May 16, 2023

PowerHD S15-Y Servo for Yokomo BD12

Power HD have announced the release of their Yokomo BD12 electric touring car specific servo S15-Y.  With the integrated CNC mount, this S15-Y can be directly mounted to the Yokomo BD12, perfectly matching the original servo mount screw hole.  The reverse receiver wire output offer neater wiring for the BD12 and contribute to lower centre of gravity.  Having the same superior performance just like S15, the S15-Y can be programmed with Power HD program box, to set your favourite parameter according to the different tracks.  The S15-Y is compatible with the Yokomo BD12 and BD11.

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May 16, 2023

Mugen MRX6X Optional Rear Shock Tower

Reigning 1:8 Onroad World Champion manufacturer Mugen Seiki has released a new optional rear shock tower for their MRX6X chassis.  The new carbon fibre rear tower gets an added the hole in the middle and further two top holes from the standard shock mounting holes.  This will create more fine tuning for rear shock angle with the added top two holes creating more rear traction on tracks with low grip condition.

View tower unmounted here

May 15, 2023

ONE EFRA 2191 exhaust pipe

New from Italian onroad specialists Capricorn is the latest .21 engine exhaust from their ONE engine brand, the EFRA 2191.  The new pipe, like the well known 2163R, works on any O.S. based engine and it enhances the top speed of your car.  The power band has been moved towards the mid to high end of the rpm range resulting in a great option for long straight tracks.

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May 15, 2023

Sworkz S35-GT Lay Down Body Shell Post Conversion Kit

New from Sworkz is this Lay Down Body Shell Post Conversion Kit for its S35-GT and S35-GT2 nitro and electric 1:8 GT chassis.  The mounting of the body shell posts are in horizontal positions at the rear end of the car.  The rear horizontal body posts give a lower centre of gravity around the rear of the car and better downforce is achieved more efficiently to the chassis.  It is the best way to improve the cornering speed and you can also keep the standard rear posts by keeping the flat top area for the body height.

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May 12, 2023

Evo Race Factory ER-23 formula body

New from Italian bodyshell producer Evo Race Factory is their latest 1:10 Formula 1 creation, the ER-23.  The third F1 body design from from the Maranello based company, they have not given any specific details or handling characteristics about the lexan body but over its predecessor it features a lower front noise and larger more square side pods.  The body should fit all popular brands of 1:10 formula chassis.

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May 12, 2023

Schumacher Mi8 ‘High Grip Track’ conversion kit

British manufacturer Schumacher has a new High Grip Track conversion kit for its popular Mi8 1:10 Electric Touring Car.  The standard Mi8 has proved to be a safe and easy to drive car that generates plenty of grip, and is particularly competitive in lower grip conditions.  The Mi8 high grip track (HGT) conversion features an alternative suspension geometry to free the car up in the corners and create more rotation.  It also includes new shock mounts to lower the centre of gravity.  This geometry was used by Michal Orlowski to reach the IFMAR World Championship A Final last year, and to recently win the ETS race in Daun.  The conversion kit includes a new chassis, top decks, wishbones, shock towers, and required hardware.

View HGT Conversion kit parts list here

May 12, 2023

Avid Silicone Shock and Diff Oils

US RC accessories brand Avid Racing Concepts has released a new range of tested and certified silicone shock and diff oils.  The pure silicone is laboratory tested by Ultimate Racing using the linear viscosity measurement of centistokes (CST).  Coming in 75ml bottles each shock oil bottle is printed with the conversion of CST to both the AE and the TLR weight system.

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May 11, 2023

Xray NT1 Ultra-Lightweight Drive Flange

Xray has released an optional ultra-lightweight 1st gear drive flange made from 7075 T6 aluminium for its NT1 1:10 Nitro Touring Car.  For serious racers looking for smart weight savings and optimized rotating weight, it has been strategically lightened to reduce rotating weight without sacrificing strength or durability. It includes factory-pressed high-quality German 1-way bearing, hand-ground for maximum running precision. The 1-way bearing is non-replaceable once worn out, so it must be regularly serviced, cleaned, and oiled regularly with Xray recommend using its own One-way lube.

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