April 25, 2007

Ronald Voelker wins German Indoor Nats

Ronald Völker wins German Indoor Nats

The race happened 2 weeks ago already but the results and pictures from the 2007 German Indoor Nationals have only come out now. The race took place at the permanent indoor track, Hallenstrecke des Megadroms Geilenkirchen, and was open to both standard and modified classes. In the Modified class it was Ronald Voelker that took the dominant win, driving his Hot Bodies Cyclone, while 2nd position went to Xray racer Steven Weiss with 3rd position falling to the young Kyosho driver Christopher Krapp. In the standard class it was Heinz-Jurgen Kalinowski that took the win, taking 2 final wins to finish ahead of 2nd placed Patrick Pasch with 3rd spot going to to Dominik Reschke.

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April 25, 2007

Gerd Strenge – Official Statement

The Real Durango

We have been contacted by Gerd Strenge, designer of the Durango 4wd electric buggy, to make a statement regarding some very disturbing news about, what basically amounts to theft by Belgian firm Aero Racing. As some of you may be aware, 2 weekends ago was the first race of the UK Nationals for off road and at that event a new firm was present called Aero Racing, claiming to have produced a new car called the A-One which was ‘based’ on the Durango, and they also claimed to have bought the full concept from Mr Strenge. This turns out to be a complete lie and, despite contact with Aero Racing by Gerd, they continue to use Gerds name and the Durango name to promote this rip off.

The text above is the opinion of Red RC, not that of Gerd Strenge.

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April 24, 2007

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19T truggy

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19T Truggy
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A long time back, we showed you some CAD images of the new Kaos DT-19T truggy from OCM Racing, which at the time was still a concept on a computer screen. Well as you can see in the picture above the truggy is now real and judging by the picture it looks pretty good. No other details have been announced but to have a closer look and judge for yourself click the image.

UPDATE: Rube Dude have some pictures of the truggy in action, which you can view here.

Source: OCM Racing [ocmracing.com]

April 24, 2007

Hot Bodies Cyclone D4 optional parts

Hot Bodies Cyclone D4

HPI / Hot Bodies will start shipping a whole lot of new optional parts for their 4wd electric buggy, the Cyclone D4. Some new parts offer new tuning possibilites such as the new rear side suspension blocks that now come in 2.0 and 2.5 degrees of toe-in, in place of the standard 3.0 degrees that comes with the car. Other tuning parts are the new purple anodised rear hubs that offer now 0.5 and 1.0 degree of toe-in as well as adding strength to the area due to the use of aluminium. Also available are some new matched springs in different ratings, aluminium wheel hubs for extra strength and reduced flex, a front one way shaft and finally just for looks are some new flourescent yellow wheels.

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April 24, 2007

HB Cyclone brushless motor mount

HB Cyclone brushless motor mount

Hot Bodies have announced that they will be shipping this new motor mount for their World Championship winning Cyclone touring car. Available in 3 anodised colours; purple, blue and black, the new motor mount is made especially for mounting brushless motors by providing more space to allow you to use up to 110 teeth on the spur gear. This is done by allowing the motor be mounted further away from the center shaft.

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April 24, 2007

New Medial Pro wheels

New Medial Pro wheels

A quick piece from our site partners Neo Buggy about this new wheel from French manufacturer, Medial Pro. The wheel, which will be available from next week, does everything an off road wheel needs to do, its strong, light and fits all buggies and if disc wheels with slits in them float your boat, then this is the perfect wheel for you.

Source: Neo Buggy [neo-buggy.net]

April 24, 2007

Niki Duina wins Rd1 of Italian 200mm Nats

Niki Duina

Last weekend at the ultra fast Melzo track near Milan, Italy’s top drivers came together for the first round of the 2007 Italian 1/10th scale nationals. In qualifying it was Alberto Picco, driving a Mugen that took the top qualifying position ahead of Kyosho racer Danielle Ielasi in 2nd, while 3rd position went to another Kyosho racer, Francesco Tironi. In the 45 minute main final, it was Tironi that was the first retirement dropping out of his front running position after only 12 minutes which left pole man Picco and Xray racer Niki Duina (above left) to battle it out for the win. When Picco ran into some trouble, which dropped him back, Duina was able to take advantage by pulling out a large lead and go on to take the win by 3 laps ahead of Picco with a closing D’angelo finishing in 3rd position.

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April 24, 2007

Robert Pietsch dominates Rd1 German Region South Series

German Region South Series

Last weekend, the MAC Nürnberg hosted the first round of the German Region South Series at their track, the Nürnberg Zollhausring. The event was open to both 1/8th and 1/10th scale classes and in the 1/8th scale class it was Robert Pietsch, driving the new Shepherd Velox prototype, that took the pole position ahead of Kyosho racer Andreas Hammerl who qualified 2nd with Philip Eberle in 3rd. In the race it started well for Pietsch, but a coming together with a few back markers dropped him back to 5th which allowed Hammerl to take the lead, but the Shepherd racer was able to work his way back up to 1st to win by 2 laps at the flag. Andreas Hammerl finished 2nd with Serpent racer Michael Eisele in 3rd.

In the 1/10th scale class it was Thomas Günsel, driving the Xray NT1, that took the pole spot from team mates Robert Pietsch and Dirk Wischnewski, who qualified 2nd and 3rd respectively. In the race it was Robert Pietsch that could take the win after pole man Günsel ran into troubles which also allowed Wischnewski move up into 2nd at the end with Christoph Pietsch claiming the final podium spot in 3rd.

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