September 12, 2023

MXLR A12 KingPin Ext. Screw & Carbon Electronics Plate

New from MXLR for the Awesomatix A12 1:12 race chassis are this KingPin Extension Screw & Carbon Electronics Plate.   The main feature of the KingPin Extension Screw is the extension of the KingPin length by 0,5mm which allows a greater possibility to set front droop with certain tires/rims.  The flange on the lower site of the head is the exact same OD as ST1208 (Steel and Alloy versions) and suitable to fit SH12S0.2 Spring Shim’s as well.  The ultra flat head design clears easily with all current 1/12 scale front rims on the market.  The Carbon Electronics Plate is made from high quality 1.0mm Carbon.  It’s a rather simple design but offers many advantages like it extends the rather small space to mount your electronics in the A12, very quick exchange of the whole electronics by just 2 screws, and the little notch on the front site helps with centering of the servo when you use a non direct mount Servo.

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September 8, 2023

Schumacher Mi8 HGT update kit Alu Chassis option

Following the success of the HGT update kit for the Mi8 1:10 Electric Touring Car, Schumacher is now offering a alu chassis option for the kit in time for the Winter season. This chassis is suitable if you have already purchased the HGT C/F kit in the past.  If you are new to the Mi8 or only race on carpet an Alloy Chassis version of the HGT kit will be available.  The HGT conversion features an alternative suspension geometry to free the car up in the corners and create more rotation. It also includes new shock mounts to lower the centre of gravity.

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September 7, 2023

O.S. MAX-12TG Ver.V 1:10 Touring Car engine

Japanese engine manufacturer O.S. has released the fifth generation of their long established MAX-12TG 1:10 touring car engine line.  While following user requests and trends, OS have pursued ease of use and better performance with each successive generation, and now in its fifth generation the MAX-12TG Ver.V has been improved in various parts in order to demonstrate excellent power even in regulated race scenes.  The first major change in appearance is the addition of one cooling fin to the bottom of the outer head.  This improves engine cooling performance and enables stable performance. Also, by increasing the lightweight holes in the fins, the weight increase due to adding one fin is reduced. Furthermore, the head has a new laser design, making you aware that it is “Ver.V”.  Another point that cannot be overlooked is the improved idling performance due to changes in crankshaft timing and improved carburetor.  The shape of the combustion chamber in the inner head has been changed to improve combustion efficiency and increase torque in the mid-speed range.

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September 7, 2023

RC Maker A800R Brass LCG Weights

RC Maker has released a new range of brass LCG Weights for the popular Awesomatix A800R 1:10 Electric Touring car.  A total of 5 different weights are offered starting with the LCG Front Chassis Weights which have been designed to fit seamlessly into the fron of the A800R.  Adding 8.5g each side, they are an excellent way to fine tune the weight balance.  LCG Rear Chassis Weights add 6.7g each side.   With the ultimate place to add weight to your car the centre of the chassis, there is also a Front and a Rear Centre Stiffener Weight.  The rear weight locates behind the motor mount, extending to the rear arms. It is the perfect way of adding 15.5g, in the centre and nice and low on your chassis! This can be used to adjust your car to a more rearward weight bias for more steering and rotation!  It features 3 holes for flex adjustment to stiffen the rear when required, as well as a 0.5mm Black Aluminium shim for spacing the weight up for minimum flex interference.  The front weight locates in-front of the motor mount, extending to under the steering rack and add 11.5g.  Finally they have added new Brass Roll Centre Shim Plates which are available in 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm thicknesses.  The 1.5mm Set adds 4.6g of weight at the lowest point of the car.

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September 7, 2023

Hong Nor X3 GTS 13-46T Spiral Bevel Gear Set

Hong Nor has added a new optional 13-46T Spiral Bevel Gear Set for its X3 GTS 2023 1:8 GT kit.  Hong Nor has added the new ration in order to adapt to racetracks around the world with the 13-46 gear ratio assisting drivers to achieve higher speed in medium and small scale tracks, and also reduces the load on the engine to attain better fuel consumption.

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September 5, 2023

Mikimodel Yokomo BD Body Stopper

Mikimodel, the Yokomo distributor for Italy, has announced it is to produce its own range of special parts and optional for the Japanese manufacturer’s cars.   The first optional produced is this Body stopper for the BD12/BD11 1:10 Electric Touring Car which is also compatible with the older BD10 and BD9.  The stopper leans against the bodywork in the front part of the bodywork to prevent it from deforming due to incoming air flows.  This system therefore preserves the bodywork from deforming and losing its aerodynamic characteristics.  Equipped with an upper adjustment screw, it allows you to find the correct height with all the bodies on the market.

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