December 20, 2006

David Crompton confirmed for Team Magic

David Crompton confirmed for Team Magic

After David Cromptons debut last weekend at the Neo Invitational in which he drove the all new Team Magic M1B and got into the main final, it seem obvious that the British Champion was destined to race this car in 2007, and now it has been confirmed.

CML are very excited about having the top driver in British Rallycross to help bring this car to the market and look forward to a enjoyable and fruitful season. David will be joined in the Team Magic camp by Dave Bailey, another top driver from the CML stable and we believe with these two drivers we have very strong driver line up to promote the M1-B.

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December 20, 2006

Elliott Harper claims 2nd at Rd3 of Rug Racers

Elliot Harper Rug Racers

Elliot Harper has written a report on his first race with the HB Cyclone Moorespeed at round 3 of the Rug Racers championships held at the indoor circuit at Ware.  Elliott could only manage 2nd place in qualifying due to being in a slower heat after a late entry to the event but performed well in the race with only a few small mistakes meaning he could take 2nd position overall.

The second “A” final was a rerun of the first, but at a faster pace than earlier races. This made it both enjoyable driving as well as good spectator sport. All was going well and I was comfortably in 2nd place until the pen ultimate lap when I clipped a corner damaging my servo horn affecting the steering forcing retirement, but still managing a 3rd placed finish. Overall on the day I finished 2nd.

Read the full report from Elliott here.

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December 19, 2006

Schumacher Mi3 190mm touring car

Schumacher Mi3

Yet more new touring cars, this time from British manufacturer Schumacher who are working hard on their new 190mm touring car. The Mi3 has been doing the rounds at various tracks in prototype stage in order to test its response to various track conditions and of course when you go racing your picture will get taken. Little is known except what one can see in the image and that is that it’s dual belt drive as one would expect from a modern touring car, it seems to be extremely low with the center axles mounted higher than the blocks and the most noticeable thing is how narrow the chassis plate is.

UPDATE: You can view 3 more large images of the car here, here and here.

Schumacher weren’t so happy that photos of their new baby were put on RC Tech and so posted this reply… content

December 19, 2006

MRC Academy seeking US team drivers

MRC Academy

Our partner site RC Forum are reporting that MRC Academy USA are seeking team drivers for their home market to race their off road buggies. Read the requirements below and see if you fit the bill.

MRC/ACADEMY (USA) is looking for OFFROAD Team Drivers. Currently we have about 20 drivers on our team, that is very small amount to represent this big market. We are looking for above average racers, with a professional track attitude, and vast chassis/setup knowledge. If you are, or know someone that would like to run for us, that is an accomplished racer, and that has the qualities to represent a company like us, please e-mail me your racing resume to I will answer every single e-mail, no matter if we decide to bring you on as a team driver or not. I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your time.

So if you are pretty decent on the dirt this could turn out to be a pretty sweet deal.

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December 19, 2006

Mike Dumas and Team Brood split

Dumas and Team Brood split

So i was reading RC Tech and i came across this thread regarding Mike Dumas started by some bitter muppet with a chip on his shoulder regarding his breach of contract with Team Brood, but i like a bit of gossip so i kept reading and it turns out that there is some truth to the rumor. The breech of contract was been confirmed by Team Brood owner Eddie O who rather unprofessionally proceeded to air his dirty laundry and to also disclose certain pay related terms of their contract. Mike hasn’t replied yet and so he shouldn’t as it isn’t anyones business but his and the party’s involved in this dispute but I’m sure the petty digs insightful comments will continue to be posted on this thread for some time.

Have a read for yourself here.

December 19, 2006

Chris Doughty reports on his 1/8th buggy debut

Chris Doughty Neo Invitational

Former 1/10th scale 4wd electric buggy European Champion Chris Doughty made his 1/8th scale gas buggy race debut last weekend at the Neo Invitational Indoor event. Driving his LRP powered HoBao he put on a solid show to claim 17th overall and even managed to bump up from his 1/4 final into the semi despite struggling with longer than 5 minute run times and only loosing his fuel stop virginity during his first final.

He has written a long and detailed report on his race weekend so check it out here.

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December 19, 2006

David Crompton gives us the lowdown on the M1B debut

David Crompton with Team Magic M1B

Last weekend the much hyped Team Magic M1B 1/8th scale buggy made its race debut at the Neo Invitational event in the hands of British Champion David Crompton. Whilst testing was limited with the car before the event David adapted well and got the car into a semi final position only to suffer bad luck with electrical problems.

David tested the car in the Semi final warm up (10mins) and found that the changes he had done made the car feel easier to drive when driven hard, but at the start of the semi final David had electrical problems which sent the car flat out into the wall and broke the car. It was impossible to fix in the 5 mins the race director gave him so David was offered to drive a friends car, which is not in the rules but after asking all the drivers in his final no one objected so David was able to race while his pit crew fixed his M1-B ready for the Main final. David finished 4th in his semi which put him 11th on the grid. They managed to get the M1-B to the start line, but little did they know that due to the heavy impact with the wall it had damaged the steering servo and cracked the fuel tank so David retired after 6 mins.

Read the full report from David here.

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December 19, 2006

Robitronic release the Avid 190mm touring car

Robitronic Avid

Robitronic, the German RC manufacturer, has just released its new 190mm electric powered touring car. Called the Avid, we first saw this car at the GP Carpet World Cup and it looked pretty promising from the pictures and the production version is looking pretty nice too with lots of red anodized aluminum throughout but of course looks aren’t everything.

So the Avid is designed for maximum performance, easy handling and a lot of new features in the touring car sector. The high-efficiency drive train with extra large belt pulleys, super strong and smooth aluminium differentials and a improved suspension/steering-geometry for maximum corner speed makes this car ready for competition.

You can read more details and view more images of the Avid here.

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