December 22, 2010

STRC Slash & Blitz turnbuckles

STRC’s CNC machined turnbuckles will help reduce the weight of your Slash 2WD or HPI Blitz, weighing in at just a hair over quarter of an ounce or only 8 grams for a complete set of six turnbuckles. They are lighter and more economical than even titanium turnbuckles. The strength of 7075-T6 provides the durability for racing and the weight reduction over the suspension components allows for a more agile handling truck, especially in ultra competitive 17.5 stock class racing. Anodized to match their current line of option parts.

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December 15, 2010

CRC Blitz aluminium bellcrank steering arm

CRC have introduced this new steering arm for the Blitz, which adds a ton of strength, more precise steering control and is pretty sweet looking to boot. The aluminium construction adds a ton of strength and rigidity without adding too much weight. Many Blitz drivers have complained that even after they invest in a quality steering servo, they still didn’t have the feel that they were looking for. This is mostly because of the flex and deflection of the stock plastic pieces. This piece eliminates this weak link in the chain.

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December 11, 2010

HPI Blitz aluminium steering rack set

HPI have released this slick high performance aluminium steering rack set to your Blitz short course racing truck for awesome cool looks and dramatically improved durability. Perfect for bashers with high-power motors to prevent breakages and ideal for serious racers who need precise steering on all types of surfaces. Five steering link holes are provided on the drag link for super-precise steering angle adjustment, plus the set is fully equipped with low-drag ball bearings for ultimate efficiency. With the subdued brown anodizing, this makes an ideal upgrade for the Blitz ESE also.

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November 29, 2010

STRC Blitz skid plates & hex adapters

STRC’s new CNC machined HD front and rear bumper/skid plates for the HPI Blitz range of cars helps add great looks and increases durability. The skid plates are machined from a solid block of aluminium and can handle any abuse from racing to bashing, while still allowing the front and rear bumper to flex. Available in orange, gun metal, silver and limited edition red anodizing. While the HPI Blitz comes with cast aluminum hex adapters, feedback from customers was that they can crack under heavy load or over-tightening of the set-screw. These new CNC machined aluminium hex adapters offers more durability while adding that final touch to the looks of your Blitz, matching the colors of their existing option parts for this truck.

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November 4, 2010

Grid RC DX3R drop-down wheel adapter

Grid RC releases a CNC machined drop-down wheel adapter for the Spektrum DX3R radio that brings the steering wheel directly in-line with the throttle trigger. Grid also considered the lightweight factor of the DX3R by milling the drop-down as thin of a profile as possible, so that it also matches the styling of the DX3R. The Grid wheel drop-down adapter takes only minutes to install. Once installed, the racer will benefit from a more relaxed and comfortable hand position.

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October 17, 2010

STRC Ultima option parts

New from STRC for the Kyosho Ultima range of products, including the SC, SC-R, DB, RB5 & RT5, is this complete range of optional products. First up are these CNC Machined aluminium front braces, that will solve the front suspension brace problem on your Kyosho off-road vehicles. The stock brace is held in by the bumper and constantly moves around and can come loose if the front bumper bends or breaks. This front brace incorporates O-rings where the hinge-pins pass through, thus providing a snug fit on the hinge-pins and is less likely to come loose. Next up are aluminium bulkheads that carry the same adjustability of 25 or 30 deg. front kick-up as the stock plastic piece, but offers far superior durability.

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September 25, 2010

STRC Slash & SC10 option parts

ST Racing Concepts have released more short course option parts, this time for the Slash 4×4 & 2wd as well as the Associated SC10. First up for the Slash 2wd is this aluminum motor heat sink plate. CNC Machined from high-grade aluminium to fit perfectly into the contour of the Slash 2wd motor mounting area, this plate helps support the plastic transmission/motor mounting area on the Slash 2wd transmission case and help dissipate heat better. . Next up for the Slash 2wd is this HD layshaft that allows the use of the Associated slipper clutch system which gives a more consistent slipper feel and more spur gear options to accommodate for gear ratios of today’s brushless motor. For the Slash 4×4 is this ESC mounting plate, which has been CNC machined from 2.5mm thick aluminium, it provides a solid flat piece of surface area for mounting most electronic speed controls on the market today. Using existing chassis holes, this plate will not flex or twist like fiberglass or lexan material mounting plates and prevents damage to the ESC. Finally for the SC10 are these aluminium hex adapter that allows the car to use the more standardized 12mm hex type short course wheels. Machined to be as thin as possible to keep the rear tires of the SC10 under the body and not to alter the rear width too much. The aluminium parts are available in anodized blue, red, silver and gun metal.

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September 14, 2010

HPI Blitz FR suspension arm brace

New from HPI, this aluminium front suspension arm brace replaces the stock plastic/pressed aluminium front arm brace assembly on the Blitz and Firestorm trucks. It’s a heavy-duty part that is machined from billet aluminium to exact HPI factory dimensions for a perfect fit, and anodized to match other Blitz option parts.

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