March 25, 2010

RPM Blitz rear bearing carriers

RPM Products have release rear bearing carriers for the HPI Blitz & Blitz ESE. To improve the overall stength of this area, they gave the part a bearing overhaul. The stock bearings are a 5×10mm design, which they claim is not strong enough for racer’s demands, so these new RPM carriers use a 5×11mm bearing, doubling the dynamic load rating from 44kgf to 73kgf. Made from RPM’s bulletproof blend of super strong nylons, they are factory backed with the company’s industry renowned breakage warranty.

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March 22, 2010

ST Racing Concepts SC options & tool updates

ST Racing Concepts has released a complete steering bellcrank set for the HPI Blitz. Because of the type of nylon composite material used on the Blitz, while durable for suspension components, it tends to make the steering components flex under heavy load or from high-torque servos. STRC’s aluminium steering bellcrank system add great precision to the steering and take away any flex. A full set of 4 ball bearings are also included to make sure the bellcrank system operate smoothly and it is available in orange, gun metal, silver and limited edition red. STRC have also introduced a CNC machined aluminium adjustable position battery plate for the OFNA Hyper 10SC that allows owners to adjust the weight distribution of the battery side on the truck. The plate allows for 10mm, 20mm, 30mm move back towards the rear of the truck from stock battery position (In 10mm increments). Available in gun metal or limited edition silver. Finally on to tools where the CNC machined aluminium 4mm/5mm universal turnbuckle wrench is now available in anodized Black, while their popular shock shaft pliers are now available in limited edition blue. Also the CNC machined aluminum 17mm/23mm combo wrench is also now available in red and black.

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March 18, 2010

HPI Racing Blitz lightweight options

HPI Racing have released a number of new items for their Short course truck, the Blitz. This heatsink motor plate is precision machined from high strength 4mm 7075S aircraft grade aluminium for extreme durability and anodized brown to match other Blitz aluminum option parts. The plate uses heat sink fins to draw heat away from the motor to keep it running cool, for longer run time and extended motor life. A new lightweight mud flap set helps you save critical weight and still keep the authentic short course look. There is also new aluminium step screws that are approximately 70% lighter than the stock steel screws. They are sold in sets of 10 and available in brown, orange and silver. Other lightweight parts include new aluminium thin lock nuts, a replacement parts for Z663 steel M3 lock nuts. Again sold in packs of 10 and available in orange and silver. Finally there are two new aluminium ball studs, 4.8×12mm and 4.8×15mm, which are sold in packs of 10 and offer 70% weight savings over the stock steel part. Most of these parts are also suitable for the E-Firestorm truck.

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March 17, 2010

MIP Traxxas Slash 4X4 C-CVD kits

MIP have released new C-CVD kits for the Traxxas Slash 4X4 that replace the standard plastic drive shafts with hardened high strength alloy, perfect for high power electric systems. MIPʼs telescoping shaft technology works in all shock location configurations and come with a new snap ring groove to ensure capture ring placement. Black Oxide finished and coated with wax.

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February 26, 2010

MIP Traxxas Slayer & Summit options

MIP have released a number of new products for the Traxxas Summit and Slayer, starting with these spline and center CVD kits, which replace the plastic drive shafts with hardened high strength alloy, used for high power electric systems. MIP Spline technology accommodates both long and short travel suspensions and comes with 6mm bores for new style output shafts. MIP have also introduced an adjustable 2 hole clutch kit for the Traxxas Slayer that has two sets of holes for light or heavy setting and are pre-cut to ensure symmetrically even wear. Easy installation and operation, they offer great durability and wear resistance.

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February 17, 2010

HPI offer new Blitz upgrade parts

HPI have released a host of upgrades for the Blitz short course truck including this titanium top shaft for the transmission. This part replaces the stock steel shaft with a shaft precision machined from strong and lightweight aerospace titanium for less rotating mass and quicker throttle response. There is also new is a titanium gear shaft for the transmission with the same benefits as the top shaft. Also new is the lightweight aluminum slipper carrier set that has been precision milled from aluminium for decreased rotating mass and quicker throttle response, and finished with HPI logos on dark brown anodized aluminum to match the latest Blitz option parts. Finally there are new tire holders to help keep your tire sets organized. Each package contains 2 sticks and 2 nuts, enough to organize 2 sets/8 tires.

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February 5, 2010

Pro-Line Slash Chassis saver

Pro-Line have released this new chassis saver for the Traxxas Slash. During track testing of the ProTrac kit for Slash, it became clear to the Pro-Line development team that the the short course truck’s chassis had a weakness resulting in numerous broken chassis and shortened track sessions. To resolve the issue they created this chassis saver set, which strengthens the rear shock tower mounting ears.

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January 16, 2010

STRC OFNA Hyper 10SC SC options

New for the OFNA Hyper 10SC 4×4 short course truck, ST Racing Concepts have new line of option parts is ready to take your truck to a whole new level of performance, durability and great looks. Starting with the CNC machined aluminium heavy duty 5mm front and rear shock tower that replaces the stock 3mm shock tower and greatly reduces flex and keep the shock towers from bending due to hard impact. Next up is the aluminium front steering upper plate and front chassis “H” brace which reduces the flex and increase the strength of the front end. The upper plate tightens up the steering and provide much stronger support for the upper arm mount, while the “H” brace further increase the strength of the front of your Hyper 10SC against hard impacts.

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