quick update from the 2006 Reedy Race of Asia that was held this weekend at the Thang RC Raceway in Thailand. It was Kyosho driver Meen Verjak all the way as he won the Modified and Stock classes in perfect style. In Modified class Meen won the first 2 finals and sat out the last main to win the event ahead of Australian Tamiya driver Bradd Vercoe in 2nd with Hot Bodies racer Porapong Raganarat finishing in 3rd. In the stock class it was a perfect score again for Thai racer Meen Vejrak, the Kyosho racer winning all 3 A-mains to easily take the title ahead of local Tamiya racer Paphon Chanyasak in 2nd with Associated racer Tanit Kachchapananda rounding out the podium in 3rd.

We hope to get images soon. Hit the jump for the final standings… content

December 10, 2006

Fabiano Franco wins the 2006 Brazilian Nationals

2006 Brazilian Nationals

Under a sunny December sky Fabiano Franco, driving an Xray T2, has won the 2006 Brazilian National Championships held last weekend. Having qualified in second position for the finals he had some good luck in the first final when pole man ….. had esc problems allowing Fabiano to take the lead and the win. Battling with Flávio Salinet for the other 2 finals Fabiano managed to fend of the attentions of his Xray team mate the win the 2nd and 3rd finals to take the overall title.

After the start, Fabiano was in 1st and Flávio was in 2nd … this was the order to the end. Flávio tried to pass Fabiano but his tires cooked when he forced his car, so Fabiano Franco won with Flávio Salinet on 2sec behind.

You can read the full report with pictures and a video here.

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December 9, 2006

BMI DB12 close to leaving prototype stage


The prototype 1/12th scale car from BMI, the DB12, is nearing the final stages of its prototype phase and if everything goes according to plan in its final test it should be going into production in the very near future. I will let the designer himself give you the low down on this new chassis.

The new prototype will have newly redesigned pods and slightly altered suspension. The new rear suspension has proved itself to give the progressive spring tension of a T bar when twisted and only relies on the center shock for compression. Another high point of this car is its battery placement. It is adjustable and offers a more rearward battery position of any car on the market for the most amount of steering possible and allows you to move them forward also for a more toned down feel. I am working with IRS with this kit and will be including their new nickle teflon coated shock, axle, battery locator plates and 7075 aluminum hard coated front and rear pivot balls. I will be including boca bearings in the kit also.

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December 8, 2006

The Tamiya MSXX

Tamiya MSXX

The Tamiya MSXX was shown for the first time at the Tamiya World Cup event held last month and it has been talked about a lot since. What we know is that it’s basically the same as the Rheinard edition but it it has been downgraded to have dual one-way units, steel screws and steel axles to make it more affordable. If you didnt know already, now you do.

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December 8, 2006

Tech Racing MY07 Medusa EX – now in Purple

Tech Racing MY07 Medusa EX

Well the title pretty much sums up were this story is going. The MY07 Medusa EX from Tech Racing, that we wrote about at the start of November and that only went on sale 3 weeks ago, is now available in a purple anodised version too. The original run of this car was available in both pink and blue so you have until the day after Christmas, when it becomes available, to make up your mind on which of the 3 versions you want.

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December 8, 2006

Markus Feldmann wins the Western round of German Champs

Markus Feldmann

Markus Feldmann has won the most recent round of the German electric national series for the Western region held last weekend at the Viol Race track. Driving his Xray he only managed third in qualifying after some problems but managed to source and fix the issue before going on to win 2 out of the 3 finals to take the overall win in Modifed class.

The second A-main went well again, though I got hit by another car when I was already in the lead again and it took me back to 5th position… but I managed to get back into 2nd position 0.4 seconds behind the leader before time expired, so I took 2nd position.

You can read Makus’s full race report here.

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December 7, 2006

Joel Myrberg to race for Associated

Joel Myrberg

RC Touring have the news that top Xray racer Joel Myrberg has left the Slovakian manufacturer to race for Team Associated in 2007. Joel will make his race debut at next months DHI cup in Denmark were he will Join Drescher and Levanen in driving the TC5 prototype. This is the second top driver confirmed to be leaving Team Xray after Viktor Wilck was confirmed to be joining Tamiya on Tuesday. This of course comes after the signing of top French race Cyril N’Diaye and of course former European Champion Teemu Leino who joined from Schumacher, so there is obviously a major shake up at Xray going on.

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