May 15, 2024

EXO Design M-Chassis Adjustable offset rim set

New from EXO Design are these adjustable offset rim set for use on M-Chassis kits.  Suitable for Tamiya, Carten and ABC M-Chassis series, the adjustable offset rim set is a two-piece design. This allows for offset and the pattern of the rims to be changed freely to meet the body and chassis perfectly.  The rims can be painted to the desired colour with included masking kit.  Sold as a pair (2 wheels) screw are included for assembly of the rims.

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May 15, 2024

Ielasi Tuned GP3R 24 1:10 Onroad engine

Ielasi Tuned has a new 2024 version of its European Championship winning 1:10 Nitro Touring Car engine with the announcement of the release of the GP3R24.  This engine compared to its predecessor, which won the 2023 European Championship title in Italy with Toni Gruber, does not have any major changes but some small revisions in the engine phases, optimised crankcase backplate and new graphics are the differences compared to the GP3R23Euro.  With the previous model already very successful they didn’t want to make big changes so they decided to carry forward the good things done in recent years.  While the first batch is already sold out a second batch is being prepared.

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May 10, 2024

B-Power SRX8 GT’23/TQ Gearbox Kit

Italian company Star RC under its B-Power brand, which specialises in options for Serpent cars, has released its own gearbox kit for Serpent’s SRX8 GT’23/TQ 1:8 GT Onroad chassis.  The kit can be installed without the need to make any modifications and allows you to use the original Serpent 2-speed gears.  B-Power claim that with their gearbox kit, you will always have a perfect gearbox operation, with changes that are always equal and precise.

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May 8, 2024

Elceram Oxide 1/10 ESC

New from Czech electronics manufacturer Elceram, the Oxide 1/10 is a new generation electronic speed controller for BLDC sensored motors optimised specially for Stock and Open-Stock racing onroad and offroad.  Also suitable for many other categories including Modified or Drift, it uses Advanced Cooling Technology based on Aluminium Oxide Ceramic Flat Cooler.  The Oxide 1/10 provides TFT LCD colour display allowing very quick and easy adjustment of all parameters, post-race data evaluation and self-diagnostics without need of any other interface.  All these great features packed into Stock low profile design.

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May 7, 2024

SRT R1Max Series Servos

SRT has announced the launch of its new line of R1Max Series Servos intended for 1:10 onroad and 1:8 offroad use.  With three models, the BHX6, BHX8 & BHX9, they each feature 4-pole HV brushless motor for high-performance, long service life, heat-resistance and faster response.  A Data monitoring function can monitor and record the voltage, temperature and signal of multiple servos for up to 1 hour for users to check the data after the races.  The servos support high-speed mode of various brands of radio including Noble NB4 Pro modes: NOR / SR / SFR, Futaba modes: NOR / SR / UR and SANWA modes: NOR / SHR /SSR / SUR / SXR.

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May 6, 2024

Rocket-RC Kiwami Mini ESC

New from Surpass Hobby is the Rocket-RC Kiwami Mini ESC specially designed for micro RC cars.  Based on the MINI 28 PRO sensored Brushless ESC, it has newly upgraded performance and appearance over the previous generation . It has the characteristics of small size, high power, light weight, fast heat dissipation, and good linearity.  Extremely compact, it is possible adapt to the space requirements for more small-scale RC cars.  With a continuous current output capacity of 30A, it can provide powerful and high performance output for micro RC Cars.  By optimising design and selecting materials, the weight of the ESC has been reduced, making the overall weight of the chassis more lightweight for use in competition.  With a wide range of adjustable functional parameters, it can be customised according to user needs, the Kiwami are born for competition.  Adopting an all metal CNC shell design, the appearance and heat dissipation function are perfectly combined to ensure that the equipment can quickly dissipate heat during high-power operation.

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May 6, 2024

OfficinaRC “Smart Edge System”

New from OfficinaRC is their “Smart Edge System” which represents the ideal solution for those looking to refine the wheel arches of car bodies quickly and easily.  With the increasing importance of bodywork tuning, precision in detail becomes ever more essential, which can be challenging with traditional scissors.  To tackle this issue, OfficinaRC’s Smart Edge System comes into play.  Lightweight, balanced, highly effective, and manufactured in Italy using high-quality aluminium, the cylinder is shaped to accommodate two rubber rings, ensuring a perfect grip of the ‘sanding band’, secured by a gold-anodised threaded nut. The cylinder also features lightening holes on its base and houses a steel pin fixed by interference.  The Smart Edge System comes with the ‘Sanding Band Strong’, but a version with a finer grit called ‘Sanding Band Soft’ is also available.

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May 3, 2024

Bittydesign P-GT3R 1:12 GT bodyshell

Following on from the release of its Porsche GT3R styled 1:10 GT bodyshell last week, Bittydesign has now released a smaller 1:12 version intended for use on SupaStox and SupaStox GT plus any other 1:12 scale model in the GT12 category.  Meeting BRCA body specs, the P-GT3R 1:12 GT is made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan and fits all GT12 chassis on the market with 200mm wheelbase and 160mm width rear axle. The body includes a complete set of screw, nuts and large plastic washers to fix properly the rear wing. Sold clear with protective film outside, included in the package is a decal sheet pre-cut and window masks.

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