May 10, 2011

STRC Slash 2wd Universals & lightweight LCG Conversion

Carrying over design and material selection from their HPI Blitz and Associated SC10 universal kits, STRC’s Slash 2wd universal kits feature large diameter universal driveshaft bone for more durability against the power of today’s LiPo battery/Brushless motor combo, the heavier weight of short course truck and larger diameter of short course truck tires. They also used the same carbon steel material for axles, which features two sets of universal pin holes so you can get twice the life out of the same set of axles. The universal joints and joint pins are of carbon steel material as well and the pins features a “step” for the setscrew to have a flat spot to more securely hold the universal driveshafts together. Lastly, even the universal shaft roll pin at the end was not over looked. Carbon steel at the pin although strong will unfortunately add excessive wear to the diff outdrives, thus a different material was selected just for the shaft pin for durability and ease of wear on the diff outdrives.

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March 10, 2011

Durango DESC410R full sized optional rear bumper

Listening to demand from some DESC410R racers for a full-sized optional rear bumper, Durango have put this piece into production. When designing the DESC410R they decided to go with a minimal rear bumper to save weight and keep with the racing ethos that Team Durango are famous for. With this optional rear bumper they’ve tried to keep the weight penalty to a minimum whilst providing the protection & looks that some users are demanding. The lower rear rail on the bumper has mounting points for 3rd party mud flaps if you choose to fit some, and this rail is removable to reduce weight if you just want the single rail out back. The bumper weighs 41g or 49g for the full-fat bumper with lower rail attached.

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March 8, 2011

HPI Blitz aluminium rear hub carrier set

New from HPI, this aluminium rear hub carrier set replaces the stock nylon rear hub carriers on HPI Blitz, Firestorm and E-Firestorm trucks. They are heavy-duty parts that provide the extra strength needed for high performance driving. 0.5 degrees of toe-in is machined into the hubs so you can tune your rear toe angle to 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 degrees to help dial in the suspension feel to track conditions. These rear hub carriers are machined from billet aluminium to exact HPI factory dimensions for a perfect fit, anodized and laser etched for easy identification. Each set includes left and right hubs, high efficiency ball bearings, bearing crush washers, pivot balls and washers for suspension geometry adjustment.

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February 23, 2011

MIP high quality drives for Slash

New from MIP designs are their high quality drives for the Traxxas Slash, as well as a whole host of other Traxxas cars, designed to hold up to todayʼ’s power systems. Made from highest quality American alloy steel, they have been heat treated for excellent wear resistance and toughness. These MIP drives are a direct replacement, no modification necessary and are completely rebuildable.

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February 17, 2011

Pro-Line Slash Performance steering & adjustable battery strap

This is Pro-Line’s Performance Steering Kit for the 2WD Slash. The stock servo-saver is not ideal for racing or bashing conditions because it allows the front wheels to drift from side-to-side too much losing precision. Pro-Line’s steering kit gives control back because you can adjust the exact amount of tension on the servo-saver. The steering kit also eliminates the stock white plastic steering assembly and replaces it with durable black nylon for that race look that you desire. Ball bearings are also a requirement when you desire smooth and precise steering response and these are included along with the necessary hardware to bolt the steering and skid plate to the chassis, which makes the front end stiffer and stronger. Also for the 2WD Slash and Slash 4X4 is a new Adjustable Battery Strap which is a direct replacement for the stock version. Its adjustable and can be tightened down to ensure your battery stays secure and features an aluminum pivot block, which allows the battery strap to rotate completely out of the way so you can easily remove your battery. There is also a quick release for the front of the battery strap so you can change batteries faster than ever.

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February 7, 2011

STRC XXX-SCT range of option parts

ST Racing Concepts have turned their attentions to the Losi XXX-SCT truck and as with the other cars they make parts for they tried to not just add durability with their aluminium parts but also tried to build in performance advantages and innovation to each part as well. Especially with the XXX-SCT, they understand that this is not going to be a basher for most, but more of a race vehicle, so their new line of products were built with that in mind.

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January 8, 2011

Losi XXX-SCT optional parts

Losi have announced the February release of a number of optional parts for their XXX-SCT chassis. Firstly there is a number of durable machined aluminium parts, which are all anodised blue and which include front carriers, front spindles, 1 degree VLA rear hubs, a 12mm wheel hex set and battery brace. Losi have also released a complete rear sway bar kit supplied with 3 different stiffness bars.

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December 22, 2010

Exotek Blitz chassis brace

New from Exotek Racing is this heavy duty alloy chassis brace for the HPI Blitz. This brace strengthens the known weakest point in the chassis and protects the front of the chassis from cracking or snapping in half. Available in anodised orange or black and is supplied with the required fasteners.

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