May 31, 2024

Xray X4F‘25 FWD Touring Car

Xray has presented its latest FWD Electric Touring the with the 2025 iteration of the X4F.  Key features of the X4F‘25 start with an all-new chassis redesigned to work with the new bulkheads & lower arms and which moves motor mount location 5mm forward for improved traction.  It also integrates with the new one-piece aluminium servo/steering mount and battery holder systems.  Narrowed 5mm in the front and 10mm in the rear for improved flex characteristics that improve steering and rotation while also reducing chassis drag for improved cornering speed.  The car also gets an all-new one-piece servo mount moves the servo 5mm forward for more traction.  A Single steering arm mount reduces weight and works together with the new battery holder system to move the battery position further forward for maximum traction.  The one-piece design eliminates servo movement in hard crashes and the ultra-low profile design reduces weight and lowers the CG as much as possible.  A brand new steering arm redesigned for weight savings with new geometry creates clearance to move the motor mount and servo mount 5mm forward for improved traction & improved in-corner steering.  The X4F’25 is 25g lighter than X4F’24 with strategic lightening of the rear suspension to move the weight bias further forward.

View the full X4F‘25 presentation here

May 31, 2024

MR33 Awesomatix A800R Organiser Box

MR33, the brand of multiple World Champion & current Awesomatix factory driver Marc Rheinard, has released this parts Organiser Box for the popular A800R Electric Touring Car.  The organiser is made with attention to detail and allows you to store everything in one box.  The box can fit stabilizers, PSS system, springs and top deck screws.

View parts list & more images here

May 30, 2024

MyCandy IF18-3 Battery Plate weights

More option parts from Italian brand MyCandy for the Infinity IF18-3 1:8 Onroad Chassis are these battery plate weights.   Offering two options of the weight for the the World Championship winning,  the tungsten versions is 100grams while the brass version weights in at 45 grams to give to two distinct balance set-up options.

View Brass option here

May 30, 2024

Ielasi Tuned EFRA 2701 Pipe and Manifold Kit

Former 1:10 Nitro Touring Car World Champion Daniele Ielasi’s Ielasi Tuned engine brand has released a new exclusive Pipe and Manifold Kit for the category’s .12 engines.   With this year a World Championship year for Nitro Touring Car, the title to be decided in Costa Rica in November, the new pipe mould which is exclusive to Ielasi Tuned offered improved performance over the older EFRA2688.  The kits are available in both a Polished or Hard Coated finish.

View hard coated finish here

May 28, 2024

RC Maker SP1 Touring Car – Teaser

RC Maker has just published the first teaser image of its much anticipated 1:10 Electric Touring Car.  Ryan Maker, who is behind the well known Australian carbon fibre parts and accessories producer RC Maker, announced his life long ambition to produce his own complete touring car kit at the TITC earlier this year.  Racing a well developed prototype of the car at the  legendary Bangkok race, Maker has been busy getting the car ready for full production with this image of the car’s suspension the first official image release of the car.  Pre-orders and release dates are to be announced in the near future but we can confirm that the image is relative to both the SP1 and SP1-F as they will share the same shock setup etc.

Source: RC Maker []

May 27, 2024

Awesomatix A800 Touring Car new parts release

Awesomatix has just released a number of new parts for its A800 1:10 Electric Touring Car platform.   A new Flex Damper set provides an additional torsional flex of the car’s end where it is installed.  It also provides the adjustable damping of the chassis’s deformations caused by the torsional flex.  The damping level of the FD set is adjusted by choice of the silicone oil inside the damper and by choice of the pivoting hole on the arm of the FD rotor.  It is recommended for track conditions where the additional chassis’ flex is needed – usually it is the low traction bumpy tracks and when your available chassis is too stiff for given conditions.  The recommendation for initial fluid in FD Set is  50K…100K silicone oil.  Oil filling method is the same as for the A12 rear damper – put few drops of the oil on the bottom of AM282, keep AM282 upright for several minutes until all oil reaches the bottom of cavity, insert DT251 into AM282 slowly full way under pushing force and use a needle to provide the excessive oil outing.

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May 27, 2024

Fenix Racing R16 235mm Pro10 body

New from Italy’s Fenix Racing is the R16 235mm Pro10 body.  The R16 is originated from a brainstorm session between Julien Parnot, Andi Frattaroli and Fenix Racing owner Giorgio Favaretto.  The idea was to make a 90’ish looking body, but incorporating all the elements of a modern design.  They followed a bit the path introduced with the R14, using some parts of the body to achieve an interesting structural rigidity however the core of body is made by all those voluptuous curves typical of Group C cars like the Peugeot or the Toyota.  The result is a body that is extremely functional: fast on the straight, with a nice amount of steering at the begin of the curves.  The cool 90’ish paint job, reminiscent the one used by “Magic” Johnson, is made by René Bonvent.  The body, which fits most 235mm pan cars, is equipped with a removable Gurney flap and is available in 0.5mm and 0,75mm high-quality polycarbonate.

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May 27, 2024

Kurzbuch wins ENS season opener

Mugen Seiki’s Simon Kurzbuch opened the latest season of the Euro Nitro Series with maximum points, the former World Champion winning the 1:8 category from the TQ position.  The first of the four round championship took drivers to the Ettlingen track in Germany where qualifying would see both Kurzbuch and the Capricorn of reigning ENS Champion Toni Gruber post two TQ runs each over the four qualifiers.  On tie-break it was 2023 World Championship Top Qualifier Kurzbuch who lined up on pole for the 45-minute final ahead of Gruber with the Infinity of Teemu Leino P3.  Able to establish an early gap over his rivals, Kurzbuch would cruise to victory by over a lap from Leino, Gruber having retired from the race just after half way distance.  Bumping up from the B-Main to line up 11th on the grid, 1:8 Onroad legend Lamberto Collari would work his way through the field to complete the podium for Infinity.  In 1:10, Melvin Diekmann got his title defence off to the perfect start taking his Capricorn to the TQ & win ahead of the Infinity of former Champion Jilles Groskamp with France’s Quentin Leroux taking the final step on the podium.

Image: Simon Kurzbuch RC [Facebook]