May 24, 2023

Yokomo BD12 BD12 Alloy Edition

Following the launch of the new BD12 last month, Japanese manufacturer Yokomo is now offering their 1:10 Electric Touring Car as an Alloy Edition kit.  The CNC aluminium chassis is made of high quality material with additional flex mainly to provide more rear traction.  Traditionally, aluminium chassis are used for high-grip surfaces such as carpet.  Aluminium material is also superior to graphite in terms of absorbing micro-vibrations during driving, to improve the feeling of ground contact when cornering.

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May 23, 2023

Team Magic E4FWD Electric Touring Car

Team Magic has released a front wheel driver version of its E4 1:10 Electric Touring Car platform, the E4FWD.  The car features a 2.2mm Eco-Graphite Chassis and 2.0mm Eco-Graphite Upper Deck with upper deck milling provides predictable handling and fine flex settings.  It has an ultra-compact and efficient gear differential with four composite satellite gears. Housed un a durable differential case with unclosed screw holes, it has a double gasket system for the perfect seal.  The ultra-light Aluminium 7075 spur gear holder has undergone a hard treatment process and it has been carefully optimised.  Front balancing ballast weights improve vehicle stability and control while fine-tuning handling for optimal performance.  Hard plastic material is used for the steering bell crank to ensure rigidity, while ball bearings are used on both steering arms and the central link for ultra-fast and precise steering movement without any hard points.  Double joint CVD driveshafts ensure vibration-free steering inputs and increased corner speed.  Ultra-low CG big bore design, teflon-coated shock bodies, and polished/hardened shock shafts provide smooth suspension movement.

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May 23, 2023

Fenix Club Racer for F1ItalianSeries

The long running Rome based F1ItalianSeries will for the new season add a Rookie/Gentleman class with Italian F1 specialist manufacturer Fenix Racing introducing its Club Racer as an entry level kit.  Working with the series organisers, Giorgio Favaretto’s company has prepared a very simple yet effective F1 chassis.  With the Rookie/Gentleman class raced together the normal series, the Club Racer combines several components from the Mistral 3.3, such as the sphere differential with titanium rear axle, 7075 motor holder for instance, while chassis and other components being made in 2.5 mm carbon fibre, assuring a model able to deliver proper performance without being too complex.  A perfect choice for a rookie or the gentleman driver that prefer enjoy track time to wrenching time.

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May 23, 2023

Yokomo BD12 ATF Stopper and 1.5mm top decks

Yokomo has introduced an ATF stopper and new 1.5mm top decks for their recently released BD12 1:10 Electric Touring Car.  The ATF Stopper, which also works on the BD11, eliminates Yokomo’s active top deck flex from flexing.  While the ATF has proven to be a key feature of the both the BD11 & 12 cars, on certain tracks having the ATF ‘fixed’ can improve corner speed and stability.  The 1.5mm front and rear top decks for the BD12 are softer than the standard kit version thus provide a softer top deck for more flex and increases overall traction.

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May 23, 2023

Ielasi Tuned ‘Tight Fit’ cylinder puller

Ielasi Tuned has announced the upcoming release of its ‘Tight Fit’ cylinder puller.  As users of the Daniele Ielasi’s range of onroad engines will know, since 2022 they have by technical choice started using a ‘tight fit’ cylinder for their GP9R22 engines which has proved to be a very important step reliability.  A side effect of this is unfortunately that not all customers find it easy to be able to carry out the classic maintenance on their engine as it was very difficult to be able to remove the cylinder from the crankcase.  This is precisely the reason, in recent months they have thought about creating this extractor which finally makes it easier and safer to extract the cylinder from your GP9R22 and GP9R23.  Made entirely of steel with a ‘spring steel collet which makes it reliable and long-lasting.  The first batch of ‘Tight Fit’ cylinder pullers is due to be available late June.

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May 23, 2023

Destiny RX-10SR 3.0 lightweight Ver 2 rear gear diff set

New from Japanese electric touring car manufacturer Destiny is this 38T lightweight rear gear differential set for their RX-10SR 3.0.  The version 2 diff has an updated differential case with a 38T pulley two pieces assembly for improved the weight and acceleration.  This gear set includes new hardened steel washer set (Lx2, Sx4) to give the internal bevel gears smoother rotation and offer more durable.  Seal gasket and o-ring provide best sealing without differential oil leakage.  The hard coated 7075 aluminium differential cup is compatible with c-blade shaft adapters.  There is also the option of a 7075 Aluminium hardened gear diff cross pin set for new V2 lightweight gear differential that further increases internal bevel gears smooth movement and improve gear diff efficient.

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May 22, 2023

T-Works Precision Balancing Brass Weights

Coming from T-Works is a Version 2 of their 5g and 10g precision balancing brass weights.  Machined from high quality brass and finished with a black hard anodising, the weights also feature gold-colour writings for easy identification.  The screw-on universal weights fit any type of car, helping to up overall weight or fine-tune weight balance and can be mounted at different ends to effect chassis flex.  Measuring 13.5 x 4.9mm for the 5 grams and 13.5 x 9.5mm for the 10 grams they are available separately.

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May 22, 2023

SMJ Low Viscosity CA glue

Japan’s SMJ has a new Low Viscosity CA glue intended gluing rubber tyres with low viscosity and good fluidity for easy work and excellent adhesive strength.  Packaged in moisture-proof aluminium pack with zipper, it comes with two types of nozzles: an ultra-fine needle nozzle and a micro nozzle to facilitate tire gluing work.

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