March 20, 2007

2007 FEMCA Championships, Jakarta

2007 FEMCA Championships, Jakarta

This years FEMCA Championships will take place on the 25th – 27th of May on the Jakarta International Twin Circuit in Indonesia. This will be the biggest on road gas race in Asia this year with all the top drivers from the surrounding countries coming to the event to win their regional championships. The event will run controlled fuel, similar to the situation at last years Worlds in Brisbane, and the fuel chosen by the organisers is Meccamo Racing Fuel. All the other details can be found on the event site which you can find here.

March 20, 2007

Andy Griffiths dominates 1/12th Mod

Andy Griffiths

We have reported on the exploits of Andy Griffiths before and last weekend he managed to make it a clean sweep in 1/12th modified class by winning ALL rounds in this years championship. This last round of the championship took place in Hereford and all drivers were greeted with a big fast track and a technical infield. Andy claimed the pole position and from there proceeded to win the first leg of the finals, despite some mistakes near the end of the race. In the second final he damaged his car which put him out of the final which left Keith Robertson to take the win leg 2 and leaving it all to play for in the 3rd final, but once Andy got out in front he was never to be headed and took the final leg 3 win and with it the overall event win.

Read the full race report here.

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March 20, 2007

Horta and Morganti win FORGASS Rd7


Last weekend saw round 7 of the FORGASS championship held at the Charlotte RC Raceway under sunny skies. In the 1/10th scale it was Winternats finalist, and winner of FORGASS round 6, Danny Horta driving a Serpent 720 that once again took the win, this time backed up by team mate Gianni Giorgio who came home in 2nd with Mugen racer Andrew Duperrouzel finishing in 3rd. In the 1/8th scale it was Paolo Morganti all the way, the Serpent 960 driver claiming TQ by 4 seconds and then going on to win the race, setting the fastest lap on the way. Phillip Abed came home in 2nd position, 2 laps back on Morganti and 4 laps up on Joe Sumasky who finished 3rd.

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March 20, 2007

Luxembourgs MCCK track gets a facelift

Luxembourg MCCK

The people at Luxembourgs MCCK track have begun work on altering their World famous cork screw corner that provided so many drivers at the 2004 European Championships, as well as VRC users, with so many challenges. As you can see from the picture, the corner will turn right at the bottom of the original corkscrew instead of left and go back up hill and into a double left and then dropping in another corkscrew corner before rejoining the original track. The alterations should be ready in time for the new season.

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March 20, 2007

Teddy Syach dominates BSD Invitational

BSD Invitational

Teddy Syach has proven himself to be the class of the field at last weekend BSD Invitational held at the BSD Super Traxxx circuit in Indonesia. In 1/10th scale, Serpent driver Syach managed to claim the TQ spot and could convert it into a 3 lap win in the main final finishing ahead of 2nd place Tons with Awie in 3rd. In the 1/8th scale class it was a repeat performance with Teddy winning the race by 1 lap ahead of Ricardo in 2nd and young Arya Rido in 3rd with Teddy claiming the fastest lap of the race as he did also in 1/10th.

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March 20, 2007

K-Factory G4 Flash-Pit Nylon Hub Set

K-Factory hubs for Team Magic G4

K-Factory has announced the release of these new inserts for their quick release front and rear “hubs” that allow the user to have the benefit of these lighter uprights and steering blocks but now being able to use the standard IFMAR legal non quick release wheel axles. These hubs are 20% lighter than the stock versions that come with the G4 and are still strong enough to withstand impacts and the rear uprights have the benefit of allowing you to change the rear roll center by placing spacers beneath the rear upper linkage connector.

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March 19, 2007

LRP release the IPC V8.1 Generation+

LRP IPC V8.1 Generation+

The LRP IPC V7.1 controller had amassed somewhat of a legendary status thanks to its success and popularity, and now LRP have released the follow up to that legend, the IPC V8.1 Generation+. The new integrated V8.1 Technology has even better driving feel and 25 power maps for fine tuning making this speed control a first choice for tough competition environments. Special highlights include adjustable automatic brake for onroad and adjustable initial brake for off road models – for excellent brake control. Another new controller from LRP is the V4.1 Generation+ which is based on the World Champion technology of the legendary V7.1 controller combined with the spirit of the new IPC V8.1 Generation+. Although the V4.1 has the original IPC technology, it has been adapted for street and fun racers.

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March 19, 2007

RC Zone Live Webcast from RCX 2007

RCX 2007

We just got dropped an e-mail from the guys over at RC Zone telling us about their upcoming Live Webcast from this years RCX show that takes place in Pomona California on the 31st if March till the 1st of April. The webcast will be streaming live interviews, track demos including the Supercross Challenge, and showcasing some of the latest products throughout both days. It is completely free to view and no registration is required. A chatroom will be made available for members to simultaneously discuss the latest happenings and product releases. The entire webcast will be archived and broken in to separate videos for download after the show for those who can’t tune in.

Be sure to checkout during the event to see this great coverage.