October 7, 2021

Exotek 22S Drag shock towers & 7mm wheel hexes

Exotek have released a number of new options for the Losi 22S street eliminator car. Starting with this heavy duty 4mm thick carbon fibre front tower, that weighs only 10 grams. Factory racing looks and a much more rigid construction than the stock plastic tower for consistent handling on high grip tracks. It also has an extra outer shock mount location with the remaining holes that matches the stock geometry and works with or without the stock bumper and body mount set. There is also a wider rear tower so that you have the option to mount the shocks more upright or use the included stock settings that matches the stock geometry. Again using 4mm thick carbon fibre for an extra stiff tower that attaches to an alloy base for super secure mounting to your gearbox. The alloy base also provides more secure camber rod mounting for less camber flex with more consistent handling and the upright position of the pivot ball makes it easier for wrenching. Finally there is a pair of wide clamping 7mm heavy duty hex sets for slightly wider width meaning more stability and allows easy mounting, without spacers, of ProLine and JConcepts street eliminator wheels.

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October 6, 2021

Avid DR10 aluminium steering bellcranks

These new Avid DR10 aluminium steering bellcranks are machined from billet 7075-T6 aluminium alloy, black anodised and have silver edge highlights for that premium look. Each package includes 1 left and 1 right bellcrank and 2 aluminium crush tubes for the steering rack bearings. These are a must-have upgrade for any serious racer as they eliminate flex in the steering system for maximum steering feel.

Source: Avid [avidrc.com]

October 6, 2021

RC Maker MTC2 bulkhead alignment multi-tool

RC Maker have introduced their bulkhead alignment multi-tool for the Mugen MTC2. Featuring a similar design to the original MSE plate, it allows MTC2 drivers to align their bulkheads square, which is absolutely crucial to having a square car. Because the caster is ultimately determined by the upper bulkhead angle, any inaccuracy from the bulkhead alignment will be transferred through to the suspension. The multi tool locates onto the keyed areas of the bulkheads and then attaches with via M3 Button head screws. It can be used with an assembled car, all that needs to be removed are the upper bulkheads and diff/spool. They have also included some other cool features into the tool such as a quick bulkhead width checker, which can be slid in under the rear body mount or front bulkhead brace to quickly check if you’ve got any alignment issues. The other cool feature is the track width measurement, simply align one side with the edge of your tire, and see what measurement the other side is reading. A basic, but cool integration which will come in handy when testing and tuning at the track.

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October 5, 2021

JConcepts Dotek drag bashing rear rire

Dotek by JConcepts is the latest wide-body, treaded tire built specifically for RC Drag Racing and Bashing. At the heart of this design is the 2.2 x 3.0” configuration but stretched out to create a larger contact patch. Forward traction is the name of the game and the goal of the larger area, in theory, gives a racer a slight advantage in the ‘hook and go’ department. Adding the Dotek tread pattern added a touch of versatility to the design for dusty areas, concrete sessions, and conceptually more bashing requirements. The directional nature, marked by L and R on the tire feature low-profile padded and intentionally carved areas to provide additional hang-up to lock into un-prepped areas where dirt and debris are found. Radial security on the centre of the tire provides additional ‘beef’ to the design to give low RPM burnouts more rubber to go the distance.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

October 5, 2021

BrunoRC BR1-X4 servo for Xray X4

With the arrival of the completely new Xray X4 platform, BrunoRC have come out with a new BR1 servo to perfectly work together with the new car. After refining the popular BR1-T4WC, they are happy to present the new BR1-X4 servo. The servo is a perfect fit for the X4, not only aesthetically, but also performance wise. It has all the features of the previous servo, but in an even better, more durable and more precise case with integrated mount assembly.

View more images of the BR1-X4 servo here

October 5, 2021

Awesomatix AM180EVO SB bellcrank

Awesomatix have introduced this AM180EVO SB bellcrank for the A800MMX single bellcrank steering (SB1). This Evo version is equipped with the same bigger bearings as the M5 version to further increase the reliability. Furthermore the height of the AM180EVO is slightly adjusted to avoid contact with P12X at certain setups. With this change, less bumpsteer shims are needed on the steering arm, which reduces the stress on this part. To keep the same bumpsteer value as with AM180M5 use 1,25mm less bumpsteer shims.

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October 4, 2021

Mugen MTC2 active shock towers

For the MTC2 series, Mugen have introduced these active shock towers for the front and rear of the car. This completely new concept shock tower eliminates the resistance from the shock absorber when the suspension is lowered, dramatically improving stability when driving in the bumps on the track, or on the curbs in the corner. It also improves the stability of the rear in small corners that enter at high speed and corners that require quick turning. The effects are more apparent when using softer tires.

View more images of the active shock towers here