April 2, 2008

MLC 1/8th Peugeot 908 bodyshell

MLC Peugeot 908 bodyshell

Seen at last weekend’s Trofeo MLC & Tornado, run at the RME ‘Lamberto Collari’ track to celebrate Collari’s 8 World Championship titles, was the new Peugeot 908 1/8th scale body shell from MLC. Made by Bergonzoni and already appearing on the EFRA list of approved body shells for the 1/8th class, this new shell is unusual in that it has a full cockpit. This aside, the body is essentially a Lola CanAm shell, albeit a bit more stable. The race itself was won by Lamberto, who of course was running the new shell, while the version shown above belongs to Andrea Pirani who finished 3rd.

Source: Novarossi [novarossi.com]

March 27, 2008

Max Power .21 XL9 TQ & .12 XXL3

Max Power .21 XL9 TQ

We covered these new engines briefly during the Toy Fair, but Max Power have been in touch to let us know that their new engines, the .21 XL9 TQ and .12 XXL3 are now available. The 3.5cc XL9 TQ has been made to commemorate Massimo Fantini’s TQ at last years World Championships in Cordoba, Argentina. This 9 port engine features a new carburettor, super lightweight crankshaft, ceramic bearings and improved timing for great top speed and fuel economy. The 2.1cc XXL3 is a completely new, EFRA legal, motor with a new crankcase with improved internal porting, lightweight crankshaft and a new piston material for long life. This 3 port engine is long stroke and also features a newly designed cooling head.

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March 27, 2008

K-Factory TM E4 Steel/Alu CVDs

K-Factory TM E4 Steel/Alu CVD shafts

K-Factory has developed a new set of high strength universal joints for the Team Magic E4 series of electric touring cars to help cope with the extra power generated by extremely powerful brushless motors and high voltage LiPo batteries. The improved strength comes from the use of specially developed K-Factory ST-Steel and an increase in drive shaft thickness. The thicker and stronger UJ combines with a lightweight aluminum wheel adapter which helps reduce the overall weight and keeps the rotating mass of the E4 transmission as low as possible.

Source: K-Factory [kfactoryracing.com]

March 26, 2008

Hot Bodies 12th wheels & Ceramic balls

Hot Bodies 1/12th wheels & Ceramic balls

Hot Bodies have released a number of general items beginning with these 1/12th scale dished wheels for both the front and rear of most 1/12th scale chassis’. High quality and running true, the rear wheels fit most 3-hole rear axles, while the front wheels fit most 1/12th scale front axles. Also for 1/12th scale chassis’ but working in any ball diff that accepts 3mm balls is this set of 12 ceramic diff balls. Enabling you to build the smoothest differentials possible, they allow a much smoother action than steel or carbide diff balls.

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March 24, 2008

JP Racing FirstLine Stock & Black

JP Racing FirstLine Stock & Black

French engine manufacturer JP Racing have released 2 new lines of engines, the FirstLine Stock and FirstLine Black, aimed at the drivers who want to own JP Racing branded engine without having to invest huge amounts of money. Both ranges feature a .12 circuit motor, a .21 circuit engine, a .21 buggy motor and a .21 Rally game engine and come with many of the same features found in the more expensive versions of the same motors. Both lines includes a lightened and hard coated crankshaft while the Black line also have balanced crankshafts and the liner has had additional porting work done.

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March 22, 2008

Parma PSE 1/18 Speed 8 HD

Parma PSE 1/18 Speed 8 HD

Parma have taken the race proven design of their World and National Champion 1/12 Speed 8 body and scaled it down for use with the 1/18 Scalpel Pan Car from Robitronic. It is designed to fit both the standard 4 cell and extended 6 cell chassis and not only does it make the car look like a performance race machine, it handles really well too. The new Mini Speed 8 HD provides maximum downforce for much faster and stable handling at top speed as well as having improved entry and cornering speeds. Clear .020 body includes clear body film and vinyl window paint masks, including masks for the headlights, as shown.

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March 21, 2008

Much More droop gauge & blocks

Much More droop gauge & blocks

Much More have released some new additions to their current line of touring car tools with the introduction of a new droop gauge and chassis blocks. The blocks are 20mm in height, perfect for providing enough clearance to measure even the lowest of droop settings, while the gauge can accurately measure the setting in 0.5mm increments from -5mm to 10mm. Both the gauge and blocks are available in your Much More standard blue, black or purple and can also be used with 1/8th scale circuit cars.

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March 18, 2008

Square made Tamiya TRF416 options

Square made Tamiya TRF416 options

Japanese company Square have recently released some new option parts for the Tamiya TRF416. Starting with this pair of C-hubs, they have been made from blue anodised machined aluminium thus adding stiffness to this area without adding much weight. Also for the front of the car is a pair of machined aluminium steering blocks, which like the C-hub parts, makes this area very stiff without adding much weight while giving the user the choice of a 3rd steering rod mounting point.

Source: Square [rc-square.com]