December 4, 2006

Bid for Mike Blackstock’s Motor and Cells

Mike Blackstock's Motor and Cells

Trinity are offering the actual cells and motor from Mike Blackstock’s car that turned the fastest lap during the entire US Indoor Champs week. The current bid is at $100 and the auction ends on the 6th of December so if you want them, you better get your bid in soon. The motors and cells also come with the new Trinity long sleeve tee that we featured a while back.

That’s right, you can have Mike Blackstocks motor and battery that he turned the fastest lap the whole week at the US Indoor Championships in Cleveland. Mike used a Trinity N40 motor and in the last round of 4 cell modified qualifying ran a fastest lap of 10.5 which was .2’s of a second faster than any other lap turned at the race.

You can view the Auction page here.

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December 4, 2006

HoBao Hyper Truggy RTR

HoBao RTR are claiming the scoop on the first pictures of the new RTR from HoBao. This car as you can see is not actually ready to run, what with it having no engine, exhaust or radio gear but of course the final sale versions will have everything included. This particular car will be raced by Joseph Quagraine in the truggy class at this months Neo Invitational race.

You can view all the exclusive pictures here.

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December 3, 2006

Teemu Leino wins the GP TC Carpet World Cup

Teemu Leino

Teemu Leino, in his first race for Xray has won the 2006 GP Batteries sponsored Touring Car Carpet World Cup held at the CRF Power Raceway in Switzerland. Having taken 4 wins, a second position and a non finish the Finnish racer was unstoppable and could take the win, albeit on dropped scores, from current World and European Champion Andy Moore driving for Hot Bodies. Next up in the 3rd and 4th were the Team Associated Prototypes of Juho Levanen and Craig Drescher, showing the potential of this new car before its release.

After the race the top 10 finishers fought the title of the Lord of Touring and this race was won by Andy Moore who drove superbly but wasnt challenged by the event winner Leino whose car was still tweaked after his non finish in the last round of racing.

You can see the top 10 results here… content

December 3, 2006

Robitronic Avid Touring Car

Robitronic Avid

At this weekends TC Carpet World Cup, German firm Robitronic have one of their new 190mm touring car protoypes present at the races. Named the Avid, this belt drive car belongs to Swiss Robitronic driver Mischa Kroos who was up at the sharp end of the Open Class at this event. The car looks nice with some nice lines and this particular car sports an aluminium C-Hub system but i dont know if thats a proto part, optional or standard feature.

You can check out more images from the car here.

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December 2, 2006

TC Carpet World Cup – Saturday

TC Carpet World Cup

Ok, Saturday is were the TC Carpet World Cup becomes confusing with the drivers split off into 2 different classes after 3 rounds of qualifying, the Open class is for those racers ranked 33-120 and the World Cup class for the top 32 qualifiers. And fastest of all racers was Teemu Leino making his race debut for Xray ahead of World Champion Andy Moore driving his Hot Bodies cyclone in 2nd with another Xray racer Jilles Groskamp in 3rd.

The Open class continued with for 2 more rounds qualifying whilst the World Cup class had 2 of their main finals today, with their starting position for the race determined randomly. Teemu Leino, Sacha Lnenicka, Jilles Groskamp and Jean-Marc Betticher all won their first round finals whilst in the second round it was Juho Levanen, Andy Moore, Jean-Marc Betticher and Teemu Leino who took wins in their finals with Betticher and Leino the only racers to achieve a perfect score so far.

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December 2, 2006

ROAR continue with 6 cells for 2007


US governing body ROAR have made a final decision to use 6 cells in their sanctioned electric events for 2007 after playing around with the idea of running 4 cell for the new season. This move away from 6 cells caused much heated debate on internet forums and in the end it was decided by ROAR that not enough was known about the implication of such changes and as such they will stay with the current configuration for next year.

At this time ROAR has determined that there is not enough information to make an informed decision as to the best direction to take in 2007. Regarding the number of cells in all classes there will be no change to the existing rules. ROAR will monitor the international developments of four and five cell racing and after careful evaluation, make its determination for the 2008 rules when appropriate.

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December 1, 2006

2006 CWC controlled practice – Andy Moore fastest

Andy Moore

After fridays controlled practice at the 2006 GP Touring car Carpet World Cup, Andy Moore was fastest, the current World and European Champion driving for Hot Bodies was less than a second ahead of Dutch Xray driver Jilles Groskamp who ended the day 2nd. Juho Levanen driving the prototype belt driven Team Associated car was third fastest whilst Teemu Leino making his debut for Xray was 4th fastest. Todays running is of course only an indication of the who will may come out on top as the main competition starts tomorrow.

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December 1, 2006

Xray announce the M18 PRO

Xray M18 PRO

Xray have today announced the pretty cool M18 PRO, the all carbon version of their popular 1/18th shaft drive electric car. Resembling its bigger brother the T2007, the new PRO features the Xray patented Flex chassis, externally adjusted ball diffs, proper wheel mounting and coil over shocks and of course the, by now, famous Xray quality.

You can find more information on the M18 PRO here.

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