February 10, 2007

2007 Snowbird Nationals – Qualifying

Snowbird Nationals

As everyone in RC already knows, the planets biggest RC race is taking place this week in Orlando Florida, the 13th Annual Snowbird Nationals. We have already covered some news from the event but until now haven’t covered the happenings at the track itself. Our site sponsors, The Border, are present at the track to support their team driver Jilles Groskamp, who is 2nd in Pro Mod qualifying after 3 rounds, before heading on to next weeks Winternats in Ft Myers and they have sent us some images.

In the image above you can see the new Serpent electric touring car, as driven in foam class by designer Rene Cornella, who while having troubles adapting to his first electric event is improving the cars set up, whilst Rafael Angula, who is running rubber, is just outside the top ten in both 19t and Stock. At the head of the field after 3 rounds it is Barry Baker driving for Xray that tops Pro Mod followed by Jilles and Paul LeMieux both also for Xray whilst in 19T it is LeMieux for Xray thats in front ahead of Japanese HB racer Atsushi Hara with Juho Levanen with the new Associated TC5 in 3rd.

Check out the results, and a lot more pictures here… content

February 9, 2007

Australian National Offroad Champs – Qualifying

Australian gas off road Nats

Our partner site RubeDude have a report from todays first rounds of qualfying for the Australian National Offroad Champs held in Shepparton, Victoria. After another scorching day at the track it is Matt Griffin who is heading the standings in the buggy class with only 1 round of qualifying left to do, with Ari Bakla in second with his TM M1B and not much further behind are Martin Wolhuter and Craig Laughton in 3rd and 4th driving a Hong Nor and Hot Bodies respectively. In the truggy class, Martin Wolhuter has a slender margin ahead of Justin Millan and Logan Bruecher whilst in the Stadium trucks Craig Laughton tops the leader board from Ron Maya and Zac Ryan.

Read the full report from todays, and also yesterdays, action here.

Source: Rube Dude [rubeduderc.com]

February 9, 2007

New M-Mod parts for Mugen MTX-4 and MRX-4

M-Mod parts MRX

MID in Germany, the Mugen Seiki importer for Europe, have released some new M-Mod parts for the Mugen MTX-4 and MRX-4. For the Mugen MTX-4 1/10th 200mm MID have produced a new backplate for the car as well as a middle shaft carrier, both pieces maching from high grade aluminium. For the MRX-4 and MRX-4R 1/8th scale circuit car they have the same parts available but of course made for the bigger car. All parts are grey anodised and sport the engraved M-Mod logo. In the near future expect to see similar parts available for different manufacturers cars under the ALL-Mod product line such as X-Mod for Xray, K-Mod for Kyosho, S-Mod for Serpent, C-Mod for Crono and U-Mod for universal parts.

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February 9, 2007

Back Torque Limiter from Straight

Back Torque Limiter from Straight

This miniature electronic gadget you see above, on its own and mounted to the top of a receiver in a 1/12th scale car, is a Back Torque Limiter. Made by Straight Ltd in Japan this rather smart piece of wizadry is essentially an adjustable braking device which not only helps your car brake smoother but also reduces damage to the motor as well. I dont know how it does all this and even if the site wasnt only in Japanese i probably wouldnt be able to figure it out anyway.

Source: Straight Ltd [cna.ne.jp/~straight] via Kimihiko Yano [kimihiko-yano.net]

February 9, 2007

Team Checkpoint – Hara and Tebo edition modified motors

Team Checkpoint Hara and Tebo edition motors

O’Donnell racing have released these 2 new special Atsushi Hara and Jared Tebo edition Team Checkpoint modified motors. Available in a variety of different winds and configurations, these motors are ROAR approved and claim to be the same specifications as used by their champions drivers.

More economical than brushless while still designed to go more races between rebuilds and without sacrificing the performance drivers demand, the Checkpoint motor components are precision engineered using state-of-the-art materials. Also available are several new armature winds, “hard” motor springs and our newest modified motors designed especially for 4-cell racing.

Source: RCCA [radiocontrolzone.com]

February 9, 2007

Futaba release 3PM with 2.4GHz FASST System

Futaba 3PM 2.4GHz Fasst System

Following on the back of the release of the Airtronics mid level 2.4GHz radio, comes Futabas mid level 2.4GHz radio, the 3PM. Expected to be released in mid March, this new radio uses the companies FASST (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology) technology, and this has been built into the transmitter, doing away with the need for a separate module.

The 2.4GHz modulation is wired directly into the transmitter circuitry so there’s no separate module to plug in. On-road and touring drivers will appreciate the unbeatable combination of precision and convenience that the FASST 2.4GHz system offers. More great “driver-friendly” features of the 2.4GHz FASST system include:
– Constant shifting within frequencies – no more signal conflicts or waiting for a frequency to open up.
– “Auto-Detect” instantly determines whether HRS or PPM mode is active in the transmitter.
– Fail Safe for both the transmitter (in case of interference) and the receiver (in the event of low voltage).

Source: RCCA [radiocontrolzone.com]

February 8, 2007

New engines from Novarossi World

Novarossi motors 2007

Novarossi World have introduced these 3 new high end competition motors, suitable for use in multiple disciplines. First off is the Plus 353 Race, a new .12 engine for the 200mm touring car class, that boasts an impressive 1.68 hp with maximum revs of 42,000rpm, this EFRA legal 3 port engine features ceramic bearings and has an 11.90mm crankshaft. The next engine up is the Plus 359 Race, a 3.5cc .21 engine for circuit racing that features an incredible 9 ports, ceramic bearings throughout, and boasts 2.90 hp and a maximum rpm of 38,700. The final new motor is another 3.5cc beast, the Plus 367 Buggy, for off road use that has the most horse power of all the 3 engines, with Novarossi claiming that this 7 port engine can get 2.97 hp and can punch out 35,000rpm. Both the .21 engines feature 14.5mm crankshafts.

Source: Eco Model [ecomodel.it]

February 8, 2007

Josh Cyrul modified Kyosho Stallion TF-5

CEFX touring car

More car sightings from the Snowbirds, this time we get to see Josh Cyruls self modified electric touring car, which looks based on a Kyosho Stallion TF-5. I don’t know if this car has been seen before, but what is very interesting (click image to make larger) is the one piece carbon fiber bulkhead and chassis stiffener. This layout allows you to run without a high C of G top deck, yet still benefit from a stiff chassis, and I’m pretty sure its a lighter system than the conventional approach taken by other manufacturers. The car also features other self made parts including the chassis, steering blocks as well as the entire, centrally mounted, steering system.

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