May 3, 2022

ONE Ultimate Red Dot 5 min & Red Dot 7 min GT engines

New from ONE are the European Championship edition GT engines in two different versions, Ultimate Red Dot 5 min and also the Ultimate Red Dot 7 min. These are two different types of engines, the Ultimate Red Dot 5 being spec’d for 5 minute runtime duration and maximum power, while the Ultimate Red Dot 7 spec’d for maximum fuel economy with competitive power. Both of these engines come with special edition back plate and a 7mm Aluminium Venturi as well as featuring a new lightweight cooling head. These engines during testing created 22% more power than their already successful predecessors.

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April 29, 2022

MiBorg X4 RCV driveshafts

MiBorg presents its innovative RCV driveshaft designed to Xray X4. A steel-to-steel interface between wheel axle and bearing hopes to provide less play and less bearing wear compared to the original assembly. It’s combined with the MiBorg original pin less wheel axle adapters for a better wheel concentricity. The driveshaft centre of rotation is aligned with the steering axis to ensure an easy handling of the car. The RCV concept is still utilizing the design of full-scale cars, and is an advantageous alternative to ‘double joint’ shafts. The very high level of accuracy and durability offers no play and no wear run after run. The driveshaft use balls instead of cross pins to drive the wheel axle, which results in less vibration even with high steering angles.

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April 29, 2022

Bittydesign Jota 1/7 GT body shell for Felony

Bittydesign have released their second body shell for Arrma on-road cars. After the success of the very first model ‘Seven65’ launched a year ago, today they introduce the ‘Jota’ for the Felony 1/7 scale chassis. Making reference to a famous Italian supercar, they took inspiration to design the lines of the Jota body shell adapted to the production needs, the phase of refinement took several months to optimise every detail. Jota is a stunning looking GT body designed to push your 1/7 model to the limit, whether you want to test top speed on the straight or drifting with your rc mate in the parking lot behind your house. Made with high quality and genuine 1.5mm polycarbonate Lexan, the kit includes a complete set of screw, nuts and large plastic washers to fix properly the rear wing and the front splitter.

View more angles of the Jota here

April 29, 2022

Mon-Tech Racing M.R.Sport FWD body

Another new FWD body from Mon-Tech Racing with the release of their new M.R.Sport which is inspired by a well-known French brand that runs in the WTCR. Following six months of drawings, prototyping and testing, they have released this body that features an excellent balance between traction and stability, very fast and smooth when cornering. Available in two versions, the standard weight and the lightweight ‘La Leggera’ version.

View more images of the M.R.Sport body here

April 28, 2022

Arrowmax 4D setup system for 1/8 on-road

Arrowmax’s all-new 4D setup system will be available for the 8th scale on-road classes. The Set-Up System allows you to measure and adjust camber, caster, toe-in/out, track width and steering angle symmetry with high precision. It is a hassle when racers have to remove the rear end of their body post in order to check the toe-in of their 8th scale on-road cars. With that in mind, we have decided to innovate a completely new system and design to allow users to enjoy a smoother operation throughout their setup process. Another key element they have added is for users to measure the track width using the 4D setup system. The built-in ruler allows user to check the distance between the hexes, resulting in a much better understanding of their car setup. The reading of toe-in/out are now measured on the laser-engraved 7075 CNC body without the long and bulky acrylic plate. Giving a much precise measurement. The whole system is very small, light, and are designed with a purpose to improve the quality of life. Storage and transportation becomes less of a hassle.

View more images of the setup system here

April 26, 2022

Fenix Racing pan car gear differential Mk2

Fenix Racing have introduced their new pan car gear differential Mk2. With their original gear diff released back in 2016 it was about time for an update version. It sports a completely new right hub, with the main bearings distance almost doubled, to ensure better trueness, while the inner bearing is now flanged, promoting the orthogonality of the assembly. They add a massive thrust bearing to the diff, because since 2016 motors have improved as well and they want to also be future proof. Gears stay the same as does the grade 5 Titanium axle, with a carbon fibre version to follow.

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April 25, 2022

Exotek 22S HD alloy servo mounts

From Exotek come these precision machined heavy duty alloy servo mounts for the Losi 22S series drag cars. Solid design that installs easily onto your chassis and provides for easier maintenance and consistent steering action. Polished and anodised in factory black.

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April 22, 2022

Roche Rapide F1 Evo3 chassis

Roche have introduced their new Rapide F1 Evo3 chassis. Featuring a newly designed graphite main chassis, rear pod plate, front lower arm, caster adjust plate, top deck and chassis brace, the updates don’t stop there with new aluminium rear bulkheads and lower pod plate with centering pins. The motor mount rear bulkheads come with plastic axle ride height adjusters and are finished in red/black two tone anodising. Up front there is an all new 7075 aluminium floating servo mount which is lower thanks to the chassis plate being machined out below the servo. The graphite multi-flex top deck features adjustable chassis flex using tweak free screws and the centre damper positions are selectable on the top deck. Finishing off the many updates is a new centre pivot system with high / lower pivot position selectable, new DVS-V3 centre damper with quick rear droop adjustment and aluminium easy adjust side spring holder.

View more images of the Rapide F1 Evo3 here