October 5, 2020

Tamiya TA07 MSX chassis kit

Coming soon from Tamiya, the TA07 MSX chassis kit is their latest single belt 4wd 1/10th scale chassis. An evolution of the TA07 MS, the car features a new 2.25mm thick carbon fibre chassis and 2.0mm thick aluminium chassis to help dial it in to various track conditions. Using a vertically mounted 2.0mm thick upper deck, it creates improved roll characteristics while ensuring pitching rigidity. In addition, two motor positions with different traction characteristics can be selected and as with the TRF420 the suspension mounts use inserts for fine adjustment. The front and rear pulleys are the same as the TRF420 as are the SSBB dampers and to that end there is new 3mm thick carbon fibre shock towers front and rear.

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September 30, 2020

Capricorn RC TE05 MDM EP touring car

Coming soon from Capricorn RC is the Italian brand’s new TE05 MDM electric touring car platform. The car will feature longer suspension arms front and rear, the front being +2mm longer and the rear +3mm longer which provides the car with more overall traction and corner speed. In addition to the longer arms there will be a new rear uprights, front c-hub and steering knuckles, with all these parts now being made in house. New shock towers and shocks will also be included in to the updates resulting in a lower CG which makes the car more stable at higher speeds and especially in higher traction conditions. Finally a new mid pulley system will be added with additional bearings for better longevity.

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September 23, 2020

Xray X12’21 1/12th scale – Coming soon

Xray continue to tease new kits for the 2021 season with the latest being next year‘s variant of their World Championship winning X12 1/12th scale platform. As the image suggests, we can expect this to be an all new platform, however what changes there will be remains to be seen. Complete information, specifications and features should become available soon.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

September 22, 2020

Awesomatix A12 1/12th scale chassis

Having previously shown you prototype photos of Awesomatix’ radical new A12 1/12th scale chassis, today the Russian company have released final details & photos of their soon to be available car. The first thing you notice about the A12 is simply how low it sits. A low centre of gravity is a critical element in racing performance for any class, and this is further exemplified by the A12 pan car on an entirely new level. Much like the Awesomatix A800MMX touring car, the A12 far surpasses all existing 12th scales by providing a much lower centre of gravity.

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August 31, 2020

Capricorn P10 SR 1:10th Pan car

Italian brand Capricorn have developed a new platform, a 1/10th pan car that is essentially a scaled down version of the 1/8th 4wd pan car they already produce. Called the P10 SR, it will run a 200mm standard width with 45mm wide rear tyres and 30mm front. Designed to accept a shorty pack or standard square style battery, you have the ability to run up to 3s. While the rear of the car is fixed and with a straight axle there is little to adjust, up front the flex can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the nuts on the front lower carbon plate for a different feeling if needed.

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June 5, 2020

Xray GTXE 2021 1/8th Electric GT kit

Following on from the recent release of the new GTX8 Nitro GT chassis, Xray have now introduced their new GTXE 1/8th scale Electric GT kit. The 2021 version of the EFRA European-Championship winning car is understandably similar to its Nitro counterpart, with focus on a redesigned and reinforced aluminium chassis whose rear section was reinforced for less on-power flex, which increases the stability of the car and ensures improved on-power control. The new chassis was also redesigned to fit both the soft and hard composite radio boxes without modification.

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September 6, 2018

Tamiya TA07 MS 1/10th scale Touring Car

Following a teaser image all the way back in July, Tamiya have finally unveiled the TA07 MS. The TA07 Pro is a very popular chassis kit among club racers across the world and one of the most popular machines to use for the Tamiya Championship Series. This new version of the platform has been given a significant overhaul, endowing it with even greater potential, infusing with parts, designs and concepts from the top-level TRF419XR chassis to create a beast on the racetrack.

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May 17, 2018

Sweep to be official tire supplier for OneTen series

The organisers of the new 2018/19 OneTen Chinese EP Racing Series presented by Infinity are extremely pleased to announce Sweep Racing as the official handout tire supplier for the series. With a long history of supporting major series and races around the World, including the upcoming Reedy Race in California, the Korean brand will supply their popular QTS and EXP range of tires for both the Modified and Stock classes at all 4 rounds of the championship which kicks off on October 6-7 (updated date) at RCI V2 in Shanghai, the only carpet race of the season. Sweep will also be the official handout additive supplier for the 3 outdoor asphalt races, the series going outdoor from round 2 in Hong Kong in December before moving to Guangzhou in January for round 3 and ending back in Hong Kong in March. Tires will be available trackside at all venues in the week leading up to each event and each entrant receives one free set with their entry.

More information on the OneTen Series can be found here.